The Scandal-Hunt has begun! Media desperate to sully Obama while Scandal Fatigue helps GOP avoid scrutiny (UPDATED)
January 12, 2009


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Before even taking office, the Rightwing mudslingers and their dutiful servants, the so-called “Liberal Media”, have been desperately making all kinds of accusations & criticisms hoping something… ANYTHING… sticks to derail the Obama Administration before it has even begun.

It started the week after the election, with people like Rush Limbaugh calling the current economic crisis: “The Obama Recession“. Then it was baseless charges that he was somehow involved in the “Blago” scandal. The GOP “wised up” and widened their net to accuse nominated Commerce Secretary Bill Richardson of some political “tit for tat” as NM’s governor, granting contracts to big donors (you can’t swing a dead cat in politics without hitting a corporate donor that also pursues government contracts, but Richardson stepped aside anyway). And now they are screaming bloody murder over Obama’s “economic stimulus plan”, vowing to “block it” if it’s “too big”. Bush’s lead henchman, the pugnacious Karl Rove, called Obama’s plan to spend billions on infrastructure to revive the economy: “goofy“. THIS from the same people that DOUBLED 225 years of National Debt in under six. The GOP wants us all to believe they have suddenly “found religion” when it comes to “fiscal responsibility”: Spending “a Trillion dollars on infrastructure in America“: bad. Spending “a Trillion dollars on infrastructure in Iraq“: good. Got that? Me neither.

Why, after eight years of turning a blind eye to the myriad of crimes committed by the Bush Administration… sometimes confessed to on camera:

Bush, before and after on FISA (2004/2006)

Bush admits he authorized Torture – Sunday: 1/11/2009

…are they suddenly all so-fired anxious to “find” (read: “concoct”) a “scandal” involving President-ELECT (he’s hasn’t even taken the oath of office yet) Obama?

While the media is hunting for something to derail Obama’s presidency before it has even begun, “scandal fatigue” has allowed stories like the suspicious death of Mike Connell to slip under the radar.

For a little over a week, the Right desperately tried to link incoming Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and scandal-ridden Illinois Governor Blagojevich, despite actual audio tape of Blago swearing profusely over how Emanuel said all he would ever receive from the Obama Administration for his choice was “their appreciation”, period. The MSM continued to report baseless accusations that maybe something was there that wasn’t.

During those 7-10 days of baseless accusations, did you ever ONCE hear of Sarah Palin’s connection to convicted Senator Ted Stevens? My guess would be, “no”, since not a single TV network picked up the story. Maybe it’s “scandal fatigue”, long a problem with the Bush Administration, only to spread throughout the GOP following a parade of scandals from Rep. “Money launderer” Tom Delay, Sen. Mark “I only hit on 18-year old boys” Foley, Sen. Larry “toe tapper” Craig, and more recently the conviction of Sen. Ted “if you build it they will come” Stevens, to the point where the Press just sort of stopped reporting on Republican criminal investigations because it had reached “dog bites man” status. While rumors of possibly similar behavior by the incoming Democratic Administration is “man bites dog“, and therefore, newsworthy. The problem with that is, it begins to create the misimpression that Republicans aren’t being investigated/charged/convicted when they still are, while falsely suggesting Democrats are “just as dirty” as the Republicans when they’re not.

So is this what we have to look forward to over the next four/eight years??? Let’s hope not, but CNN is already launching a new show with a host that’s openly critical/biased against Obama.)

(UPDATE: YouTube’s “Liberal Viewer” posted a video this week demonstrating this new “Scandal Hunt” theme perfectly. Shame on me for not including it earlier:)

Fox News Indicts Blago Twice?



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