Win or Lose, Trump is Now the Face of GOP
December 21, 2015


Donald Trump and his brand of “harnessing hatred” to win the GOP election… whether the GOP likes it or not… is working. But it wouldn’t if this wasn’t already how a majority of Republican voters already feel. You could NEVER get present-day Democrats to rally around a hateful race-baiting conspiracy theorist like Donald Trump. But that is EXACTLY what Donald Trump has tapped into on the Republican side. As I first wrote years ago, the modern GOP has picked up the mantle of racist Southern Democrats from 60 years ago and expanded upon it. The election of the first black president didn’t magically turn Republicans into racists against their will. They were just suddenly free to come out of the closet and be openly racist by hiding behind “politics”. As I noted last week, the GOP has been sliding towards Fascism for decades now, but that’s not the end of the story. A few of Donald Trump’s opponents, and MANY in the Conservative media (outside of Hate-Talk Radio) have expressed concern that Trump may be “damaging the GOP brand” in a way that could not only cost them the White House AND Congress in 2016, but future elections for decades as minority voters are repulsed by an “angry & unwelcoming”, mostly white Christo-fascist political party that wants nothing to do with them.

Every Sunday, much to the amazement of my readers, I watch (and live-blog) Fox “news” Sunday, reporting on (and oft correcting) much of the misinformation, convenient memory-lapses, and sometime outright racist rhetoric that invariably comes up each & every week. Yesterday, they decided to comment on (but neither reject nor condemn) two incredibly offensive Tweets asked by their viewers:

Why not destroy an entire city to get ISIS?
Why not level an entire city to get a few thousand ISIS fighters?
Islam = Terrorist
The ‘I’ in ISIS stands for Terrorist


I’m not quite sure where to begin. First, the city of Raqqa, Syria didn’t just spring up out of nowhere to become the home of ISIS. The second largest city in Syria… Raqqa… population 220,000 men, women & children… was taken over by ISIS. It would be as if a gang moved into your neighborhood and took it over. Only this gang numbers in the thousands, has military hardware, and the police are scared to death of them. And warmongering Republican terror-monkeys with all the maturity of High school freshmen who watch Fox, wonder why we simply don’t just drop a bomb on the city of Raqqa and “kill off ISIS” all in one fell swoop. Well, beside the obvious moral vacuum of wiping out an entire city of hundreds of thousands just to get a few thousand “ISIS” fighters, the stupidity of thinking ALL of ISIS occupies a single city is too dumb for words. They control a region the size of South Carolina and this mental midget thinks they all commute back & forth to Raqqa each night? If ALL of ISIS were in one place, doesn’t he think we would have sent the military in after them by now? Of course not, because these people think President Obama is either too dumb to know he can simply level a single city to defeat ISIS, or that he’s “a secret Muslim” that deliberately isn’t trying to defeat ISIS. But I’m sure this same “uber-patriot” wouldn’t DARE tell a member of our military (whom I’m sure he praises at every opportunity) that they are just sitting around doing nothing to get ISIS.

The second Tweet might be more offensive than than the first. At least the first guy is just stupid. The second is unapologetically racist (and maybe stupid too, since there are TWO “I’s” in ISIS/ISIL). But Fox acknowledges that this viewers sentiments are NOT an aberration simply by taking the time to display & discuss his question on their show. The second viewer thinks that the “I” in ISIS means that “Islam = Terrorism”. I have no doubt that this same “patriot” would NEVER agree that the Evangelical “Planned Parenthood Shooter” in Colorado last month rating about “No more baby parts!” is representative of ALL Christians, yet somehow a murderous cult killing people in the name of Allah are somehow representative of all of Islam.


German students read violent/offensive Bible passages telling people they’re from the Koran.


I’ve noticed the past few weeks a number of interviews with “Trump voters” being asked to comment on some of the more outrageous/offensive things their candidate has said and asked if they agree or not with everything he says. And while many do (the ones you’d expect, old white Southern racists), the vast majority do not. YET, they all defend his “blunt, unfiltered” way of speaking even if they don’t agree with some of his positions. Well, what in the heck to they think he’ll do if he were to get elected? They all seem to think “Congress” would somehow restrain “President Trump” (cough) and somehow keep him in check. It’s a bit like shooting a pro athlete and arguing his excellent health will keep him alive. Why do that? Is that really what they want? A lose cannon in the White House (and finger on the nuclear trigger) and a Congress that spends all its time doing damage-control? Seriously? That’s the government they want for the next 4 years?

I watched the GOP presidential debate on “National Security” last week as well (funny mini-fact check by The Daily Show). Two-and-half hours long and almost entirely about rebooting the war in the Middle-East. Not a single veteran on stage, but all of them (sans Rand Paul, a GOP “fringe” candidate at 3%) frothing at the mouth for the chance to send someone else’s kids off to die in a war started by the LAST Republican president nearly 13 years ago. This was the first debate following the terrorist murder spree by a Muslim couple living in San Bernardino, CA (and the “Planned Parenthood” massacre two days before that, yet never mentioned), so naturally the candidates felt it necessary to fear monger over President Obama’s “failure” to prevent a couple of nuts deciding to play “Shooting Gallery” at one’s former place of work. What made this killing spree any more preventable than the five before that? This one was committed by a Muslim couple. One of the easiest ways to spot a growing threat and thwart a looming terrorist attack would be if they suddenly started stockpiling a bunch of weapons. But thanks to the NRA (aka: the GOP’s puppeteer), tracking gun purchases is illegal. Did a single candidate criticize the NRA for strapping the hands of law enforcement and allowing this possibly preventable crime from happening? Dream on.

Somehow, President Obama is expected to have precognition of a terrorist attack by two people in Southern California, but President Bush gets a pass for not acting on multiple warnings that 9/11 was coming. Can’t fathom why.

Donald Trump did another “live phone interview” on Meet the Press yesterday (one wonders if Trump would try to run the government via phone from his office in Manhattan?) where he called Hillary Clinton “a liar” for claiming during last Fridays debate that “ISIS is using footage of Trump’s racist rhetoric against Muslims in their recruiting videos”. He demanded “PROOF” that this is true. This same man is still insisting he saw news footage of “thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheering the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11.” It never happened. The footage does not exist, and it is reasonable to believe Trump’s supporters are scouring the Internet for that imaginary footage. This same man insists President Obama was “born in Kenya” despite all the evidence to the contrary, and he dare demand “proof” from the Clinton campaign that something she claims is in fact true? Seriously? And his supporters don’t see a problem with that? Their candidate has ZERO credibility, yet they want to put him in charge of the most powerful nation on Earth.

During that same interview, Trump denied that he recently “praised” Russian President Putin following Putin’s praise of him, but when asked to defend saying ANYTHING nice about a man notorious for having journalists and his critics killed, Trump then spent the next five minutes demanding “proof” that Putin was indeed ordering the assassination of journalists. Keep in mind that not two minutes before he was demanding “proof” from Hillary that ISIS was using him in recruitment videos. Of course, we KNOW why Trump was so defensive of his blunder praising someone like Putin (friend of Assad as he attacks Syrian rebels). It’s because HE DIDN’T KNOW Putin was doing this. He was caught red-handed praising a terrible person, so his only defense was to demand “proof” and then question the evidence. Like every Republican before him, it’s just not possible for them to even fathom that they could be wrong about something (see “WMD’s”.) So phobic is the GOP of being made to look “dumb” by The Media they so despise that they twist themselves into pretzels to the point of looking ridiculous (see: Sarah Palin) trying to avoid looking ridiculous.

But let’s not forget who’s in SECOND place: Joe McCarthy’s doppelganger Ted Cruz. The Canadian-born Cruz is as big a bomb-thrower as Donald Trump. He was elected during Texas’ Tea Party wave of 2012 and quickly became one of their heroes. An immigrant himself (and technically not even eligible to run for president, yet is), Cruz has made his opposition to Mexican & Muslim immigration the cornerstone of his campaign. During the GOP Debate, Rubio & Cruz argued over who was more intolerant of immigrants… not accusing each other of intolerance but trying to insist each is MORE intolerant than the other, with Rubio… the son of Cuban immigrants… criticizing Cruz… the son of Cuban immigrants… of once supporting “a path to legalization” for immigrants and Cruz repeating his attack on President Obama for wanting to give “amnesty” (actually, only a path to citizenship) to “tens of thousands of illegal aliens”. Well let’s keep in mind who these “illegal aliens” are that Cruz is OUTRAGED might become citizens. Most of them are CHILDREN… the so-called “Dreamers” whose only crime was being brought to this country as children. America is the only country most of these kids have ever known, and Trump & Cruz want to deport the whole lot of them back to Mexico (though not all are from Mexico.) And did I mention that Cruz himself is an immigrant, brought to the U.S. by his Cuban-born father AFTER he was born in Canada (though nearly twice as many Republicans… 40%… think Cruz was born in the U.S. and that Obama was not.)

Cruz recently “joked” about hoping to find out “if sand glows in the dark”, threatening to nuke the entire Middle East (shades of McCain’s “bomb, bomb Iran”), and has defended (and even praised) Donald Trump even when the rest of the GOP field has refused to do so. And for that, Republican voters have rewarded him by catapulting him into second place in the national polls with most Trump voters citing Cruz as their “second choice” if their beloved Donald is not the nominee. And between them, Trump & Cruz make up nearly half of GOP voters (add in fellow nut Ben Carson and you leap well beyond the halfway mark of all Republican voters.)

The remainder of the GOP field is terrified of offending Trump’s base. Jeb Bush… once the front runner before Trump declared… has been engaged in a war-of-words with The Donald, and as Trump has rightly pointed out, Trump’s numbers have gone up while Bush polls only slightly higher than a plank of wood. And it’s not over “policy”, its over “style” as Jeb criticizes Trump for “insulting his way to the top”. Jeb has criticized Trump for his characterization of Mexicans, but is terrified of discussing any pathway to “citizenship” for undocumented immigrants because he knows his Party would tear him apart.

The very first vote of the 2016 campaign is only slightly more than a month away with the Iowa Caucus on February 1st. As Rachel Maddow pointed out in this video (around the 9:15 mark) that there is no rush for states to go first this time around the way they did in 2012 because THIS time, they expect a lot of lead changes as the GOP candidates vie for who can be the most offensive to draw away as many Trump supporters as possible while still maintaining the appearance of electability in the General election. So how exactly does one appeal to all the minority groups they’ve alienated… Mexicans, Muslims (and anyone who “looks” Muslim, like Indian Sikhs), Blacks, Gays, Pro-choice women, The Poor and anti-war Independents to win the election in November? Their old standby… “terror”… is starting to wear thin. Their noxious blend of racism, hatred & stupidity has made the GOP inhospitable to anyone that is not as noxious as they are. It’s a stench that is going to stick with them for at least the next four years.

(Note: Next week, be sure to check back for my annual “Predictions for 2016” edition. I did pretty good last year, reversing a downward trend, though my record is still WILDLY better than most other pundits & so-called psychics. Fun, fun. fun!)

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