Kim-Jong W. Un
April 8, 2013


Like son, like sonLast week on Facebook, someone I know asked: “Seriously. Does anyone know what North Korea is up to?” I answered back that “people smarter than I believe he is trying to prove to the military leaders appointed under his father that he can be just as ‘tough’ as him.” Oh, great! Yet another war-crazed “dictator” threatening military action to prove to the militaristic hawks in his Party that’s he’s not his father! Greaaaaaat! Where’ve we seen that before? Are we REALLY going through this again? I’m so SICK of world leaders “with daddy issues” threatening world peace just to prove how much they are NOT like their father. Haven’t we seen this movie before? So I’ve taken to renaming the North Korean leader “Kim-Jong W. Un”.

Perhaps the most commonly accepted explanation for why on Earth the “under 30” North Korean boy king is behaving so erratically is because he is trying to convince the trigger-happy military leadership he inherited that he’s just as strong a leader as his dad… only that HE intends to do him one better and finish the job his father & grandfather started: The Korean War. Here in this country, that unfinished business was the 1991 Gulf War, where Poppy Bush kicked Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait but never continued on into Iraq to remove the dictator from power. And as everyone that reads this blog well knows, Junior took office already tugging on that loose thread with no thought as to how to knit it back together after it unwinds.

There’s also the possibility that “Dubya-Un” started down this path trying to save face following a failed missile test one year ago. They probably still refer to Fearless Leader’s tragic failure as “4/12” or “April 12th”. Reports are that at the time the young leader was busy reading “My Pet Yak” to a room full of child workers on the factory floor in Pyongyang.

Military analysts currently expect a possible missile test to commemorate the 101st birthday of the country’s founder, Prescott Il-Sung on April 15th.

And where does that leave us? Waiting for his successor, Kim Jong-Bama.

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