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Please excuse the lack of updates in recent days. I am currently distracted by other projects and hope to resume my regular blog updates soon.

Once again, the Bush Administration proves that it can not be trusted to keep highly classified intelligence secure, blowing YEARS of intelligence work and endangering the security of the United States with its ineptitude.

First, it was “Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan“, whom I wrote about last year. Khan was a British MI6 mole inside of al-Qaeda feeding the Brits information. During the 2004 Presidential campaign, the Bush Administration prematurely revealed the existence of Khan in order to score some cheap political points during the campaign. British Intelligence was furious as they were forced to scramble and arrest as many known members of a working investigation before they disappeared into hiding, blowing the case in mid-investigation.

Then it was the leak of Valerie Plame’s covert identity to the press in order to discredit her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, when he exposed the fact the Bush Administration knowingly lied about Saddam’s nuclear capability in his infamous “17 words” about Saddam seeking uranium from Niger. Revealing Plame’s identity exposed the company she told everyone she worked for as a CIA front (compounded when reporter Novak explicitly named the company in a second article), destroying an entire intelligence network. YEARS (if not decades) of well honed networks and informants were lost in the blink of an eye… some of who may have lost their lives when her identity was revealed. (I wrote about the events in greater detail when discussing the Libby Verdict some time back).

And now, as former CIA Agent and Weapons Inspector Larry Johnson has pointed out, the Bush Administration has done it AGAIN, this time, with someone inside the Bush Administration revealing the fact they had obtained the latest bin Laden tape before al Qaeda had released it to the public, thus tipping off al Qaeda that they had a mole inside their organization, once again destroying an ENORMOUS intelligence asset, a vital intelligence network, and endangered the lives of agents/informants in the field, crippling our ability to obtain vital intelligence on the plans and activities of al Qaeda.

It is unfathomable that the White House could be so incompetent that it is not only a threat to national security, but whose ineptitude has cost the lives of thousands of Americans, destroyed entire intelligence networks and jeopardized YEARS of intelligence gathering due to ineptitude, incompetence, or even partisan political hackery.

Yet, the Republican Presidential candidates, the media… and by extension, the public perception as a whole, is that “the Republicans are better on defense and national security matters”, while CNN continues even in 2007 to blather on about former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger “stuffing copies of classified documents down his pants”.

It is (long past) time for the Democratic Presidential Candidates to start calling out the Republicans and the Bush White House on its National Security record.

(Keith Olbermann discussed this latest breach on his MSNBC show “Countdown”.)