M.R.S. Update: Mom’s in the hospital
June 24, 2013


I know I promised everyone a resumption of duties today on “Mugsy’s Rap Sheet”, but it’s going to have to wait one more day. Last week, My mom took ill. Complications from the chemo (that I didn’t want her to have, but her doctor and the rest of my family all talked me into.) Seven weeks later, she’s passing out from dehydration due to severe diarrhea and a lung infection. I had to rush her to the Emergency room last week when she hit a fever of 102′. So I’ve been running back and forth between home and the hospital every other day for the past ten days with not much time to focus on anything else.

There is a political point to be made here though: With all the problems she’s having (and at least two more weeks in the hospital), ObamaCare mercifully CAPS how much her insurance company will be able to charge her for this disaster so my mother (who is on a fixed income) will no go bankrupt as a result of her healthcare crisis.

Am I happy about “ObamaCare” right now? You’re damned right I am.

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  1. Grant in Texas - June 24, 2013

    Sorry to hear about your mother but fighting cancer myself since last November I can empathize and wish your family the best of results.  Don’t know what I’d do without Medicare and my supplemental policy but even then my copays have taken most all of my pension checks these past 7 months.  Chemo caused me all the symptoms of a heart attack twice so have spent a total of 9 days in the hospital this year.  Haven’t been billed yet by St. Luke’s but the other hospital had $57,000 in charges for 7 nights (not including the 5 doctors I saw there).  For that stay, after insurance payments, I only had to pay $231 as my share.  Don’t know what people do without insurance!  I guess as Rep. Grayson once said, some in our government would just want them to die.  After all, aren’t they just TAKERS? Five months after finishing chemo, I still suffer fatigue and gastric distress, making more business for Charmin and Depends.  I only had Stage 1 thanks to a routine colonscopy last fall that caught it early.  PREVENTATIVE medicine is most important.  My mother had advanced uterine/liver cancer and at age 84, declined radiation and chemo.  Except for the last two weeks of her life when she was knocked out by morphine, she enjoyed 4 good months of life, visited by many old friends, reminiscing and laughing with them.  I will find out this fall when I have my next Pet Scan if my cancer is totally gone.  But I am considering declining chemo/radiation the next time around.  Quality of life is more important to me than quantity. 

  2. Anita Mosley - July 1, 2013

    throughout the week… as I had hoped. I was told around that same time how everybody there “freaked out” when I had offered to take a sabbatical weeks before because they had all come to depend upon my weekly contributions.

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