Spiking the Football: Republicans Criticize Obama for Criticizing Romney on OBL Anniversary
April 30, 2012


Last year, Republicans gave President Bush credit for getting bin LadenTuesday will be the first anniversary of the day President Obama got Osama bin Laden. And it is driving Republicans nuts. The fact that President Obama would DARE use “a moment of national unity” for political gain (see: “9/11”)… well, that’s just plain offensive to them. How DARE he “spike the football”… referring to President Obama’s comment last year explaining why they would not be releasing the photos of the dead bin Laden, which would only serve to inflame our enemies in the Middle East. President Obama called the assassination “a moment of national unity”.. a point Republicans are now quick to ridicule the president for using in a campaign video. They are actually accusing the president of “showboating”. (I guess he should of just landed on an aircraft carrier instead.)

“Unity”? Really??? The Right is complaining that the president is “dividing the nation” on what should be “a moment of unity??? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

Right after the president announced that bin Laden was dead, the Right REFUSED… absolutely flat out refusedto give him credit (a theme we saw repeated after we got Gaddafy). And many still do to this day. I still hear from young Brown-Shirts claiming, “All he did was say ‘Go!'” And that the ONLY reason President Obama was able to get bin Laden was “because of the groundwork laid by President Bush”… the guy whom just SIX MONTHS after 9/11 said he “truly was not concerned about him”, and then closed down the bin Laden desk at the CIA in 2006.

Try to imagine for a moment what might of happened if OBL hadn’t been there in that compound (either because he was never there, or had been tipped off in advance). Pakistan would of had a conniption, outraged by American military action taking place INSIDE Pakistan to get somebody they had assured us was never there to begin with. Clearly, “we don’t trust them” they’d say, order us out of the Waziristan border region and refuse any further cooperation with the U.S…. doing enormous damage to the war in Afghanistan. The Right would of had a field day criticizing the “young and inexperienced president” as a “total failure” fighting “the War on Terror™”… something that “NEVER would of happened if we had elected war hero John McCain!” We’d never of heard the end of it. The raid could of gone horribly wrong (and in fact one helicopter DID crash) or bin Laden could of been ready for them with Seal Team 6 falling into a trap. The number of ways this raid could of gone terribly wrong are manifold. To trivialize the decision of President Obama to go in after him as ‘No big deal’ is beyond offensive.

The gaggle over on Fox “news” Sunday took issue with an Obama campaign ad touting the decision to get bin Laden, contrasting with Mitt Romney for saying in 2007 that “it’s not worth spending billions of dollars and moving heaven & Earth just to get one man”:

“One Chance” Obama/Biden 2012 Campaign video


They argued that when read “in context” (ah, the mating call of the wounded Neocon), Romney was actually correct. But… as you’d expect… the troupe over at Fox conveniently forgot to include Romney’s criticism of then Senator Obama for saying that “even if bin Laden were found to be in Pakistan” he would [still] “go in and get him”. So whether or not Romney would have gotten bin Laden had he of been elected in 2008 IS a valid question. Former head of the GOP and now Romney campaign adviser Ed Gillespi said the ad was turning the killing of bin Laden into “a divisive partisan political attack”.

Is raising whether or not your opponent “would protect the country” as a campaign issue, “offensive”? I ask you: “More offensive than THIS?

Cheney: Vote for us or die. September 2, 2004


In 2006, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos pointed out the fact President Bush was “TRYING to scare voters” by using the threat of terrorism to motivate people to vote Republican and avoid the massive Democratic sweep they knew was coming:

Stephanopoulos: Bush “TRYING to scare voters”

It’s like they just started paying attention on January 20th, 2009.

To them, everything was going just great until Obama was elected. Unemployment was “only 7.8%” and gas was “just $1.89 a gallon” they cry (I debunked this nonsense last week). And now, suddenly, using “security” as a campaign issue is “the Obama campaign [using] an event that unified our country to once again divide us,” according to Romney. News flash Republicans: YOU INVENTED “using national security as a campaign strategy to divide the nation”. Suck it up. You’re either with us or against us.
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