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Which Was Worse? Snowden’s Revelations or Cheney’s?


 The latest big-reveal by self-proclaimed “whistle-blower” Edward Snowden over the weekend was the fact that the U.S. government has been using/abusing its electronic surveillance capabilities… intended to protect Americans from terrorism… for “industrial espionage” purposes, providing Corporate America with high-tech secrets from foreign corporations. Set aside for a moment the distasteful notion that we are abusing a massive […]


January 27, 2014
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Guest Blogger: A Degree Of Civilization; The American Prison System


 “The degree of civilization in a society may be judged by entering it’s prisons” ~ Dostoevsky Pop quiz, kids: Which nation has more of it’s populace imprisoned than any other country on earth? Nope, it’s not China. It’s not Russia either. Cuba? Good guess but they’re number five. According to Wikipedia (which has it’s problems […]


January 20, 2014
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Why the Chris Christie Bridge Scandal Matters


 Whether NJ Governor Chris Christie actually ordered the closure of three out of the four outgoing lanes of the busiest bridge in the world is almost besides the point now. I’ll assume you already know the story rather than rehash it here. Last Thursday, Christie held a two hour Mea Culpa where he basically told everyone how […]


January 13, 2014
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A Liberal Look: Snowden No Hero


 In 1992, the short-lived ABC investigative news program “Primetime Live”, following up on reports by former employees, revealed that national grocery chain “Food Lion” was engaging in “cost cutting measures” that included cleaning old food that had already been tossed in the dumpster (eg: cutting off the discolored spots on broccoli), washing expired meat with bleach and […]

January 6, 2014
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