Wall-to-Wall Spitzer, Weiner. So where was the coverage of Sanford & Vitter?
July 29, 2013


In case you haven’t noticed, this past weeks news had a Weiner fetish… and that’s not just a bad pun. Since NY Mayoral candidate (and former Liberal-champion for whom I was a huge supporter) Anthony Weiner’s revelation that he continued his admitted bad behavior for more than a year after it forced him to resign in disgrace, the news it seems has been unable to talk about anything else, even pushing fellow Democratic cheating spouse Elliot Spitzer off the front page during his own run for NYC Comptroller.

So I’m sitting here watching the news show the Weiner press conference for the 37th time and I’m thinking to myself: “Where was this coverage when Republican Mark “Appalachian Trail” Sanford was running for the United States Senate with his mistress standing by his side? Or when Republican Senator David “Diaper” Vitter ran for (and won) his own reelection to Congress, and greeted with wild applause by his fellow Republicans upon his return? Did you see that on the evening news? Do you think for one moment they could of been reelected if they had to endure the same daily media scrutiny that Spitzer & Weiner are now being subjected to?

Look, I’m not defending either of these Democratic candidates, and my advice to Anthony Weiner is to “drop out now” before a crushing defeat destroys any political future he may still have. He may have led in the polls recently, but this latest revelation shows he still holds the public (and the truth) in contempt, with his temperament and judgement seriously in question.

But that’s neither here nor there. No, I’m still wondering where the media scrutiny was for a Governor that simply “disappeared” for over a week, not just leaving his state without its chief executive and no way to contact him, not even telling his Lt. Governor, but this “family values” Republican abandoned his wife and four sons over Fathers Day to visit his mistress in Argentina. Upon his return, he apologized to the people of South Carolina, but didn’t stop seeing his mistress. Instead, he divorced his wife, and five years later with her standing by his side, he ran for election to the U.S. Senate asking voters to “trust him” once more, and thanks to a dearth of media scrutiny, it didn’t take much for this “Family Values” Republican to get elected in his deep Red state.

We also saw the reelection of Senator David Vitter… another “Family Values” Republican that refused to step-down after his name turned up in the address book of “The DC Madam” (who later committed suicide). But if that was all there was to the story, it wouldn’t be much of a story. We also found out that not only was Senator Vitter fond of prostitutes, but of dressing up like a baby, diapers and all. Did you hear that little “tidbit” mentioned on your evening news… either when the story broke in 2007 or again when he ran for (and won) reelection in 2008? Of course not.

Oh, but dear reader, it doesn’t end there. Right now, Virgina’s Republican governor Bob “Governor Ultrasound” McDonnell is refusing to resign from office amid a bipartisan chorus of state legislators demanding he step down amidst a bribery scandal that just keeps getting worse as more & more sordid details emerge on a seeming daily basis. If “The Rachel Maddow Show” wasn’t covering the McDonnell story extensively, I probably wouldn’t even know about it. Did you hear THAT story on the evening news? And I find myself wondering, “what’s worse when choosing an elected representative? One who sent salacious photos of himself to a woman not his wife, or the guy actually taking bribes from a campaign contributor?” “Governor Ultrasound” needs a good sex scandal to get the Media’s attention.

But they’re too busy covering another Democratic perv, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who is refusing to resign despite the fact a parade of former female employees have all come out repeating the same disturbing pattern of behavior… making lewd comments and physical advances towards his fellow female employees (I didn’t mention Filner in the opening paragraph because what he did isn’t just a private matter between him and his wife. His “crime”… and that’s what it is… involves the abuse of subordinates.)

Once again, we see the so-called “Liberal Media” selectively focusing on Democrats. And we can’t even blame it on “sex sells” because they all but ignored The Vitter Scandal.

As I said, I’m not defending Democrats that engage in immoral behavior, just pointing out that the old adage “IOKIYAR”.

Postscript: I apologize for the dearth of attributing links this week or any deeper research. As you know, for the past two months I have been distracted (in both time and thought) by my mother’s continued struggle following a string of medical catastrophes. Long story short, she got chemo she (IMHO) didn’t need and ended up in the hospital with a life threatening infection. The doctors prescribed Musinex for her while she was in the hospital and she coughed her way into a collapsed lung requiring chest tubes to fix. But before she fully recovered, they let her use a port-a-potty despite her collapsed lung and only having sat up twice after nearly two weeks in bed, resulting in her suffering respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. My mother who was (within reason) perfectly fine two months ago is now in a near vegetative state thanks to the medical care she received from doctors that didn’t know what in the hell they were doing.

It has been a long process that has taken quite a toll on my sister and me as you might well imagine. I appreciate your loyalty and your patients (and the work put in by fill-in contributing authors that have bought me some extra time in dealing with this matter.) Thanks.


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