Tillerson and Clapper Rebuke Claims Russia Didn’t Interfere in Our Election.
May 17, 2017


I still haven’t figured out why so many people who claim to hate Trump absolutely refuse to believe Russia meddled in the 2016 election. They demand “Proof!” that it really happened, and when you show them that proof, they dismiss it out of hand and use Trump’s own “fake news!” pejorative to justify their doubt. Still butthurt over what The Media allowed the Bush Administration to get away with, they cite things like “the same Media told us Saddam had WMD’s!” Well, actually, no, that was NOT the media consensus at the time… unless the only “news” you watched was Fox. And the fact the Media gave Trump so much free airtime while “failing” to be more critical of the DNC (Democratic National Committee) during the election is all evidence that we can’t trust “The Media”. So when “The Media” says “Russia meddled in our election”, it’s once bitten, twice shy.

Yet they happily quote absurd ranting raving conspiracy theorists like “Alex Jones”, who sees conspiracies everywhere and practically invented the term “false flag”, and makes his living making claims without evidence (or otherwise flies in the face of existing evidence), to “prove” their own machinations are correct.

It’s also incredibly stupid. When you have the Tweeter-in-Chief HIMSELF publicly admitting he did things his own staff tried to claim he didn’t do, does it make sense to continue to deny he did it? It’s not just the American media claiming Russia meddled in our election. This investigation has gone global. And unlike claims of “WMD’s”, they can actually DOCUMENT their claims with a papertrail. And of course, having Trump himself constantly contradicting his own staff because he just can’t resist tweeting at 3am doesn’t help.

The same people quick to believe “PizzaGate” is real and will actually ARGUE with you that the Clinton’s are connected to a child sex slave ring in the basement of a DC pizza parlor WITH NO BASEMENT, will demand to see Classified “Top Secret” level evidence before they’ll believe Russia actually meddled in our election (there is only so much “safe-for-public-consumption” information our intelligence agencies can safely release without revealing sources & methods. So if what they tell the public isn’t enough to convince you, you’re an idiot if you think that’s all the proof they’ve got.) Why is it so hard to believe Russia meddled in our election? Are they really so benign and worthy of trust? (ask Ukraine, Georgia & Crimea.) After all, why WOULD Putin want someone friendly to Russia in control of their greatest enemies’ government? And even AFTER trying yet again in France, attempting to install yet another White Nationalist critic of Sanctions & NATO elected president in that country, these people STILL deny Russia meddles in elections. I’m no supporter of Hillary, but when she coined the phrase “Clinton Derangement Syndrome”, she couldn’t have been more right. Somehow, for these people, admitting Trump’s win was illegitimate is the equivalent of (gack) defending Hillary Clinton or admitting she would have won, and that’s something they’ll NEVER do. They act like someone is telling them their life-saving kidney transplant was stolen, terrified that if they admit the truth, they’ll take the kidney back. They are the beneficiary of someone else’s crime, and they’d rather defend the criminal and ease their conscience over choosing to keep the kidney than admit the truth. Relax. You can admit Russia interfered in our election and Trump’s win was illegitimate without rewriting the history of Hillary’s loss. You can keep your stolen election.

Last Sunday on “Meet the Press”, Trump’s own Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, confirmed that Yes, Russia interfered in our election:

Tillerson confirms Russian meddling (:56)[flv:http://mugsysrapsheet.com/4blog/video/mtp-tillerson_confirms_russian_meddling-170514.flv http://mugsysrapsheet.com/4blog/video/mtp-tillerson_confirms_russian_meddling-170514.jpg 512 288]

Defenders of Donald Trump… including Trump himself… frequently (falsely) cite the testimony of the former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper as testifying that there is “No evidence” that Russia meddled in our election and/or that anyone in the Trump campaign “colluded” with the Russians during the campaign. Both claims are dead wrong. Not only did Clapper never say there is “no evidence” of Russian meddling, he only claimed at the time he (personally) had not seen evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, only that he hadn’t seen it (at the time).

Clapper was invited on to ABC’s “ThisWeek” last Sunday to clear the air as to what EXACTLY he meant by “hasn’t seen”? Was he indeed clearing Trump of any allegations of collusion with Russia during the election? Clapper, choosing his words carefully, rebukes any claim that there is “no” evidence linking the Trump Campaign to Russia, and that what he testified to in no way clears Trump of such accusations:

Clapper: My testimony doesn’t clear Trump (2:48)[flv:http://mugsysrapsheet.com/4blog/video/tw-clapper_rebukes-170514.flv http://mugsysrapsheet.com/4blog/video/tw-clapper_rebukes-170514.jpg 512 288]


Clapper went on to confirm the fact Russia did indeed meddle in the 2016 election:

Clapper: Recent rash of Russian cyberterrorism includes their hacking of our election (2:02)[flv:http://mugsysrapsheet.com/4blog/video/tw-clapper-russian_hacking_includes_election-170514.flv http://mugsysrapsheet.com/4blog/video/tw-clapper-russian_hacking_includes_election-170514.jpg 512 288]


So stop claiming Obama’s DNI James Clapper “cleared Trump” because Clapper himself says that’s not true. Even Donald Trump’s own Secretary of State admits Russia meddled in our election. It happened. Deal with it.

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