BREAKING: Major Party Candidates are Duplicitous Frauds. Oh, and we’re all screwed
October 10, 2016


There’s an old saying that “character” is who you are in private when no one is looking. Last week, WikiLeaks released thousands of emails belonging to Clinton campaign advisor John Podesta revealing (among other things) that what Clinton was telling cheering fans at her rallies or denying in those contentious televised debates was not what she was telling Wall Street behind closed doors. But no one is talking about that today because a conveniently-timed counter leak of behind-the-scenes video/audio of Trump being a total sexist pig during an interview with “Access Hollywood” reporter “Billy Bush” in 2005 broke the day before.

I’m not sure it’s even news anymore to report that someone running for public office is a duplicitous fraud, pretending to be one kind of person in public only to discover them saying something quite different in private when they think no one is looking.

Several news sources claimed to have uncovered “leaked transcripts” of Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches. So I investigated. They didn’t. All of them are referring to a single email sent to Podesta citing links to online news reports claiming to reveal what Clinton said behind closed doors, and the Clinton campaigns preparations to spin those reports should they gain traction. But as for what was actually said, the contents of those speeches is still a total mystery.

(One leaked email from the 2008 campaign questions whether they should prepare to respond to Obama criticizing McCain for supporting “open trade”.)

The second presidential debate between Clinton & Trump took place last night. This debate was in a “Town Hall” format (introduced by Ross Perot BTW during his ’92 campaign) where audience members were allowed to ask pre-screened questions of the two major candidates. Yet the vast majority of questions were posted by the moderators.

Much time was spent discussing Donald Trump’s disgusting hot-mic comments, but very little was spent discussing the latest WikiLeaks revelations about Hillary. But after examining those WikiLeaks leaked emails and discovering they don’t actually reveal what sources are claiming, I can understand that (to a point.)

But more importantly, Trump willingly conceded that he hasn’t paid ANY Federal income tax in nearly two decades (if not longer), dismissing not doing so by claiming “neither has many of Hillary’s own friends”. As an example, he cites Billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett… who DOES pay taxes (18%) but admits to taking deductions… which is not the same as paying “nothing”.

Clinton & Trump did seem to agree that the solution to ending the war in the Middle East is to start World War III with Russia. Trump says he plans to “bomb the hell out of (Russian ally) Assad” (whom he later claims is fighting ISIS), while Hillary advocates (again) placing a No Fly Zone over Eastern Syria (Rep Tulsi Gabbard explains what’s wrong with that.) Clinton also openly advocates “arming our allies The Kurds.” I’m sure our friends, The Turks, were just thrilled by that news. The Kurds have repeatedly crossed the border and attacked Turkey trying to expend into Kurdish territory to their North. We depend incredibly on the assistance of Turkey… the largest Democracy in the Middle East and ally in the “War on Terror”, so the last thing we should be doing is giving one more Muslim nation a reason to hate us. But that seems to be Hillary’s plan.

But Trump’s plan to “bomb the hell out of ISIS” wouldn’t far much better. In the context of Syria, Trump advocated modernizing our nuclear stockpiles to “keep up with” (read: pressure) Syrian ally Russia. So Trump wants to restart the arms race… and the Cold War that goes with it… while he’s making nice with Putin. Then drop a nuclear bomb on Russian ally Assad (but don’t worry Turkey. That nuclear blast, radioactive fallout and mushroom clouds know not to cross the border into your country.)

It’s bad enough when these candidates lie to OUR faces, but now they don’t even seem to care if they lie to our allies.

If one was expecting a more mature, respectful adult Trump last night, they were sorely disappointed. He was even more petty and childish in this debate than he was in the first, constantly interrupting, talking over Clinton, and whining about the clock & the moderators. Meanwhile, Clinton herself was undisciplined as well, going over… WAY over… her time following every question.

The candidates may be saying one thing in private and another in public, but one thing that is consistent is the petty childishness we’ve seen this campaign devolve into as two 70 year olds snipe at each other like children.

Oh, and ICYMI, Friday was the 15th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan and we are still there. Do you recall anyone talking about it? It didn’t even come up in the debate.

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