June 18, 2015


There are three ways you can pay your property taxes through your bank or financial institution. We suggest contacting a tax preparation company to get all the details. You can visit here to get the best discount!

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What to do with the money

Once you pay your taxes, your money is safe.

The process for what to do with the taxes depends on how long you’ve been paying.

The current procedure is you wait to get your final bill. If the amount is over $10,000, the tax department sends you a letter asking you to call them.

If the amount is between $10,000 and $30,000, the letter asks you to call the finance department and explain the situation.

If you owe a specific amount of tax, your tax bill will be sent to your address you provided when you paid your tax.

In most cases, the taxes are paid through the mail.

The amount of taxes is reflected on your bank statement. The details are listed on the back of your bank statement. If you pay through a payroll company or through other methods, your bank statement will show how much you owe.
Check with your bank to see whether or not your bank sent you a bill. The amount of taxes may be reflected on your bank statement and/or paid by you.

 How will I get this letter?

If you did not receive this letter, call your finance department or tax preparer. You will be asked to go to the Finance and Taxation office at the Canada Revenue Agency. After you have paid the tax, you will receive a copy of the letter. If you have no finance company, or you’re an out-of-province resident, call your local tax center. 7. Is there anything I should do if I still owe taxes? You should pay all of your taxes, as described in paragraph 6, and send in your cheque(s). Your tax balance will be cleared once you have paid all of your taxes. 8. What can I do if the CRA or another government agency sends me a letter asking me to provide information about my tax affairs? Write to them and ask that they not send you any more letters. If they do, you can dispute the letter, or you can refuse to give information. If you get a notice of assessment or notice of assessment refund, you can dispute it by writing to the CRA’s Canada Revenue Agency, to whom you wrote your return and asking them to cancel the notice. Note that if you have never requested a correction of your tax return, the CRA will not accept a request for that. If the CRA finds you responsible for paying more tax than you owe, they will take action, including seizing your assets and jailing you. But even if you have no assets and are in jail, the CRA may still require you to repay any overpayments. For details, see my earlier column on whether to dispute CRA notices of overpayments.



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