A Closer Look at the 9/12 Rallies
September 14, 2009


My heart sank a bit upon seeing the following image to open the NBC Nightly News Saturday evening:

“9/12” Conservative protest rally in D.C.
9/12 Rally in DC


Hard numbers for the actual size of the protest vary wildly. A number of Right-wing groups are claiming “between 1.5 and 2 million”… a number they falsely attributed to ABC News, only to have the network call them out just a few hours later. Then I actually heard these lunatics speak:

First off, it was clear that not everyone was there simply to protest “healthcare reform”. Mixed in were the “teabaggers”…

Teabaggers – $10T Credit Card
Where were these idiots during the LAST Administration, when Bush added $5-TRILLION to the National Debt???

…the birthers and the racists…
Undocumented Obama
Both posters are racist, but the poster on the right is also a not-so subtle comparison of Obama to the 9/11 terrorists.

…the “Obama is a Communist” crowd:
Fight Socialism – America or China?
Because, of course, ONLY Communist countries provide everyone with heathcare, right?

Then there’s just the downright stupid:
Obama lies
Bush lied about Iraq and wiretapping Americans, but OBAMA is the “Liar”?
(Note the obligatory “ACORN” poster on the left.)

Mad as hell
I truely wish I knew what this idiot has to be “Mad as hell” about. His taxes were cut, and now the President wants to lower his healthcare costs. But whatever it is, he’s not “goin” to take it anymore!

And let us not forget the gun-nuts:
“Next time”, they promise to come “armed”. (click to enlarge.)

And all of it is brought to you by one of the largest healthcare lobbying groups in the country:
Dick Armey – Freedom Works
(Here is their founder, Dick Armey… who has a financial stake in defeating healthcare reform… thanking the crowd for their help in lining his pockets.)


Sometimes a word is worth a thousand pictures. This man is “tired of the Communism…”
(You can close the tiny “launching window” that pops up after the video loads.)

Tired of the Communism
Apparently, that “Communist” free education he received from the government paid off.


This woman thinks “the Muslims are moving in and taking over”:

The Muslims are Taking Over
The only Muslim nation I can think of that offers government sponsored healthcare is Saudi Arabia.
Courtesy of the two oilmen that formerly occupied the White House.


And of course, what rally would be complete without Jim “Waterloo” DeMint ramping up fear of a “government takeover” of healthcare?

DeMint: Gov takeover
Takeover: (adj) – “The Public Option would be SO good, it would put the insurance companies out of business.” This a BAD thing in Republican Land.


If you are masochistic, you can watch the full NBC report from which these clips are taken, below:

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy


One last item. This perks me up a bit after seeing all the insanity above. The Conservative March on Washington may have been over a million people, but HERE is what it looked like the last time so many people flooded the streets of Washington D.C.:

5 Million for Obama
FIVE million Obama supporters flood the streets of D.C. on Inauguration Day 2009. These people WANT a Public Option as part of any real reform.
(Click to enlarge)

We outnumber these morons 2:1. Always remember that.
(UPDATE: Crooks & Liars has a great review of their own with a some more photos of Conservative stupidity.)


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