Some thoughts on ‘Compromise’.
November 22, 2010


The latest post-election polls all say that “3 out of 4 voters want Congress to compromise” to get things done faster. Brilliant move then voting in some of the most uncompromising partisan ideologues in American history. We’re BOUND to see things start movin’ now! (grumble… morons… grumble). When Republicans say they want ‘compromise‘, what they really mean is they want ‘the other side’ to acquiesce… to give in to their sides’ demands. They want President Obama to “compromise” while not giving an inch themselves.

Mark Fiore: “Uncompromise”


News Flash Republicans: This country didn’t vote in a Democratic majority in 2006 and a Democratic President in 2008 because they wanted to return to Republican policies. Yet now, after one election that changes control of just one House of Congress, suddenly everyone is calling for Democrats to “roll over” and give in to Republican demands simply to move the debate forward. Which is stupid because “tax cuts”… not even those for the bottom 98%… are going to budge this economy. Tax cuts are the LEAST effective means of boosting the economy. So why are Democrats willing to give in on tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires just so the bottom 98% can have a tax cut that isn’t likely to improve the economy anyway? It is PURELY an election-year strategy so President Obama can say, “Look! I cut taxes!”… which ain’t gonna mean a whole hell of a lot if unemployment is still up around 9 percent. (grumble… morons… grumble.)

Why is it that when Democrats retook BOTH Houses of Congress in 2006, and increased their gains in 2008, NO ONE said, “Maybe The Right needs to consider moving to the center?” NO ONE said that this was now “a center left country” and Republicans needed to face facts and “compromise”. Yet now, a mere two years later, after unprecedented obstruction to prevent that Democratic majority from doing what the people elected them to do, the uninformed/misinformed electorate REWARDED the obstructionists by putting large numbers of them back in power out of dissatisfaction over the lack of progress so far, and the pundits are all saying that Democrats need to “compromise” and move to the Right… namely with “extending the Bush Tax Cuts” for at LEAST the next year or two (and maybe even permanently). And the sad fact is, despite the fact those tax cuts have resulted in nothing but economic disaster so far, Democrats may very well give in and give Republicans another inch. And two years from now when the National Debt has exploded and unemployment is still close to 9%, who do you think is going to get the blame?

Newly elected, Teabagger favorite Senator-Elect Allen “I have a higher security clearance than the President” West (R-FL) said during his first appearance on Meet the Press yesterday that we need to make the Bush Tax Cuts permanent to help “small businesses”. He even used the “uncertainty” word that I’ve b!tched about on here for weeks (the only people creating “uncertainty” over future tax rates are the Republicans.) The average “small business owner” makes between $39,007 and $99,744 a year… WELL within the revised tax rates of President Obama. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, only 8.9% of ALL “small businesses” make more than $250,000… and that includes multi-BILLION dollar corporations like Bechtel and many self-employed Hedge Fund Managers on Wall Street. Do we REALLY need to include THIS TINY MINORITY in the Bush Tax Cuts just to satisfy Republican cries over whether or not Paris Hilton and Michael Vick get a tax cut too?

Last week, the Lame Duck Democratic Congress announced that they will bring a separate tax cut bill for the bottom 98% up for a vote in early December and DARE Republicans to vote against it… which they will… holding tax cuts for 98% of all Americans and 91.1% of all small businesses hostage until every rich trust-fund baby and multi-billion dollar S-Corp with creative accounting procedures is able to avoid paying an extra 2.5% in taxes. Boo-friggin-hoo.

It is no surprise Democrats and Republicans can’t see eye-to-eye on anything. Republicans have mastered the art of Not Compromising on anything and then making the other-side appear “unreasonable” for not giving in to their demands. Worst of all, Democrats actually HELP them do it. My only hope is that Democrats learned a valuable lesson in “politicking” from the Republicans and aren’t shy about being “obstructionists” when Republicans try (to quote them) “to shove their agenda down America’s throat.” Give them a chance to pass a tax cut for the bottom 98%, and if they say “No”, when Republicans try to extend the Bush Tax Cut for everyone (including the Top 2%) after they take control next year, VOTE NO. DO NOT give them their tax cut. Clearly, the voters will reward you in November if you do (grumble… morons… grumble).


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