EARLY EDITION: Perry’s “Jobs” Plan by the numbers. I hope you like oil.
October 15, 2011


Perry's imaginary 'miracle'
Rick Perry finally released his “Energizing American Jobs and Security” plan Friday (click here to download from me w/o having to give the Perry campaign your email address). 40 pages long (plus a cover page), Perry’s “jobs” plan is focused ENTIRELY on “energy” production. Ditto when it comes to “security”. In fact, Perry’s plan is SO singularly focused on energy that I found myself searching for ANY mention of ANY other industry. None, nada, zip. Likewise, with the word “Security” in the title, you’d expect SOME mention of terrorism or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. A big goose-egg there too (“Iraq” IS mentioned, but only as a competing oil producer.)

So I performed a “quick & dirty” word-search of Perry’s “Jobs” Plan searching for ANY reference to industries OTHER than energy (note, I know a “word-search” analysis is a bit unfair, but still quite informative). Hope you like oil!

Number of times key words are found in Rick Perry’s 40 page “Jobs” plan:

(word matches for all forms, including plurals, “ing” & “ed” endings, etc.)

“computer”: zero
“electronic”: zero
“infrastructure”: three times. Once referring to “EPA Research”, and twice referring to “pipeline” infrastructure.
“farm” or “agriculture”: zero
“health care”: zero
“rail”: zero
“textiles”: zero (cloth & clothing)
“iron” or “steel”: “Iron”-zero. “steel” once (in reference to increased steel production in Pennsylvania for pipelines. This is surprising considering he announced his “jobs plan” from a PA steelmill!)
“automotive”, “car” or “truck”: zero (surprising, since I expected at least ONE reference to vehicles using the oil/gas produced.)

 (I’m running out of industries by now)

“green”: appears once to criticize “inefficient and uncompetitive green energy programs”.
“technology” (other than energy): zero
“battery” or “batteries”: zero (surprising considering how “Energy” is the sole focus of Perry’s “Jobs” plan.)
“hybrid”: zero
“education” or “teach”: zero
“manufacturing”: three times and ONLY in the context of oil & gas production.
“training”: zero
“Greenhouse”: appears four times, and only to attack and criticize the regulation of “Greenhouse gases”, deriding CO2 as “naturally occurring”.
“Climate”: three. Once refering to the “political climate”, once re: the “Federal regulatory climate” and once regarding the “business climate”.
“banks”: zero
“Wall Street”: zero (sans one ref to the “Wall Street Journal”).
“trade”: three times, and only in the context of criticizing “Cap & trade”.
“China”, “Japan” or “Korea”: zero
“exports”: zero
“imports” (other than oil): zero
“security” in a context other than “energy security”: zero
“war”: “war on coal” twice. “War on natural gas”: once. War in Iraq or Afghanistan: zero
“Iraq”: three times (in lists of oil producing nations).
“Afghanistan”: zero
“oil”: 44 times.
“gas”: 37 times (not including references to “greenhouse gasses”).
“wind”: six
“solar”: twice
“bio” (“biomass”): twice. No coincidence it appears same number of times as “solar”. Same sentence.
“nuclear”: 21 times (15 times in one paragrah).
“coal”: 17 times

“Obama”: 28 times.
“Bush”: zero

Rick Perry isn’t running for President. He’s running for Energy Secretary.

Sign my petition for GREEN JOBS TOMORROW fast & cheap. Use those $4 Billion in oil subsidies to put Solar Panels on the roofs of 40,000 government buildings, or order 100,000 hybrid mail-trucks. Not only would this INSTANTLY CREATE JOBS, it would spark ENTIRE INDUSTRIES with a future, reduce our dependency on oil, reduce greenhouse emissions, and quickly pay for itself (and cut future expenses) with the energy savings. We need 5,000 signatures by December 20th.

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  1. fastfeat - October 15, 2011

    Great observation. I didn’t expect much from Parry; he said during the last debate that his “plan” was coming out in three days. I immediately pictured a kid at Liberty University with a case of Red Bull and a couple of boxes of Vivarin scanning over the collective works of sarah palin to come up with this last-minute term paper. Looks like I was right.Parry– all hat, no chattel.

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