Boehner Ousted by the Tea Party He Helped Create. Lesson Learned? Doubtful.
September 28, 2015


In 2010 during the first mid-term election of Obama’s presidency, House Minority Leader John Boehner knew that in order for the GOP to retake the majority (and make him the Speaker), he would have to court the Tea Party crazies that were seizing control of the GOP, adopting their insane ramblings like “BenghaziTM, threatening to sue the president over… uh… I forgot already, and a willingness to shutdown the government over refusing to raise the Debt Ceiling to pay for the GOP’s own budget. (speaking of which, Rep. Tom Cole on Fox “news” Sunday yesterday defended the Speakers’ record by noting “he cut the Deficit by a trillion dollars.” The GOP has spent the last few years trying to convince everyone that the National Debt is “exploding” under Obama because of “runaway spending”.) John Boehner helped create this monster and it never loved him back. So when Tea Party darlings Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio announced Boehner’s resignation to cheering/applauding crowds, it came as a surprise to no one.

The Tea Party has hated John Boehner from the beginning. ANY move by him to “cooperate” with Democrats to keep the government functioning was branded “treasonous”. In Teanutistan, Speaker Boehner has been labeled a RINO… which I’m sure would come as a shock to most Democrats… and (worst insult of all) “Obama’s friend.” And it didn’t matter how much he tried to appease them with countless Benghazi hearings, turning the (appropriate investigative) actions of an IRS office in Cincinnati into a national scandal leading all the way to the Oval Office, or agreeing to shutdown the government in 2013 and then lambasted for bringing it to an end as the GOP was (rightly) blamed, Boehner has now resigned in advance of yet another asinine shutdown… this time over a demand to defund Planned Parenthood… the largest provider of health care to poor inner-city women… over a gruesome nonexistent depiction of an abortion that another Tea Party candidate, Carly Fiorina continues to insist is accurate despite being thoroughly debunked by just about every major newspaper and “fact-checking” organization (the “scene” she described is maliciously inserted footage of a miscarriage, NOT an abortion, and NOT at a Planned Parenthood clinic. The line Fiorina is frequently quoted from the last GOP debate… a nurse saying “we must keep it (the kicking baby) alive in order to harvest its brain”… is a (ridiculous) unsubstantiated claim made by a nurse earlier in the doctored video. And despite repeatedly being told this, Fiorina digs in her heels and insists she “saw the video” and knows for a fact she saw what she saw. Please explain to us why the baby would need to be alive in order to “harvest its brain”? And there’s no such thing as a “brain transplant” (as badly as some people clearly need them) in which such a bizarre procedure would be necessary. The fact Fiorina unquestionably believes this event to be real should automatically disqualify her for running for president (or ANY political office.)

And now the Tea Party wants to shutdown the government over it.

They want to shutdown the government because they “don’t want any tax payer money going to fund abortions.” They don’t. You know the facts, I won’t bore you with them here. This is not about Planned Parenthood. It’s about the inmates running the asylum… and the GOP that invited them in, handed them the keys and treated their every insane ranting as if it were legitimate and worthy of a Congressional investigation.

“Ever dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight?” asked Jack Nicolson’s “Joker” in the 1989 Batman movie. “What does that mean?” he was asked. “Nothing. Just something I like to say.” Dancing with the Devil. An apt description.

Boehner’s likely replacement? Current Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. You’re forgiven if you don’t know who that is. Most people don’t. He’s the “not-Steve-Doocy” of the “Young Guns”… the GOP trio that supposedly ushered in “a new brand” of (Tea Party) Conservatism in 2010. McCarthy, along with better-known Republicans Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan promised to reshape the GOP in the Teanut’s image. Cantor is now gone (also ousted by the Tea Party), and you didn’t hear anyone clamoring for former darling Ryan to pick up the Romney torch and run for president in 2016. McCarthy is the third-wheel of a tricycle that has already lost one wheel.

McCarthy has two options: either follow Boehner’s lead and pay lip-service to the Tea Party crazies while working with Moderate Republicans to get ANYTHING done during Obama’s final two years in office in which case he too will be run out of office in two years, or cater to the Teanut Crazies to protect his own job while driving his Party so far to the Right as to alienate… not just Independents but every Moderate Republican left in the country… turning them into a permanent minority.

Here’s hoping for the latter.

ADDENDUM 9/28/15: Boehner calls the Right Wing hardliners in his Party “unrealistic” and “false prophets“.

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