Note to “9/11 Truthers”: GermanWings Air Disaster Destroys Your Last Good Argument
March 30, 2015


I hate “Conspiracy Theorists”, not that I think every Conspiracy Theory is false, but nothing seems to turn more delusional paranoids into Armchair Physicists than a good Conspiracy Theory. From “The Magic Bullet Theory” to questions about “the melting point of steel” in the WTC, suddenly every idiot with a High School understanding of basic physics is Steven “freakin'” Hawking. I first posted a “debunking” of The Four Key 9/11 Conspiracy Myths (see “Most Popular” links on left) nearly EIGHT YEARS AGO (with minor updates in the years that followed). One of the hardest things to “explain away” regarding the crashes into The Pentagon and the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania was the lack of any recognizable “debris”, suggesting something other than a passenger plane crashed into those places (but there WAS visible plane wreckage in the streets of Manhattan, so why wreck planes in NYC but not DC or PA? “Logic” is never the Conspiracy Theorists’ friend.) Towards the end of my post, I had this to say on the lack of a quantity of debris in DC & PA that one might associate with a jumbo jet:

Where is the debris field we so often see in other plane crashes? We see no debris because in an *accident*, the pilots are trying NOT to crash. The plane is traveling at a reduced rate of speed and breaks up on impact. As we see both here here AND IN THE PENNSYLVANIA CRASH, there is no debris field because the hijackers were traveling at maximum speed with the intent of destroying the vehicle.


Damage to The Pentagon… a building built to withstand a nuclear bomb… after 9/11
Pentagon 9/11 damage
“Where is the plane?” asked conspiracy theorists.


But, in all honesty, that was more a theory on my part, and readers were left with just having to “take my word for it”… until now that is.

One of the first things I noticed about the “debris field” left behind by GermanWings Flight 9525 in the French Alps was how tiny the pieces were. The plane quite literally was obliterated on impact. Numerous reports all claim the plane struck the mountain at “full speed”, which for an Airbus A320 would be about 530 MPH, or Mach 0.80. The Boeing 757’s/767’s used on 9/11 have roughly the same top speed, which they too were being flown at at the time of their destruction.

No longer theory, we now have physical proof of what the wreckage of a jumbo jet deliberately crashed at full speed looks like, and precisely as I stated in that column eight long years ago, the lack of debris is consistent with the fact the plane was traveling at such a high rate of speed.

And THAT, Dear Reader, puts to rest the final idiotic “9/11 Conspiracy Factoid” supposedly proving that what we were told happened that fateful day did NOT in fact happen (not that I expect die hard 9/11 Conspiracy buffs to finally accept reality and abandon their tinfoil hats once & for all.)

BTW: Can someone PLEASE tell ABC News to stop repeating the name of the co-pilot that murdered all those people? Reports are that he was a hypochondriac that was taking prescription meds for a “psychosomatic illness”, believing he was about to die, and decided to kill himself in a manner that he believed would assure he was “remembered”. For this reason alone, the co-pilot should die “in obscurity”, his name forgotten to the ages, taking incentive away from the next nut who seeks to commit mass murder in hopes of getting their name in the papers.

I lost count in just the opening THREE MINUTES of ABC’s ThisWeek yesterday of how many times they mentioned him by name… with a repeat performance on the Evening News. Please stop. – Mugsy

UPDATE Dec 21, 2017: on the 29th anniversary of the 1988 terrorist bombing of Pan-Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, the BBC ran this image of the crash site where the plane hit:

PanAm 103 crash site


We frequently see the image of the nearly intact nose half-embedded in the ground, but the entire fuselage, wings, tail & engines were obliterated on impact, leaving only a deep crater… just like the Shanksville crash.


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  1. Charlie Fiftywatts - March 30, 2015

    I don’t want to believe my own government would bomb its own people just to get to start an unjust war for profit either, but…that’s no reason to grab for every way to disprove that it might have. I mean…why did building 7 fall down? And why were there explosions in the two main towers, other than the “planes” hitting them? And why, why, etc…(it’s a long list of inconsistencies one could point to, including that the towers never should have actually fallen, and as if by controlled demolition, and wow wee wasn’t that lucky for the warmongers in charge that it happened RIGHT WHEN they needed (WANTED, WERE SEEKING) an excuse to bomb an umnarmed country that hadnt attacked us or anyone.  No, there’s WAY too much pointing at Wolfowitz’s pre-emptive warring aims, and Bush’s aims, and etc. – No. A government that would let the rich people s out of paying taxes, so that we go broke, and then it just says “oh take it from the kids and the sick (but for gods sake, don’t tax our billionaires!!!! THEY MAKE JOBS with the tax money we let them keep” (wow)(they do? REALLY???? the people that SOLD all our jobs??!!!) -well, that’s a government that WOULD false flag itself an excuse (and in our history, it isn’t the first time), so.. if it smells like dogs**t, it probably is dogs**t, that’s what I think.  (Don’t take my disagreement personally, Mugsy, I think your blog is great, and I hope more folks will comment and argue about this. That’s what it’s for isn’t it? To get people talkin’ and thinkin’?  🙂 Thanks for posting.

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