Trump is getting his intel from Right-Wing conspiracy theorists (and that should worry us all.)
March 6, 2017


Right after the election, as the Returns continued to be counted and we learned Trump actually lost the Popular Vote by nearly “three million”, the president-elect declared that he would have won the Popular Vote too had it not been for THREE TO FIVE MILLION people voting illegally (supposedly all illegal immigrants) in support of Hillary Clinton. And his source for this insane claim? A FAR Right conspiracy radio show & website called InfoWars (which also claims, among other things, that the Newtown massacre was a hoax.) Remember, this is the same election where Right-Wing poll watchers said they’d be monitoring the polls for that very possibility. And yet somehow, as many as five million illegal immigrants snuck past their watchful eyes undetected. Many claims Trump made on the campaign trail (and continues to assert today)… like claims of ISIS being behind recent terrorist attacks in San Bernadino and a Miami nightclub… Trump gets from Right-Wing websites and Fox… while calling The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN “fake news”. And let’s not forget the biggest conspiracy theory of all… the one that launched Trump into politics: “Birtherism”… the idea Obama was actually born in Kenya and was part of a massive cover up that would come crashing down around him if only we could get a peek at his “long form birth certificate”.

Just over a week ago, The Boy King cited “chaos in Sweden. Sweden! Who would be believe this?” based on a slanted and questionable report he heard on Fox “news” regarding a supposed rise in violent crime since they allowed in Muslim refugees. On Friday, #ToddlerTrump asserted (again, without evidence) that he believed former President Obama is behind the public protests and efforts to sabotage his presidency (Trump’s massive ego refuses to believe he’s not just beloved but adored by the vast majority of American people… yet Obama commands enough popularity to mobilize tens of thousands through sheer will). This quickly evolved into his latest outrage Saturday claiming President Obama had tapped his phone in Trump Tower last December as part of his “witch hunt” to tie him to Russia. Trump’s source? The CIA that answers to him and is just a phone-call away? No. The NSA that answers to him and is just a phone-call away? No. The FBI that answers to him and is just a phone-call away? No. Of course not. This time, his trusted source was Right-Wing conspiracy “news” website (whose former head, Bannon, he appointed to run his campaign and is now his Chief Strategist.) And just who was Breitbart’s source for the claim? Right-wing hate-talk radio conspiracy theorist Mark Levin.

And to put Trump’s “outrage” over this incredibly serious accusation into context, his very next tweet was to mock Arnold Schwarzenegger’s firing from “The Apprentice” for low ratings. The fact our government has been hijacked by a man-child with the attention span of a thirteen year old girl is bad enough. But he is getting his “intelligence” from Right-Wing conspiracy websites like “Breitbart” and “InfoWars”. Couple that with the fact he isn’t attending intelligence briefings on a regular basis, and it gets worse. Couple THAT with the fact he doesn’t bother to double-check these absurd claims with any of the multitude of intelligence agencies at his disposal before retweeting them (with all the weight and gravitas associated with being President of the United States), and it’s even more troubling still (like any Twitter-addicted 13 year old girl, he reads something and instantly retweets it, simply assuming what he reads is absolute fact because it comes from a source he trusts.)

Now ask yourself WHY he doesn’t bother to confirm anything he reads on the Internet before repeating it, and it becomes clear that it is because he doesn’t trust his own intelligence agencies… run by his own appointees. So just how much can we trust him to trust them when they try to warn him of an impending attack or how a newly announced policy/agenda of his might result in chaos/disaster/war?

In addition, just what credibility will Trump hold on the world stage? Will our allies believe a word this conspiracy theorist says should he ask for their help if & when he finally gets around to launching his “secret plan” to defeat ISIS (or needs their help in combating a new threat?) Will other countries enter into agreements with the United States knowing his promises are worth their weight in steam and likely to change the moment he reads something he doesn’t like on “Bob’s Conspiracy Bunker”?

But the next thing to watch out for… and we’re already seeing signs of this… is for him to start setting policy based on these absurd conspiracy theories.

BREAKING (as of this writing): FBI Director Comey asked Justice officials to refute Trump’s unproved wiretapping claim.

Tom Friedman of The New York Times predicted yesterday: “Expect an effort to take away his football… the nuclear football” as concern grows over Trump’s mental stability.

We still see news stories regarding the Trump Administration with the “First 100 Days” chyron. The first 100 days refers to the “Honeymoon” period during which a newly inaugurated president has the support of the majority of Americans to get their agenda passed. If THIS is Trump’s “honeymoon” phase, just what will the next 3-1/2 years look like?

The wheels are already coming off this clown car. The big concern is that when it does, he doesn’t take a hard right into the crowd and kill us all.

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