Bush’s Week from Hell. With Reality crashing in around them, will Republicans start to wake up?
August 16, 2007


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The past few weeks have been particularly bad for President Bush:

o The “resurgent stock market” they praised two months ago as “proof” that Bush’s economic policies were “working” has plunged nearly 1200 POINTS since breaking the “14,000 mark” just one month ago.

o His best friend and key political adviser Karl Rove announced that he would be leaving Washington “to spend more time with his family”… the death cry of the endangered NeoCon… at the end of this month.

o More than 400 Iraqi’s are killed in a series of four truck bombs across the country just as the Bush Administration is working extra hard to assure us that “the surge is working”.

o Hurricane Dean is making a beeline for the Gulf Coast (maybe heading for his Crawford Ranch?) As I type this, the rains of Tropical Storm Erin is dumping another few inches of rain on our already water-logged lawns/streets.

o A resurgent Taliban refuses to release 19 South Korean hostages in exchange for the release of eight Taliban prisoners being held by the Afghan government.

o The Federal Reserves had to pump $38 Billion dollars into the Home Equity Market to bail out Mortgage brokers due to a record number of people defaulting on their high interest home loans. The Fed would rather incur all that debt buying up abandoned real estate rather than cut interest rates. Why? Because it needs those high rates to attract foreign investment to fund the Iraq war and Bush’s tax cuts (an “emergency rate cut” has been discussed… but would only be short term, raising it right back up first chance they get).

o In the “You can’t put lipstick on a pig” Department, the White House crowed about a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that found that only 92,000 new jobs were created in July and a mere “8.3 Million new jobs since August, 2003” four years ago… roughly 2 million new jobs a year. By comparison, the Clinton Administration created 22.7 Million new jobs in his two term (averaging just under 473,000 new jobs a month).

There is now NOTHING Republicans can point to as “proof” that Conservative policies are superior to those of Democrats. The very fundamentals of Conservative politics are all proving to themselves the complete and utter fantasy they are:

Republican misconceptions being debunked by Reality:

o Tax cuts for the rich create job growth and a strong economy.

o Proactive use of military forces can bring peace and security.

o Privatization allows you to do the same job quicker and cheaper than the Federal Government.

o Putting Republicans in charge would return ethics and fiscal responsibility to Washington.

Gasoline prices doubling under President Bush to as much as $3.00 a gallon wasn’t enough to convince the average Republican that the Bush Administration’s policies were a complete disaster so long as they could blame the increase on the war. But they can’t blame the war in Iraq for the poor performance of the Bush “Bear Market”. They see their monthly mortgage payments going up, the stock market going down, and the Bush Administration helpless to do anything about it.

(ThinkProgress has compiled a list of key White House resignations in wake of the annoncement that Press Secretary Snow is now to resign as well.)

“Reality” is crashing in around the Republican Party and there’s no Conservative Principle left for them to turn to for a way out. Question is, will it wake them up in time?


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