Consciousness of Guilt
April 12, 2007


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McCain's StrollBe it John McCain refusing to wear a helmet while “strolling” a Baghdad market two weeks ago, or White House officials using the RNC email system to circumvent a Federal law that requires no White House correspondence be deleted (in case it needs to be subpoenaed), evidence of Republican “Consciousness of Guilt” is everywhere.

ADDENDUM: “White House Lost Over 5 MILLION EMAILS in Two Year Period.

34 years ago yesterday (April 11, 1974), Congress subpoenaed President Nixon to turn over the “secret tapes of recorded conversations inside the Oval Office”. The White House fought vigorously to protect the tapes on the grounds that conversations inside the Oval Office must be protected to ensure the President receives candid advice, but Congress challenged those claims. And when the Supreme Court agreed, Nixon’s secretary (“accidentally”) erased a critical 18-1/2 minutes from those taped conversations before turning them over more than two weeks later (April 29, 1974). Doing so demonstrated “consciousness of guilt”, and Nixon ended up resigning in disgrace four months later.

After hours of searching online, I was unable to find even a mediocre definition of “consciousness of guilt”. It’s like trying to explain “left” without using the word “right” or “up” without “down”. It’s just something we all understand. But if I might take a crack at it:

“consciousness of guilt” – Successive actions and/or behavior that suggest that, at the time of committing a prior act, the person(s) accused were aware they were doing something improper.

The Bush Administration asks us to “Trust Them” to not lie when they refuse to let Karl Rove, Harriet Myers or Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to testify “Under Oath”, behind closed doors and with no transcript whatsoever of their testimony (can you say “plausible deniability”? I knew you could!)
Forget about “politics” for a moment and look at the Bush Administration’s behavior from the perspective of a parent listening to a four year old child clumsily trying to concoct a believable lie to exonerate themselves. They’ll insist that they truly believed you wouldn’t mind that they ate that piece of cake. But the fact that they tried to “fill in” the missing slice with frosting in order to try to conceal their crime demonstrates “Consciousness of Guilt”, proving otherwise.
Not only are all these Republicans engaging in criminal behavior, but their actions demonstrate “consciousness of guilt” that they are well aware that THEY KNOW that what they’re doing is wrong. Keep your eyes & ears peeled for more examples of this in the coming weeks. I’d love to hear your examples in the Comments.


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