NBC’s Engle: Insurgency Waiting to See if Democrats Will Help Them Win. (video)
March 6, 2007


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Welcome to the inaugural post of the new BI30 blog!

I noticed a disturbing comment at the tail end of NBC’s Nightly News last night that demands a response:

Reporting from Iraq, NBC corespondent Richard Engle suggested that the insurgency in Iraq was laying low until they knew if “political pressure in the U.S. (read: Democrats opposing the surge) would help them WIN.

I put the video on YouTube, and already, it’s attracting hoots from the Freepers.

Anyone else bothered by the suggestion that “Insurgents think a change in U.S. strategy” would been seen by them as “a WIN“??? Or that a major network newscast would allow a correspondent to make such a frivolous charge on the evening news?

UPDATE: Did someone suggest things are “calmer” in Iraq?


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  1. JP - March 7, 2007

    a couple of weeks ago an aid to sadr said they would not fight the americans in sadr city as the americans would they would destroy their homes, being poor they have no money to rebuild.

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