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– Mugsy

I stayed up late tonight to watch the returns here in Texas for the Primary results. Barack Obama led early, but Hillary Clinton slowly took a slight lead and clung to it for the rest of the night.

I lurked on a popular blog through most of the night and found myself in the surprising (and uncomfortable) position of defending Hillary Clinton against a barrage of childish name-calling, profanity and malapropisms towards Senator Clinton by throngs of disappointed “Obamaniacs”.

The attacks ranged from the personal (“F***, Ohio! F***, Texas!), the nonsensical (one person comparing Hillary to “Zell Miller”), to the bizarre (“I’d vote for Bush again before I’d vote for Hillary!”).

Many of the reasons given for this sudden fury towards Hillary were based upon unsubstantiated accusations that she/her-campaign were behind a series of racist attacks, photos & emails, all of which have Republican origins. The irony is that Obama supporters are using the same “short-on-facts, jumping to conclusions” justification to trash Ms. Clinton that they are complaining was used against Mr. Obama.

This is dangerous, folks. Now, any longtime reader of this blog knows I am no Hillary supporter. Nor am I an Obama fan. But the Obama supporters definitely trend towards the younger set, and they are handling this election with all the maturity of… well… spoiled brats. Kids, too young to realize that Presidential campaigns typically aren’t wrapped up by Spring. Hell, as I wrote last August, it wasn’t until the late 60’s that we even knew who the candidate would be until the Presidential Conventions in the Summer.

If Hillary does see a sudden reversal of fortune and somehow becomes the nominee, we need rally behind her. Realize that she… not Obama… has won SIX of the eight largest states: California, Texas, New York and Ohio (Florida & Michigan still very much up in the air as their Primaries were discounted) and with Pennsylvania still to come, while the only big state Obama has won is his home state of Illinois (Georgia and South Carolina round out the top ten, both for Obama). That’s nothing to dismiss. As Democrats attack Democrats, you can just hear McCain’s Campaign Manager smacking his lips repeating, “Divide & Conquer, Divide & Conquer!” The surest way to ensure another Republican is elected President (and enduring another catastrophic four years of Bush-enomics), is for a divided Democratic Party to act like a bunch of spoiled brats and threaten to stay home come November or “vote for Nader!” just because their candidate didn’t get the nomination.

No need to worry about how either candidate will do in November against the Republicans. Forget what “the polls” say and just look at these numbers from Ohio last night:

Early returns in Ohio - D

Early returns in Ohio - R

With barely a 1/3rd of all precincts reporting, BOTH Hillary AND Obama have EACH raked in more votes than ALL the Republican candidates COMBINED! The final tallys:

Ohio: 2.2 million people showed up to vote in the Democratic Primary vs barely 1 million in the Republican Primary.

Texas: 2.8 million Democrats vs. 1.3 million Republicans… NEARLY TRIPLE the number of voters… in a VERY Red state.

Hey, if you have any doubts about whether the turnout in Texas was big, just look at the percentage turnout in THIS local race in Houston:

Huge turnout


So relax people. A longer race is a GOOD thing. It vets the candidates, brings up issues and prepares them for what’s to come as we near November.

ADDENDUM: Comparing Hillary to Bush? Really, people??? I don’t envision THIS being done to a President Hillary:

“The small towns of Brattleboro and Marlboro, Vermont passed proclamations Tuesday that if President Bush or Vice President Cheney visit their towns, they are to be ARRESTED or extradite them for prosecution elsewhere, for violating the Constitution!”

Time to get real folks. Hillary is not the anti-Christ.