Mexed Missages – Does Bush want a war with Iran simply to cover his colossal blunder?
August 30, 2007


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This week, due to the coming Labor Day holiday, I’m posting a “video” blog entry here on MRS:

If things are *improving* in Iraq, why the hyper-vigilant threatening talk about possibly using military force against Iran? Is it because Iran is “destabilizing” the region… which by President Bush’s own admission is not the case? Or maybe this is why:

Presidents of Iraq and Iran

Maliki, ahmadinejad shake hands


Is George Bush SO out of touch with reality that he’s willing to expand his war in the Middle East, further extending a military already stretched to its breaking point, to attack a country four times the size Iraq with a well-rested million-man army, just because Iraq and Iran are becoming too chummy, which could lead to an anti-US alliance between the two nations, making Bush’s colossal mistake to invade Iraq into an F-up so ginormous it can be seen from space?


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