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A Monument to Failure. Unable to quell violence, army attempts to build wall around Sadr City.
May 7, 2008


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– Mugsy

Okay, before anything else, I just gotta say: It’s “Speed Racer”, not “Speedracer”. He doesn’t “race speed“, it’s the man’s name. Stop saying it wrong!

As you might have guessed, the cheesy Japanimation classic was my favorite cartoon as a kid, I lived and breathed Speed Racer from age 5 to 10. Even now as a grownup, I was excited when I first heard they were making a live-action movie version of my favorite cartoon. His car, The Mach-5, was the ultimate (James) “Bond” car and would of made an excellent action movie, but when I saw the previews with neon race tracks, loop-d-loops and an unfamiliar looking car with a tiny “6” on the side, I was crushed, I felt like the kid that just learned Santa Claus didn’t exist. All my anticipation dashed like an egg on the sidewalk. Once again, another great childhood memory ruined by modern pop-culture.

Whew. Okay, glad to get that off my chest.

And speaking of “dashed fantasies”, the latest sign that things in Iraq aren’t going quite as swimmingly as they’d like us all to believe: The U.S. military, unable to bring the insurgency under control and unite the country, has chosen instead to simply erect a giant 3 mile long, 12′ high concrete wall around all of Sadr City, home to most of Baghdad’s Sunni minority.

And as you might expect, when someone tries to cut you off from the rest of the country and turn your entire city into a giant prison, the people inside are apt to get violent. Construction of the wall has been incredibly slow and deadly.

The Iraqi’s call the giant 12-foot concrete barriers “Bremer Walls” in honor of the former U.S. head of the now defunct CPA (Iraq “Coalition Provisional Authority”). Viceroy L. Paul Bremer was the first to order placement of giant concrete barriers all around Baghdad to hinder car bombs and suicide attacks from people wearing explosive vests.

So, the next time you hear President Bush, John “100 years in Iraq” McCain or his BFF’s Joe Lieberman, Lyndsey Graham, or ANYONE on the Fox Propaganda Network, declaring how “well” The Surge “has worked”/”is working”, remember this video. Out of ideas, the U.S. military has simply given up trying to unite the country and has instead decided that the best solution for the future of Iraq is to simply build a giant wall around an entire section of the city, trapping inside not only the “insurgents” they wish to restrain, but every man, woman and CHILD therein.

Another brilliant idea brought to you by the same people that warned us: “Imagine a terrorist network with Iraq as an arsenal and as a training ground…” – [President George W. Bush giving reason why we should invade Iraq 11/4/02]. To be fair, Bush didn’t say turning Iraq into a giant terrorist training ground would be a BAD thing. Silly us.


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  1. balzar - May 7, 2008

    Cheese Racer, never heard of a Cheese Racer, oh, never mind


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