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March 1, 2007


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Previously, BI30 was restricted to using generic blog templates offered by our Web Host with minimal customization options… a choice of colors, text sizes and a few nondescript headers, but that was it. We couldn’t even add a link back to our homepage!

By installing custom blogging software on our own servers, we now have more customization options available to us. ??? ?????? ??? ???????? The downside is that the old blogging software is so outdated, its database can not be exported for reuse on the new one. ??????? ??? ????? As such, everyone that had an account on the old blog needs to create a new one here (Look on the bright side, if you didn’t like your old username, or settings, now is your chance to pick something more to your liking!)

As we learn our way around the new software, we should be able to improve the look even more over time and perhaps improve its readability.

We hope you enjoy the improved software and better look. ???? ??????? ????? Thanks for coming back and staying connected! – Mugsy of BI30.org

PS: To view the original “Mugsy’s Rap Sheet” blog and/or read our earlier entries, visit: www.bi30.info


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