The Most Frightening Thing This Election is that One Of Them Will Win
Oct 31st, 2016 by Admin Mugsy


Happy Halloween. And with the latest round of “scandals” ping-ponging between the candidates each week (Trump’s sexual misconduct, now Hillary’s emails), the more I dread what’s in store for us over the next four years (notice I did NOT say “four to eight” years.) Last February, despite being an enthusiastic Bernie supporter, I conceded that if the choice came down to Hillary vs Trump (just as I predicted) I would support Hillary (in the end, I didn’t, writing in Bernie) because the danger of a Trump presidency was just too great to ignore. It didn’t really matter much anyway (at the time) because the chances of Hillary winning Texas were about as low as the chances the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series. In the 2000 election, I voted for Nader… not because I preferred Nader over Gore but because a vote for Gore here in Texas was a wasted vote, but helping the Green Party reach 5% so they’d be eligible for Federal funding in 2004 was an actual attainable goal.

Last week was the start of Early Voting here in Texas, and despite waiting until the third day, there was still a line with 15-minute wait. Turnout is high because recent polls moved Texas into the “Leans Red” column, suggesting there is a chance Hillary could actually win the Lone Star state. Trump supporters desperate to make sure that doesn’t happen flocked to the polls, as did Clinton supporters motivated by the possibility it could.

And me? Never have I agonized so much over a presidential vote. A vote for Trump was still unthinkable, and Libertarian Gary Johnson… well, let’s just say I think a president should be smarter than the people I went to High School with.

That left just Clinton and Stein. If it looked like Hillary could not win without winning the second most populous state in the country… second only to California in number of Electoral votes… then I wouldn’t have hesitated for a moment before casting my vote for Hillary. And if the chances of her winning Texas were as unlikely as Gore winning Bush’s home state in 2000, I would have voted for Stein… not because I support “Tofu Palin” (a great label I saw online that sums her up perfectly) but to help The Green Party hit that 5% threshold. But Stein currently stands at 2% here in Texas, making her reaching 5% just as unlikely as Hillary winning here (possible, but unlikely.)

So I ended up writing in “Bernie Sanders”… not because I harbored any delusions he might actually win, but as a protest vote. “You screwed over Bernie, now I’m screwing over you. If Hillary is to win, it’ll be without Texas. It’ll be close enough to make you sweat. Think about that the next time you consider taking sides to help a deeply flawed duplicitous fraud that’s just one scandal away from losing an election, to defeat their Democratic rivals.” A candidate SO unpopular they may end up winning only because her opponent is more despised than she is.

So, what can we expect for the next four years?

If it’s President Hillary…

The investigations & accusations against the 1992 Democratic nominee Bill Clinton began from almost the day he announced his candidacy in 1991. Those accusations of sexual misconduct with “Gennifer Flowers” and “Paula Jones”? Those stories broke before he became president and dogged him for years. “Trooper-Gate”… which alleged an actual crime of using state resources (local police) to shuttle then-Governor Clinton’s mistresses home after having an affair at the Governors’ mansion… actually broke before he was elected president.

After Bill Clinton was elected president, the “investigations” continued… helping the GOP retake control of the House for the first time in over 40 years. And those investigations kicked into high gear with Republicans now in control of both Houses of Congress. They appointed a Special Prosecutor (“Ken Starr”) to investigate everything from “Whitewater” to “Socks The Cat’s Fan Club Mailing List (“who’s paying for those stamps?”) Their goal was to ensure he did not win reelection… and once that failed… impeachment.

We are already seeing history repeat itself. The GOP has known Hillary would make another run for the presidency since the day she conceded in 2008. And the attack of a consulate in BenghaziTM… clearly a question more suited to focus on the military and decisions of the Secretary of Defense… was tied to Secretary of State Clinton instead since Consulates/Embassies are part of the State Department. And despite the fact the Secretary of State does not have the power to scramble/scuttle fighter jet missions, and it was the GOP themselves that voted to deny additional spending on Embassy security, they still carried out NINE investigations (at the tax-payers expense) clearly with the intention of crippling her presidential ambitions before they had even begun. And if you think these endless investigations will cease once she is elected, you were either too young or not yet born to remember the early 1990’s.

Republicans will follow Gingrich’s playbook from Bill Clinton’s first term. They’ll do everything they can to cripple her first two years as president in order to regain/maintain control of Congress in 2018, then work overtime investigating her to ensure she’s a one term president (if you thought the GOP controlled Congress was a do nothing Congress under Obama… just you wait. Ted Cruz… who actually clerked for the late Chief Justice Rehnquist… has already threatened to deny the appointment of the replacement for Justice Scalia… ensuring not only gridlock in Congress, but on the High Court as well for at least the next year.) And if by some miracle she wins reelection, they will then make sure she is impeached before the end of her second term.

Gingrich himself once explained that because Bill Clinton won the ’92 election with “less than 50% of the vote” (thanks to Ross Perot), they deemed his presidency as “illegitimate”, ergo they were somehow justified in trying to bring down his presidency.

Presently, neither Clinton nor Trump have more than 45% of the vote. Investigations of her began LONG before she ever became the official Democratic nominee, and they are beyond motivated to make sure nothing she wants ever gets passed and that she is a one-term president.

If you thought partisanship, infighting, petty bickering and GOP obstruction were bad under President Obama, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

If it’s President Trump…

Both parties in this case have been quite clear: “Donald Trump is unfit for the office of president and Congress will unite to keep him in check. The man is an idiot. A loose canon that thinks he can unilaterally do anything he wants as president and doesn’t understand the mechanics of government. His plan for a Gestapo-like “Deportation Force” that will comb through cities to physically extract & deport 25 million undocumented immigrants (AND their children), his Rube-Goldberg like plan to “ban Muslims” from entering the United States, and his “quick & easyguaranteed solution to bring “peace” to the Middle East that absolutely does not, pinky-swear, involve using nuclear weapons and 500,000 ground troops.

However, as I pointed out almost from the day he declared his candidacy, “Trump is chasing the presidency the way a dog chases a car. The pursuit is exciting, but he really has no interest in catching it, and wouldn’t know what to do with it if he did.” It’s all a game to him. He just wants to win so he can give the middle finger to everyone who told him he can’t win. However, if he DOES win, he has no interest in actually doing the mundane every day chores. He only wants to do “the fun stuff”… like calling in military airstrikes or nominating a Supreme Court nominee. He’s not interested in signing bills or drafting budgets.

And in fact, in an interview with New York Times Magazine, a Kasich adviser reported that Donald Trump Jr… who was placed in charge of the VP search for his father… told them that his father’s VP would likely be in charge of “domestic and foreign policy.” Domestic AND Foreign policy? So WTF is left? “Making America great again” was Junior’s reply.

Oh dear Lord.

Every day, Trump demonstrates just how little he understands about how government works. Bills don’t become law if they are signed by the Vice president. The Vice president doesn’t have the executive authority to be Commander-in-Chief. When another world leader calls The Oval Office, they are not looking to speak with the Vice president of the United States.

So, will the defacto president for the next four years be a man NO ONE voted for, hand picked by Donald J Trump? What would Congress’ reaction be to that? It wouldn’t be Trump himself calling the shots, setting policy that Congress might feel the need to obstruct. It could be Mike Pence… a far-Right Teabagger idiot that served in the Senate and has plenty of friends in Washington, but legally has no authority to make policy or sign bills.

Someone needs to inform Donald Trump that the President of the United States isn’t a dictator (and that “ObamaCare” isn’t an insurance program. But I digress.) It’s the greatest flaw in the argument of Republicans who say they want “a CEO president” to “run the country like a business”. A Democracy isn’t a dictatorship. Trump admires dictators like Putin & Kim Jong Un because they appear to “get things done”. But that’s only because they don’t have a Congress to answer to. I wonder if Donald Trump believes Congress will just roll over and give him everything he wants because in his delusional mind, everybody supports everything he wants to do.

He actually said during a rally in Toledo last week (just as news broke that the email investigation may be reopened): “We should just cancel the election and give it to Trump.” Because in his mind, he’s winning by a mile, the polls are all wrong, everyone agrees with him on everything (including how crooked Clinton is), and he’s going to win in a landslide.

So whether it’s Hillary and four years of unprecedented GOP obstructionism, endless investigations, and threats of impeachment, four years of Trump expecting Congress to just roll over and give him everything he wants out of some delusional belief that he is so beloved (much like I’m sure Putin & Jung Un do) the vast majority of the American people are behind him when in fact Congress is prepared to stop him at all costs, or perhaps it’s Pence… the far-right Teabagger VP with no legal authority to run the country actually setting foreign & domestic policy because the ACTUAL president refuses to do his job… it doesn’t matter WHO is elected next week, the next four years are going to be an unholy mess.

Suddenly, this doesn’t sound so bad:

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Could 1990 Texas Governors Race Foretell a Surprise Win for Hillary There?
Oct 24th, 2016 by Admin Mugsy


In 1990, Texas Democratic gubernatorial nominee (Ann Richards) was far behind her Republican rival (Billionaire industrialist Clayton Williams). Then he made a sexist “joke” that wildly offended women voters and everything changed. The similarities of that race bear a striking similarity to what is currently happening in the race for president between Trump & Clinton, and could very well explain why in Texas of all places, the race for president is almost a statistical tie.

Not many people outside of Texas remember the 1990 race for governor, and even then, you must be of a certain age (or a hard-core political junkie) to know what happened.

Briefly, then Texas Treasurer… a former school teacher named Ann Richards (“the motorcycle-riding grandma”) was elected the Democratic nominee for governor of Texas in 1990 following a tight & bruising Democratic primary that went to a runoff. Meanwhile, the Republican nominee… Billionaire (or was it just “multimillionaire”?) industrialist Clayton Williams won the Republican nomination in a walk by nearly 50 points (deja vu already). Williams led Richards almost the entire race. There was little question the former Texas oilman turned telecommunications magnate (remember, this is before the Internet or cellphones) would win easily in a deep red state like Texas.

Then, just weeks before the election, Williams was caught on tape repeating a “joke” to friends first told by controversial college basketball coach Bobby Knight:

“Rape is like a thunderstorm. If it’s inevitable, [the woman should] just relax and enjoy it.” (laughter)


Texas women were outraged, and Williams didn’t make things better by trying to defend his remarks as “just a joke” (only apologizing once it was far too late.) They showed up en masse on election day to vote against Williams (early voting had already begun in the state, possibly keeping the result closer than it might have been otherwise), giving Richards a narrow 2.5% victory over Williams to become the Democratic governor of Texas (which, BTW, was incredibly common before George W Bush.)

    So you have a race between a Billionaire Republican who is the heavy favorite to defeat a Democratic woman for high office in Texas. Then the Republican frontrunner is caught “joking” about rape less than a month before the election. Outraged women voters (and many men) turn up on election day with the express intention of defeating the Republican nominee, and in a surprise reversal, the Democrat ends up winning Texas in a race she was all but certain to lose the month before.

Does any of that sound familiar?

Today, we see history repeating itself. Another Republican billionaire expected to win the deep red state of Texas easily, only to make one too many sexist remarks (after already deeply offending Hispanics… who nearly make up the largest demographic in the state now), and suddenly, the state of Texas… second only to California in number of Electoral votes and a state no Republican can win without… is in play.

But truly, what are the chances of someone like Hillary Clinton winning here? (I’m in Houston.) It has always bothered me when people brand Texas as “the reddest of Red States”, unfathomably out of reach of any Democrat (actually, Utah & Oklahoma are far redder than Texas.) As a matter of fact before Nixon in ’72 (and his racist “Southern Strategy”), the state of Texas only voted Republican in the presidential race ONCE in its entire history. And after getting burned by “Tricky Dick”, it went Democratic (not “blue”, Democrats were “red” that year) again, voting for Carter in 1976. When in comes to the governor’s race, the state has been likewise consistently Blue its entire history, only going deep red recently.

The capital of Texas… Austin… a big college town, is a Liberal oasis in the red state, whose unofficial motto is “Keep Austin weird.” And Houston… the 4th largest city in the country (and rapidly gaining on #3 Chicago)… is the largest city in the country to have elected (and then RE-elected) an openly gay mayor (Democrat Annice Parker), who was recently succeeded by another Democrat (Sylvester Turner). In Houston, Republican mayors are the exception.

As I’ve pointed out on here several times, Al Gore actually WON the city of Houston… “within the city limits”… in the 2000 election, only losing the city once the majority white suburban vote was factored in.

The Dallas Morning News broke with tradition last month and endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, calling Trump’s values “hostile to conservatism” (which has me wondering if they too view Clinton as a “Closet Conservative”?)

Back in July, The Houston Chronicle also endorsed Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Between outraged Hispanics, Blacks, and now women uniting to defeat Donald Trump, it is amazing he hasn’t already lost the state. But the GOP has been working hard to decimate education since before Ronald Reagan appointed Bill “Place yer bets” Bennett… an outspoken advocate of abolishing the Dept of Education… to RUN the Dept of Education, ensuring voters stay dumb and reactionary. Terrified of their own shadow, President Obama was correct when he described these voters as “clinging to their guns & religion“… talismans of protection (which always made me wonder just how strong ones faith truly is if they feel they also need a gun for protection?)… eager to elect those who agree with their paranoia. And if there’s one word that describes Donald J Trump, it’s “paranoid” (the Mexicans are crossing the border to commit crimes. Muslims are entering the country to kill you. “The Media is colluding against me to help Hillary.” “These unattractive women all accusing me of sexual misconduct are all liars working for Hillary.” and “The election is rigged”.)

In any case, the state of Texas is now in play. And while I highly doubt Texas will turn Blue on November 8th, Trump is only another offensive video away from wildly offending another demographic that decides to make sure he goes down in defeat this election.

Early voting in Texas begins today, Monday October 24th, giving him time to bank enough Republican votes before he’s caught on tape saying something like he “supports gun control” and wants to “raise taxes to provide everyone with healthcare.”

Then again, that might only help him attract ambivalent Texas Democrats that also distrust Hillary.

Highlights from Richards famous 1988 DNC Convention speech that made her a favorite for the 1990 Democratic Gubernatorial nomination and painted a huge target on her back to be defeated by Bush Jr. four years later:


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Increasingly Unhinged, Trump Preps Supporters for Epic Loss with Talk of Election Rigging
Oct 17th, 2016 by Admin Mugsy


In these final three weeks before Election Day, any other candidate would be talking about their inevitable glorious victory and their first days in office. Donald Trump on the other hand is telling supporters at every campaign stop that “the election is rigged”, accusing “The Media” of colluding with the Clinton campaign to help her win. He is NOT however commenting on reports of possible Russian hacking possibly intended to help HIM (other than to DEFEND Russia during the second presidential debate.) Trump actually suggested there is no proof “Russia” specifically was behind the reported DNC hacks, even questioning if there EVEN WERE any hacks despite being told about them during his National Security briefing.

“Everyone is against me/us!” The cry of the wounded rednecked Conservaloper. Never mind the fact Clinton has always lead him in nearly every poll since the race began. Only in a select few polls has Trump ever led this race… however briefly… back when that same “Media” was hammering Clinton over emails. And even then, by no more than 2 points. (Note: Do not get the idea I support Clinton or even defend her with these observations. Believe it or not, it is possible to criticize Trump without supporting Hillary. – Mugsy)

As a matter of simple campaign strategy, telling your supporters over & over again that “the system is rigged” is incredibly dumb in the final days of an election (even WHILE Early Voting is taking place in some states). You only create a sense of futility that results in many of your supporters staying home on election day. Why bother voting when the election is rigged?

Moron. Childish reactionary moron.

Like any good Teabagger, Trump has always been a fan of conspiracy theories. From his own suggestions that President Obama was born in Kenya (and all the “Secret Muslim” talk that goes with it) to “Global Warming is a myth hatched by the Chinese”, it comes as no surprise that he would see a conspiracy behind why he has been the subject of so much criticism by “The Media” in these final weeks of his campaign. “Foolish consistencies are the hobgoblins of small minds!” – Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson

Trump is also fear-mongering concerns of actual Election Fraud, actively recruiting “poll watchers” on his website. This would only discourage “in-person voter fraud”… the same nonexistent form of Voter Fraud that “Voter ID” laws were supposed to prevent. But with Courts rolling back these highly questionable, clearly discriminatory “voter disenfranchisement” laws, the Trump campaign believes this is the Obama White House actively moving to aide massive election fraud. Now keep in mind that even Millions of illegitimate votes cast against him in a single state wouldn’t likely change the outcome thanks to there being an “Electoral College”. It would take enough fraudulent voters across a dozen states to swing each of those state’s elections to change the outcome. Tens of millions. There have been barely 30 cases of in-person voter fraud nationwide since 2000 (two I can name off the top of my head: Mitt Romney claiming to live in his sons’ basement so he could vote in Massachusetts, and Ann Coulter using her secretary’s address on her voter registration to avoid giving out her home address.)

Republicans think in-person voter fraud is real and has been taking place on a massive scale for years. And their proof of this? “We keep losing.” (despite the fact they have controlled BOTH houses of Congress for eighteen of the last twenty-four years, while complaining about what a “mess” the country is in.) What other explanation can there be? But what if you WIN? Might this not place a cloud over your OWN victory? At the very least, it proves you were whining about nothing. At worst, it raises the specter that “election fraud” helped YOU win. Should someone THAT stupid be elected president?

It has gotten so bad, even the GOP is telling Trump to knock it off with all the attacks on his fellow Republicans and foreboding of a stolen election. Just as I note, it threatens to “undermine” their own victories and suppress voter turnout.

I even saw an interview with a Trump campaign spokes-person on Fox over the weekend that cited reports (going viral on the Internet) of some counties in 2012 where Romney did not receive one single vote… “clear evidence of a stolen election” (despite the districts in question being almost entire poor & black.) The Fox anchor had to point out they found nearly as many examples of majority-white precincts where Obama did not receive a single vote, asking, “Is this evidence of election fraud too?” If you’re looking for intellectual honesty this election season, look elsewhere.

Speaking of “disconnected from reality”, one of Trump’s biggest supporters/defenders… Rudy “Honey, can my mistress live with us” Giuliani… claimed on CNN’s “State of the Union” yesterday that “Dead people tend to vote for Democrats”. Giuliani… like Trump… is fear-mongering an expectation of a stolen election… basically conceding Trump’s inevitable loss with a preemptive excuse for why it will happen, again, without regard for how his own words might suppress the voter turnout they so desperately need.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Giuliani said he “remembers an election in Chicago in which 720 supposedly dead people voted” (I could find nothing about “720 dead voters casting ballots in Chicago” in a Google search other than Giuliani himself making the charge. He appears to be alluding to this Chicago Tribune article that claims “30” dead Chicagoans reportedly voted in 1983 (bear in mind the Tribune hasn’t endorsed a Democrat in over 20 years, choosing to endorse Gary Johnson this year.) Not exactly “massive voter fraud”… taking place over thirty years ago, and not large enough to swing a national election in which one candidate leads by approximately 4 percentage points nationwide (Hillary now leads Trump by 15-points in Kaine’s home state of Virginia.)

Over the weekend, Giuliani also claimed that “no one disputes the 1960 Presidential election (56 years ago) was stolen” from Richard Nixon. Actually, many DO dispute that. But regardless, when you have to go back more than a half century to find an example of a “stolen” election… and even then, one that was so close that only a few hundred votes in a single state made the difference… you’re only citing the exception that proves the rule. “Election Theft” and “in-person Voter Fraud” is rare to the point of being nonexistent.

And while Giuliani cites small-scale election fraud on the “precinct level”, another Trump surrogate Newt “as many mistresses as Trump” Gingrich tells ABC’s “This Week” that “small-scale election fraud on the precinct level” is NOT the kind of election fraud Trump is talking about.

Get your stories straight, guys. The Trump campaign is rapidly dissolving into a parody of itself.

So the next time some Trump supporter tries to tell you how “brilliant” he is, simply point out (after his bankruptcies and string of business failures) the stupidity of discouraging his own supporters with talk of a “rigged” system only days before the election.

(Prediction: Trump’s running mate Mike Pence said on “Meet the Press” yesterday that he shared Trump’s concern of massive nationwide election fraud… and yet said that the Trump campaign would abide by the election night results. Seriously? Does ANYONE seriously envision an election night concession phone call from Trump to Hillary congratulating her on her victory? Of course not. He will whine like the 14 year old child we all now know him to be, declare the election “stolen” and Hillary’s presidency “illegitimate”.)

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BREAKING: Major Party Candidates are Duplicitous Frauds. Oh, and we’re all screwed
Oct 10th, 2016 by Admin Mugsy


There’s an old saying that “character” is who you are in private when no one is looking. Last week, WikiLeaks released thousands of emails belonging to Clinton campaign advisor John Podesta revealing (among other things) that what Clinton was telling cheering fans at her rallies or denying in those contentious televised debates was not what she was telling Wall Street behind closed doors. But no one is talking about that today because a conveniently-timed counter leak of behind-the-scenes video/audio of Trump being a total sexist pig during an interview with “Access Hollywood” reporter “Billy Bush” in 2005 broke the day before.

I’m not sure it’s even news anymore to report that someone running for public office is a duplicitous fraud, pretending to be one kind of person in public only to discover them saying something quite different in private when they think no one is looking.

Several news sources claimed to have uncovered “leaked transcripts” of Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches. So I investigated. They didn’t. All of them are referring to a single email sent to Podesta citing links to online news reports claiming to reveal what Clinton said behind closed doors, and the Clinton campaigns preparations to spin those reports should they gain traction. But as for what was actually said, the contents of those speeches is still a total mystery.

(One leaked email from the 2008 campaign questions whether they should prepare to respond to Obama criticizing McCain for supporting “open trade”.)

The second presidential debate between Clinton & Trump took place last night. This debate was in a “Town Hall” format (introduced by Ross Perot BTW during his ’92 campaign) where audience members were allowed to ask pre-screened questions of the two major candidates. Yet the vast majority of questions were posted by the moderators.

Much time was spent discussing Donald Trump’s disgusting hot-mic comments, but very little was spent discussing the latest WikiLeaks revelations about Hillary. But after examining those WikiLeaks leaked emails and discovering they don’t actually reveal what sources are claiming, I can understand that (to a point.)

But more importantly, Trump willingly conceded that he hasn’t paid ANY Federal income tax in nearly two decades (if not longer), dismissing not doing so by claiming “neither has many of Hillary’s own friends”. As an example, he cites Billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett… who DOES pay taxes (18%) but admits to taking deductions… which is not the same as paying “nothing”.

Clinton & Trump did seem to agree that the solution to ending the war in the Middle East is to start World War III with Russia. Trump says he plans to “bomb the hell out of (Russian ally) Assad” (whom he later claims is fighting ISIS), while Hillary advocates (again) placing a No Fly Zone over Eastern Syria (Rep Tulsi Gabbard explains what’s wrong with that.) Clinton also openly advocates “arming our allies The Kurds.” I’m sure our friends, The Turks, were just thrilled by that news. The Kurds have repeatedly crossed the border and attacked Turkey trying to expend into Kurdish territory to their North. We depend incredibly on the assistance of Turkey… the largest Democracy in the Middle East and ally in the “War on Terror”, so the last thing we should be doing is giving one more Muslim nation a reason to hate us. But that seems to be Hillary’s plan.

But Trump’s plan to “bomb the hell out of ISIS” wouldn’t far much better. In the context of Syria, Trump advocated modernizing our nuclear stockpiles to “keep up with” (read: pressure) Syrian ally Russia. So Trump wants to restart the arms race… and the Cold War that goes with it… while he’s making nice with Putin. Then drop a nuclear bomb on Russian ally Assad (but don’t worry Turkey. That nuclear blast, radioactive fallout and mushroom clouds know not to cross the border into your country.)

It’s bad enough when these candidates lie to OUR faces, but now they don’t even seem to care if they lie to our allies.

If one was expecting a more mature, respectful adult Trump last night, they were sorely disappointed. He was even more petty and childish in this debate than he was in the first, constantly interrupting, talking over Clinton, and whining about the clock & the moderators. Meanwhile, Clinton herself was undisciplined as well, going over… WAY over… her time following every question.

The candidates may be saying one thing in private and another in public, but one thing that is consistent is the petty childishness we’ve seen this campaign devolve into as two 70 year olds snipe at each other like children.

Oh, and ICYMI, Friday was the 15th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan and we are still there. Do you recall anyone talking about it? It didn’t even come up in the debate.

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Smart Businessmen don’t Lose a Billion Dollars, Mr Trump
Oct 3rd, 2016 by Admin Mugsy


According to Rudy Giuliani across several Sunday shows yesterday, the possibility Donald Trump may not have paid any income taxes for 18 years because he ran his company into the ground in 1995 makes him “a genius!”. Seriously. I’m not making that up. The former NYC mayor repeatedly defended the possibility that Trump may have paid absolutely nothing in income taxes from 1992 to 2010 as proof that Trump is a brilliant businessman who (quote) “is someone I’d like working for me!” The problem is, the ONLY reason Trump was even eligible to do so was because he reported a nearly ONE BILLION dollar loss on his 1995 income taxes after running his empire into the ground (according to a breaking NYT report Sunday.) Calling someone a “genius” because that same “genius” figured out how to dig themselves out a massive sinkhole of their own creation is like calling your mechanic a “genius” for fixing your car after he totaled it taking it out for a joyride.

Trump’s entire shtick is that he’s a brilliant businessman who should be put in charge of running the country like a business. The problem with that argument (besides the fact the government isn’t a “business” and not run for “profit”) is the assumption Donald Trump is a successful businessman. And someone who bankrupts his empire four times and is forced to declare nearly a Billion dollar loss in a single year can hardly be described as a “successful businessman”.

Indeed, a “successful” businessman… one whom you might want running your company/country… would be someone who “started with nothing” and built a wildly successful Fortune 100 corporation that NEVER had to declare bankruptcy, but instead returned a respectable profit each & every year while treating it’s employees with respect and paying them handsomely.

Donald Trump is NONE of that. Born on second-base to a multi-millionaire father with a world of business connections that in & of themselves were worth a fortune. His father loaned him a fortune (a million dollars back in [IIRC] 1973, which would be worth $5-8million today) to buy up prime real estate in Manhattan (a guaranteed goldmine). And despite that, he swindled suppliers, stiffed contractors, and STILL managed to declare bankruptcy FOUR times.

And that amazing talent that allowed him to recover following a $916 Billion dollar loss of his own doing? Not only did he have to exploit a tax loophole for the ridiculously wealthy like himself just to recover, but what of the investors/creditors that were left high & dry when Trump stiffed them by declaring bankruptcy? The employees who lost their jobs (and pensions… if any… to boot)? What of THEIR loses? Do THEY think Trump is a “genius”?

One problem I’ve always had with Trump’s declaring bankruptcy to save his business (other than the fact it he took advantage of a government bailout) is that the president can’t simply declare the United States “bankrupt” to bail itself out when he gets into trouble (who bails out the bailer?)

There is still the question as to whether Trump went nearly two decades (if not longer) without paying a dime in income taxes. And thanks to last weeks’ debate, I believe we can now say with absolute 100% certainty that he did not. How? Because Trump declared that not paying taxes would be proof he’s “smart”. Ergo, if he DID pay any taxes, he must be dumb, correct? And since Trump would never call himself dumb or admit to doing anything as “dumb” as paying taxes, it’s safe to assume he didn’t. Q.E.D..

The entire argument justifying a Trump presidency was itself built on a foundation of sand… his four bankruptcies. But if the NYT report is correct (and at this point, there’s no reason to believe it isn’t) and Trump did indeed have to declare $915,729,923 in loses in a single year, that’s not exactly the sign of a “great” businessman.


He declared that loss for 1995… and that’s significant. Why? because 1995 was the start of “the Clinton Boom Years“, the start of Bill Clinton’s second term in office when the economy started taking off like a rocket. During Bill Clinton’s first term in office, unemployment fell from 7.3% to 5.6% by the end of 1995 (data from BLS) and the Stock Market rose from 3241.95 to 5117.12 during those same three years (nearly 37%), yet somehow Donald Trump… this astoundingly successful businessman… managed to run his companies into the ground and report nearly a *billion* dollars in losses (when he could have nearly doubled his fortune simply investing it in the stock market.)

Tell us again what a “successful businessman” Donald J Trump is? If he’s allowed to do for the country what he did to his corporate empire, we’re doomed.

Sad Trump


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