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New Administration. New Blog! Mugsy’s Rap Sheet Gets New Look!
January 19, 2009


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Hey All! With the (long awaited) departure of the Bush Administration, it no longer made sense to continue under the “Bush in 30 Seconds Archive Blog” (“BI30”) masthead. If you haven’t already noticed, we purchased “”, as the new permanent address for our blog. We will continue to support the “” domain for another year, but request that you update your bookmarks (including RSS feed) to avoid interruption or confusion. If you are looking for it, the “Bush in 30 Seconds” contest video archive was ported over to YouTube prior to the November election and can still be found there.

Tomorrow is George W. Bush’s last day in office. (“Par-TAY!”) While he seems to have already “checked out” weeks ago, handing the role of “face of America” over to Barack Obama just days after the election, and despite Conservatives already blaming the past two years of economic disaster on the President-Elect, Bush has “officially” been the President all along (as much as we wished he wasn’t).

Following eight long years of blatantly criminal behavior (unprovoked war, outing a CIA agent, approving torture), willful deception (WMD’s, FISA) and catastrophic incompetence (9/11, Katrina, Wall Street), I find myself daydreaming of just what I’d like to see/hear tomorrow:
My dream inauguration:

Obama: “…and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. So help me God.”
Chief Justice Roberts: “Congratulations, Mr. President.”
Obama: “Thank you.” (turns to Secret Service): “Arrest them.” (pointing to Bush and Cheney.)

As Shakespeare said: “Ah, sleep! Per’chance to dream!”
I hope you enjoy the new look and will continue to visit “Mugsy’s Rap Sheet” as we fight to expose Right-wing lunacy and keep the new administration honest. There’s going to be A LOT to cover in the next four-to-eight years, as we end the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, return ethics & responsibility to Washington, move towards a Green economy, focus on providing every American with Health Care and a good education, and (most importantly) be sure to hold the Bush Administration accountable for its crimes. I may be a Democrat, but I’m a Liberal first, an equal-opportunity pundit that won’t hesitate to criticize my fellow Democrats when I think they’re straying too close toward Mindless Conservatism. I hope my readers appreciate that fact and will continue to read Rap Sheet because of it.
About a year ago, NBC News interviewed a psychologist/author whose groundbreaking work in the field of abnormal psychology was drawing a lot of attention. Here is his list of the “nine traits that all sociopaths have in common”. See if his list strikes you the way it did me:

9 traits of a sociopath
And remember: Just because Bush & Cheney are gone, doesn’t mean they can’t still be impeached.



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