Trump Voters Are Discovering a Wish List is Not a Plan
March 27, 2017


“TrumpCare” went down in flames last week. Trump’s promise to “repeal ObamaCare on Day One” fell a bit short (by 61 days if not indefinitely)… because what we’ve ALL known all along is that the GOP didn’t have a “secret” alternate plan ready to go like they’ve been suggesting for years. On the campaign trail, Trump offered less than nothing when it came to specifics, only that “his (secret) plan” to replace “ObamaCare” (which he called “bad insurance” when it’s not even insurance at all) wold be “better, cheaper and cover more people.” In the end, what we got was a hastily drawn up GOP wish list that… once scored by the GAO… covered 25 MILLION FEWER people and would result in costs skyrocking for the majority of the poor. Trump turned up the heat on this turkey of a bill and it came out exactly as you’d expect when you threaten to cook a turkey with a flamethrower.

But it recent weeks, we also saw his Muslim Ban “plan” go down in flames for the second time after being told his “revised” version was just as unconstitutional as the first, with Trump responding that he should have just “stuck with the first” (unconstitutional/illegal/prohibited) “plan.”

And before that, it was the recognition that he really had no “plan” to get Mexico to pay for that Wall of his, and just as critics had been warning all along, Trump wants the American Taxpayer to foot the bill until he can think of a way to force Mexico to reimburse us. And his big idea on that? To charge AMERICANS an import tax on good coming in from Mexico.

The only “secret plan” Trump hasn’t tried & failed to enact yet is his “plan” to defeat ISIS (in his first 30 days in office.) But don’t expect any miracles there either.

Just as when Trump miraculously discovered (and apparently no one else was aware of) that “Reforming health care is more complicated than anyone realized” (and by “anyone”, he means “himself”), Trump is repeatedly caught completely unprepared to make good on his promises. (Remember last January when Republicans were caught on tape panicking about having to come up with a “replacement” for ObamaCare after claiming to have a replacement after 7 years?) We (Democrats) decided to let him try doing it with ZERO support from the opposing party. But the bill wasn’t yanked at the last second because of “Democrats” (despite him blaming them), but because he couldn’t get enough REPUBLICANS to support his bill. And THAT opposition was split between those who wanted to make the bill better so it covered more people, and the Tea Party Anarchists that think covering anyone it a bad thing.

It should be clear to anyone paying attention at this point that Trump was under the impression he could legislate with GOP votes alone (despite not having anything close to a Super Majority.) He didn’t know because he didn’t (doesn’t?) understand how the legislative process works.

So blame Democrats. GOP can’t organize a two clown-car parade, but “blame Democrats.”

Remember President Obama’s first year when he had to repeatedly point out to Republicans the enormity of the shit-storm handed him by his predecessor, and Republicans ridiculed him as the “blamer-in-chief”? They’d say things like “Reagan never blamed Carter” (which isn’t true, but when did reality ever stop a Republican from saying something untrue?) How many times has Trump talked about how bad the economy is doing and how desperately we need to “create jobs” WHILE taking bows for a great February jobs-report after being in office for only 11-days when February started? And taking victory laps for “creating jobs” that were merely promised (many of which were in the planning stage for more than a year) but have yet to actually be created/filled?

If you believe “promises = plans” and in taking credit (or casting blame) for the work of others, then it all makes perfect sense.

But at some point, Trump is going to have to actually legislate, and if he is suddenly in danger of looking like a failure, he’ll reach out to Democrats looking for a lifeline in hopes they’ll bail him out. He’d sellout the GOP faster than Mexico sells out of Trump pinatas if he thought it would help him save face. But don’t take the bait Democrats. You’ll get played like a cat plays with a toy mouse as Trump lavishes himself with praise for “reaching across the isle” to “get things done” in his quest to “serve the American people.” But like the fable of the toad who gave a scorpion a ride across the river only to get stung so they both drowned, you knew who he was when you met him. A dangerous clown. A carnival barker whose loyalty lies only to himself. You rehabilitate him and he runs back to the GOP’s welcoming arms as he makes to them as well.

“Wish Lists” are not “plans” any more than believing one had “the largest inaugural crowd in history” makes that so as well. Like the rest of the GOP, Trump does not have any “plans” he drew up in the middle of the night while on the campaign trail. I’m not entirely convinced he’s ever written anything that couldn’t be expressed in a 140 character tweet. All he has are “things he wants to do”, and suffers from the child-like delusion that every problem has a “simple” solution (Tired? Nap. Hungry? Eat.) His “secret plan” to “fix healthcare” I assure you is every bit as well thought out as his “secret plan to defeat ISIS” both “quickly & completely” (ie: drop a bomb on them), or his unconstitutional “Muslim Ban” or his sure-fire “plan to make Mexico pay for his wall”, or bring back jobs (by building pipelines across the country and deregulating our environment within an inch of OUR lives.)

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