GOP to Steele: Don’t give our war away to Democrats!
July 5, 2010


Last week we heard from a parade of Republicans denouncing RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s absurd suggestions that Afghanistan is “a war of Obama’s choosing”, that the majority of the country is now opposed to the war there, and that “Obama’s decision” to send “ground troops” into a region known as “where empires go to die” despite being “a history professor” (actually, he taught “Constitutional Law”, not history), was one gaffe too many, calling for the RNC Chairman to step down voluntarily (with few actually calling for him to be fired).

Listening to all these Right-Wing pundits excoriate Steele throughout the Sunday talk shows yesterday, you’d of thought Steele had called FDR a “Republican” or Ronald Reagan a “Democrat” (which he once was). One thing was clear, Republicans LOVE their war in Afghanistan. They take full credit for it “in response to 9/11” and are loath to see it end (with Lieberman, Graham and McCain, all three together in Afghanistan, yet appearing separately on three different shows: Fox, CBS & ABC respectively, all decrying the proposed “July 2011 pullout date”.)

So I’m listening to all these Republicans blast Steele, and I’m wondering to myself, “Just what did Steele do/say that, to them, was so unpardonable that he should resign?” He was only doing what Republicans for the past 30 years have always done… blame the Democrats when their policies start going bad. (Bush economy in the crapper? “It’s Bill Clinton’s fault!” 9/11? That was Clinton’s fault too! The current economic crisis and collapse of Wall Street? That happened after the entire country, “for no apparent reason”, suddenly up & decided to hand control of BOTH houses of Congress over to the Democrats in 2006.) Only this time, the buck being passed was SO ludicrous, it was only serving to make the GOP look totally disconnected from reality (ie: spotlight the truth).

Steele suggested the war in Afghanistan is going badly. It is. Since Obama’s “surge” last year, the violence has picked up and the death toll is reaching “Iraq heydays” levels. A growing number of people are now opposed to continuing the war in Afghanistan for much longer. Also true now that Afghanistan has (questionably) become “America’s longest war”. And “ground wars have a LONG history of failure in Afghanistan”. True again, as a parade of Liberal organizations like MoveOn have been saying from almost day one, as well as Liberal members of Congress ranging from Dennis Kucinich to Bernie Sanders. So Chairman Steele is in some good company… unless you are a Republican who believes invading Iraq and Afghanistan makes Bush worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize.

To Republicans, the decision to invade Afghanistan was “heroic”, and symbolizes “another mess left behind by a Democrat that they had to clean up” (because Clinton didn’t get bin Laden when he had the chance – remember “Wag the Dog“?. And they DON’T need Michael Steele going around the country implying that the decision to invade Afghanistan was not only a mistake, but the “Democrats” idea.

Sigh (every week, I seem to note some Republican stupidity that makes me sigh). In any case, despite Steele being a reliable gaffe machine and constant embarrassment for the GOP, ABC’s Cynthia Tucker was dead-on when she predicted Steele is unlikely to be fired. “Steele is a product of Republican-Affirmative action gone wrong. I find it amazing that a Party SO opposed to affirmative action would appoint someone to lead their Party just because he is black, to avoid looking like ‘the old white men Party’… which they are” (not an exact quote, but close). The GOP can’t fire Steele without looking like “the White-Peoples Party” all over again. They chose Steele to lead the GOP because Democrats elected the first black president, and they needed a black guy of their own. There isn’t another black Republican waiting in the wings to step in should Steele get canned, and replacing him with another White-guy would be a disaster. They can’t “fire” Steele without looking like they are chasing all the black people out of their Party (when you can count the number of black Republicans on one hand, the loss of even one is a huge percentage), so they’re stuck with him.

If I had to guess, I predict the GOP is going to pressure Steele into “voluntarily resigning for the good of the Party” sometime this week because (Steele will announce) that he’s “become a distraction”. Steele will quickly be replaced with “the first female head of a major political party”… a white woman, still a “minority”… and yet another “affirmative action” appointment to head the GOP.

If history were to repeat itself, I’d say they’d replace Steele with Sarah Palin… another BSC Republican gaffe machine. She’s not really doing anything right now. A perfect pick. But Palin is the Tea-Bagger queen, that has actively campaigned against Republican incumbents. That’s an unpardonable sin in GOP-Land, so don’t expect to see Palin fill Steele’s squishy shoes anytime soon (damn-it).


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