About Us

If you are a closed-minded little Neo-Conservative Brownshirt Bush apologist Trump defender with nothing better to do all day than spout moronic talking points, you may leave now.

If, however, you are an open-minded thinking follower of all things political (or simply of Social import) with Liberal tendencies, yet not afraid to be critical of your own Party when they deserve it, then Welcome! Hopefully you’ve found yourself a new home.

“Mugsy’s Rap Sheet” began life as the official companion blog to The “Bush in 30 Seconds” Archive, “BI30” for short, the largest and most complete collection of videos from MoveOn.org’s 2003/2004 ad contest for the best political video summing up the most corrupt, immoral, incompetent administration in American history (M.R.S. is not associated with MoveOn.org in any way). The entire archive was ported over to YouTube in late 2008.

With the departure of George W. Bush and his League of Criminals from the White House, “Mugsy’s Rap Sheet” moved on (no pun intended) from serving as BI30’s companion blog to a stand-alone Op/Ed for thinking Liberals, debunking the myths of (so-called) “Common Sense” by using some “UNcommon Sense”. It never ceases to amaze me how often the tiniest bit of research can so quickly & easily debunk the latest Right-wing “Talking Point”.

You may have noticed there is NO ADVERTISING on this website. No links for PayPal donations, nor requests hounding you for money to keep the site running. No “Special Interests” to influence my reporting or give reason to pull my punches. I, Mugsy, pay for this site out-of pocket to keep it running. I think it is THAT important. On the downside, this philosophy keeps me out of most “Link Exchanges” or being promoted on other sites that DO accept donations & advertising. I hope you appreciate the time & expense I put into making this an interesting and informative website. I also ask that you promote the site among your family & friends (even strangers), since that is about the only way most people will ever hear about us.

In addition to our stated objective of “Recording History for Those Who Seek to Rewrite It”, this weekly blog serves to point out and report on the misdeeds, crimes, and simple morally bankrupt behavior of Neo-Conservatives who have been in control of Washington for nearly 40 years, setting the record straight as necessary. But we’re not afraid to critique fellow Democrats either in hopes of steering them in the right (or should that be “Left”?) direction.

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Mugsy  (Contact: admin@MugsysRapSheet.com)