Responding to Stupid. Republicans ‘correcting’ Democrats need a clue
January 25, 2012


GOP (non)MaximsSpecial post-SotU Edition

Listening to Bush’s Budget Director… Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels… lecture President Obama on the size of the deficit was like being lectured to on political ethics by Richard Nixon. When President Bush took office, he had a budget surplus and the government was on track to pay off the Debt by 2014. Instead, the Debt exploded as we gave a massive tax cut to the wealthiest people in America while embroiling the country in two (arguably unnecessary) wars.

Size of National Debt before Mitch Daniels became “Budget Director”: $5,662,216,013,697 (2% smaller than the year before).
Size of the National Debt after Mitch Daniels: $10,699,804,864,612 (an increase of 189% in just eight years.)

When Republicans attack President Obama for “creating a $1 Trillion annual deficit”, they are including the 2009 Stimulus. If Republicans get to include the $800 Billion dollar Stimulus as part of Obama’s Debt, then I get to include Bush’s $800 Billion Wall Street bailout as part of HIS Debt.

Next: While President Obama was delivering his State of the Union speech, Republicans were already Tweeting about the rejected “Keystone XL Pipeline”, claiming Obama “can’t be taken seriously on job creation” when he vetoed the “KXL”.

(UPDATE: MediaMatters has video of how the Right-Wing has WILDLY inflated the number of jobs Keystone Pipeline is likely to produce. Not 20,000. Not even 5,000. Would you believe less than 1,000 low-wage construction jobs spread across two years?… according to TransCanada’s own VP Robert Jones.)

Fact: Even the most optimistic estimates are that Keystone would of created no more than 21,000 low wage construction jobs spread over two years, all for oil marked for EXPORT that would not only NOT reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but would drive gasoline prices UP in this country as we shift refinery capacity from making gasoline for OUR use to making diesel for EXPORT.

President Obama spoke of promoting GREEN energy, which would create MORE jobs… and better PAYING, longer lasting jobs FASTER than Keystone. Jobs with a FUTURE (you don’t run out of renewable energy) that would actually REDUCE our dependence on foreign oil (not to mention being FAR better for the environment.) Anyone complaining about the rejection of Keystone while criticizing the more sane solution of promoting Green energy aren’t worried about “jobs”. They’re worried about oil company profits.

And last (but certainly not least), ThinkProgress reported on a local Fox News Director upset of their campaign to pressure Right-Wing TV Weathermen to stop pushing anti-Climate change pseudo-science (because more people get their knowledge of the weather & climate from local weathermen than any other source). Both the news director and their meteorologist dismiss Climate change science by saying “Predicting the weather in the long range is an impossible feat the farther out in time you go”. Clearly, these morons don’t understand the difference between “weather” and “climate”. The science of “climate change” is not “predicting it will rain on May 23rd, 2182.” Climate is the knowledge that if you set your house on fire, the temperature inside is going to go up. That’s not rocket science.

But these guys aren’t exactly Rocket Scientists either.

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  1. kfreed - January 25, 2012

    While you can’t fix stupid, you CAN vote it out of office. Meanwhile, playing whack-a-mole with the wingnuts makes for some wholesome family fun. 

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