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President Bush’s approval rating has been in the toilet for more than a year now… down from 51% when he “won” reelection with in 2004.

The most recent Reuters/Zogby poll announced that President Bush’s approval rating is now a dismal 24%. The low 20’s appears to be the absolute floor for Bush loyalists that would have to see him shooting kittens in the face on live TV before they even START to consider not supporting him. Such rabid devotion beyond reason falls solidly in the fanatical.

Air America Radio’s Thom Hartman made a comment in passing Monday morning to illustrate the point of just how low 24% really is. Following up on his theme, I researched a few figures of my own:

80% of Americans believe the government is hiding evidence UFO’s have visited Earth.
60% of Americans can’t name five of the Ten Commandments.
45% of Americans believe the Earth is only 10,000 years old.
44% of Americans with a high school education or less believe that Saddam was involved with 9/11, vs 20% of those who attended college.
39% of Americans believe they are among “the wealthiest 1% of Americans”.
37% of Americans believe in Haunted Houses.
31% of Americans believe in Astrology (horoscopes). 27% in reincarnation.
26.2% of Americans suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder.
25% of Americans can’t name more than one of the 1st Amendment freedoms.
22% of Americans say they have actually seen a ghost.
22% of American adults have never used the Internet.
20% of Americans are functionally illiterate.
20% of Americans believe the Sun revolves around the Earth, and not the other way around.
20% of Americans still believe OJ was framed for the 1993 murders of his ex-wife and friend.
15% of Americans believe in Bigfoot. 7% of Americans believe Elvis is still alive.
11% of Americans can’t find America on a map.

People that still have faith in President Bush number roughly the same as the number of people suffering from mental illness. Coincidence?