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(UPDATE: Thanks to all those who caught my “gaff” gaffe. I’ve corrected it here in the post, though I can’t change the title without breaking the link.)

Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain has become a Gaffe Machine since hitting the campaign trail last year. As the November election nears, the frequency and severity of his gaffes & flip-flops grows, to the point where I felt it necessary to start a list, with confirming links, of the multitude of missteps coming from the McCain campaign. Seeing as what a big deal Republicans made out of Senator John Kerry’s supposed “flip-flops” during the 2004 Presidential race, it only seems fair that we pay attention when their nominee for 2008 does the same thing… seeing as how important “flip flopping” is to the credibility of a candidate.

In just the first two weeks of THIS MONTH ALONE, John McCain has “flip-flopped” no fewer than 13 times on matters of serious political significance, and the month is barely half over! The Republican nominee for President, Senator John McCain, has turned into “a gaffe machine”, saying whatever pops into his head, whether it is consistent with previous positions or not. And the media doesn’t seem to care. I noticed, as you may well have too, various McCain “flip-flops” reported in various places on the Internet, and thought it was about time someone started compiling all these feux-pas in one place, with confirming links and proper attributions. I began creation of “The McCain Flip-Flop & Gaffe Master List” a week or so ago, but the list was growing faster than I could work on making it “look good” as a webpage all its own. As such, I feel it is necessary to get the page out there now, with fancy graphics and cleaner interface to follow later.

There are several good places chronicling the manifold positions of John McCain… The REAL McCain is a slick site produced by Robert Greenwald of “Outfoxed” fame, and Steve Benen of The Carpetbagger Report maintains a column that chronicles many of McCain’s frequent policy shifts. And of course, where would we be without the watchdogs at

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have all this information in one place with the extraneous information already filtered out?”

So here it is… in the raw… fancy graphics to come later:

Mugsy’s Rap Sheet brings you:

The Official John McCain Flip-Flop & Gaffe Master List.
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At present, only this past June is represented on the list. There are literally YEARS  worth of public statements by the Senator to wade through, and I’m hoping that I can quickly get the list to a point where all I need to do is add *new* gaffes as they turn up rather than look back for old ones.

If you encounter any gaffes or flip-flops, please report them here in the Comments section of this post. Upon verification, each will be added to the list. Please be patient regarding updates. I am doing this in my spare time, and, Gaffe-Machine that he is, John McCain isn’t about to leave me much of that indeed.