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What ever happened to the “Obama Recession”? I mean, it wasn’t just two weeks ago that the Right-Wing punditry was clamoring to convince us the recent plummet in the DOW was all due to the Election of Barack Obama and Wall Streets’ “expectation” (not “fear”) that the election of a Democrat with such a sweeping Social Agenda would destroy the fabulous George Bush economy. Because… hey… if you are a Republican, Republicans can do no wrong! When Bush took over, the bad economy was “Clinton’s fault!“. At the end of Bush’s Presidency, the plunge in the DOW is “Obama’s fault!“. You’d expect no less from “the Party of Personal Responsibility”, no?

Ten days ago, a DOW that had been falling for over a year… LONG before either Party had a nominee BTW… had plunged to just above the 7,500 mark (in case you are interested, the last time the DOW hit 7500 was October 4, 2002), more than a year after 9/11. Before that, under Clinton, the last time the DOW saw 7,500 was Jan 9, 1998 (if you are keeping track, that’s just under 11 years ago). And as I oft repeated, when Clinton left office, the DOW was at 10,587. (The last time the DOW closed lower at the end of a presidency than when it began was… you guessed it, Herbert Hoover in 1932.)

Then suddenly, the Obama transition team “leaks” word to the Press of whom he plans to pick for key National Security and Economic policy posts and the DOW takes off like a rocket. Five days (almost) in a row of huge triple-digit gains (starting Nov 21st) to close at 8,829 on Friday… a nearly THIRTEEN HUNDRED POINT GAIN IN JUST FIVE DAYS.

So what happened to all the “Obama Recession” talk on the Right? It seems to have simply disappeared as if by magic! Videotape and YouTube are NOT these people’s friend. Instead, the Screaming-Right’s latest meme is that “all the Clinton-era veterans Obama’s appointing” is not indicative of the “Change” he promised.

Think about that timeline for a second. The “Rush Hannity McReilly’s” were telling us not two weeks ago that the collapse of Wall Street was over “fear of what a Democratic presidency might do to the economy”. Then Obama picks a number of Clinton-era veterans as his appointees and the Market is so relieved it skyrockets 1,300 points. Does this sound like a Wall Street that was FEARFUL of Democratic economic policies? I mean, wouldn’t the DOW have plunged even FARTHER on the news of Obama’s seeming return to “Clintonian” economics if that were the case?

Okay, so that SHOULD have closed the book on just who Wall Street trusts more on the economy… but, of course, you and I know it won’t be. They’ll continue to bloviate and the Media will continue to quote them as if they actually have any kind of believable track record on the subject.

Case in point, I just LOVE this clip:

Peter Schiff Was Right 2006 – 2007 (2nd Edition)

“Mugsy’s Rap Sheet” and our YouTube video archive have been dedicated to chronicling the abject failure of the Republican Party and everything it stands for for years now. And despite it all, week after week, we see more Republicans invited to voice their opinions and spout their “solutions” than we see Democrats. We STILL hear about “Newt Gingrich’s amazing Republican takeover of Congress in 1994″, when all he did was win The House… because the Senate had already been under GOP control since 1982. But when DEMOCRATS recapture BOTH the House AND the Senate in a single election (2006), you’d THINK the Sunday shows would start booking more Democrats, but you’d be wrong.

Then in 2008, Democrats increase their gains in the House and Senate by HUGE margins. Not a single sitting House Democrat lost re-election, while in the Senate, Democrats are on the verge of a 60-vote “Filibusterer-proof super-majority”. Not to mention Barack Obama’s 2-to-1 electoral vote victory over John McCain. Americans were SO anxious to see the end of the Bush presidency that the Presidential race actually *started* in January of 2007 (the earliest start of any Presidential race in history). The country is CLEARLY unhappy with the Bush Administration and the destructive Republican policies of the last eight years (yes, I said eight. With Bush controlling the White House and only a one-vote majority in the Senate where Senate Republicans have used the Filibuster to assure NOTHING of significance passes without a 60-vote super-majority, Republicans STILL control 2/3rds of the government until Obama and the new Congress takes over in January). So why does The Media continue to seek the opinions & advice of more Republicans than Democrats? Why do they continue to repeat Republican Talking Points like they have ANY basis in fact?

Another popular new GOP talking point: “Obama won because he had a Conservative agenda.” You know, the same agenda these wankers were comparing to “Karl Marx” the week before the election?

The coup de gras must of been last week when raging Right-wing venom-spewer Michael Reagan (adoptive son of the late President that over-compensates for not being a Reagan “by blood” by being an over-the-top partisan Republican lunatic) called Obama (are you ready for this?) “Reagan-esque“. The same guy that called Obama a “Socialist” the day before the election now credits “Conservative policies” for his victory.

Bush’s failures fill a list too long to recite here, and one need only peruse blogs like ThinkProgress for a daily accounting of the Party that enabled him and got us into this mess. I’ve shown you the video evidence of how repeatedly wrong/disastrous/vile/hypocritical and outright criminal these hacks are. Yet still, the Media continues to seek them out and promote their ideology.

Why? Think of it this way: No politician that hopes to be reelected would dare suggest legalizing marijuana or prostitution, even if it makes sense that decriminalizing and regulating them would make them safer, cut violent crime, and not only save us hundreds of millions spent fighting them year after year, but could actually MAKE the government money as a new source of taxable business income. Legalize it, and a very vocal minority… the Religious-Right mainly… would crucify you in the Media. So it doesn’t matter how much sense it makes, an extremely vocal, radical… and in many cases dangerous… minority will make your life a living Hell. While continuing to oppose “legalization” has no such violent mainstream radicalism to push back, ergo, the only safe position is the one that keeps us on the path to stupidity (and in case you’re wondering, no I don’t do drugs or visit prostitutes, nor would I even if legalized.)

And so it is with the Media repeating Republican talking points, like the Party has ANY credibility left. Because violent, angry, bigoted, criminal lunatics with no sense of their own hypocrisy dominate the GOP.

Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t some frightening, dangerous, criminal characters on the Left. I’m sure there are (though I’d be hard pressed to name any). But they don’t control the Democratic Party the way they control the GOP.

So why does the Media continue to give Republicans ANY credibility? FEAR. Fear of violence and white-hot radicalism focused in their direction by people that use God as a weapon, calling them all sorts of heinous names like “unpatriotic”, or… worst of all… (gasp!) “Liberal“.