A Quick Thought on the Wildfires & Floods As We Pause For a Week.
August 12, 2013


Hey folks. Sorry to say M.R.S. is going to have to take a sabbatical this week. Fortunately, there wasn’t much new to report in the news last week. If I had to write anything about this past week, it would be about the massive deadly floods that have been reigning/raining down upon Middle-America all last week at the same time, huge wildfires decimate California and the Western states. Years ago, I noticed a pattern (one that Al Gore brought up in his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”) of how often we see Wildfires in one part of the country and simultaneous flooding in another. This is because excessive heat from Global Warming is sucking all the moisture out of one region and then dumping it in another. I had collected about a half dozen TV news clips before I lost them all in a computer crash. But the theory is dead on, proven repeatedly year after year with alarming frequency now (and by the way, when this happens in the Winter, all that moisture comes down as “record snowfall”… to the bemusement of moronic Climate-Change Denying Conservative jackasses like Jim Inhoff (R-OK) who think being buried under 15feet of snow in the Wintertime makes Gore look dumb).

Just something to think about until I return next week.

PS: Oh, and thanks to everyone for asking about Mom. We finally got her out of that deathtrap of a hospital and into a Rehab facility. I’m currently searching for a good malpractice attorney that’s willing to take on an entire hospital (and maybe her HMO to boot.) Don’t know what the hospital has to fear. Mom’s can’t testify against them. They saw to that! – Mugsy

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  1. Grant in Texas - August 12, 2013

    Weather records are breaking all over the Northern Hemisphere this
    summer. Temperatures in Siberia are usually in the mid-to-low 60s
    Fahrenheit, but this July they regularly hit 90
    degrees,  Even Verkhoyansk, a contender for coldest
    continuously-inhabited city in
    the world, posted an 82 degree day as recently as July 30. 
    Record-breaking wildfires continue to rage, now burning their way to a
    record total of 74 million acres, up from 50 million in 2000. 
    Meanwhile, young people enjoy playing beach volleyball in swimsuits, a
    rare sight in Novosibirskhttp://siberiantimes.com/healthandlifestyle/others/news/summer-fun-in-siberia/

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