What If It Happened Every Day? Think: Iraq.
April 16, 2007


Arrest at VTech Just a brief observation regarding today’s school shooting at Virginia Tech: Imagine this happening EVERY DAY.

Imagine for a moment something like this happening EVERY SINGLE DAY in this country. Imagine 20… 30… 50 people killed every single day for years. That might give you the *tiniest* taste of what it must be like living in Iraq right now.

Former CIA Weapons Inspector Larry Johnson was the first today to make the following salient point:

The next time you hear Dick Cheney or George Bush blame the public attitude regarding Iraq on the media’s failure to report “good news”, examine carefully our reaction to the shooting at Viginia Tech. Look at our collective shock. Our horrified reaction. The public sorrow. Yet, in truth, this is an exceptional, unusual day in America. It is not our common experience. But we cannot say the same about Iraq.

Here’s something else to think about… yet another gun related massacre in mid-April. The weeks long siege on the Branch Davidians compound in Waco, Texas came to a fiery end on April 19, 1993. Two years and four days later, white supremacist Timothy McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma City federal building in retalation for Waco on April 23, 1995.

The shootings at Columbine High School took place eight years ago this week on April 20, 1999, said to be timed to coincide with Hitler’s Birthday. McVeigh also cited the anniversary of the Furer’s birth for the timing of his massacre.

And now we have the devastating shooting at Virginia Tech University. Early reports seem to suggest that the shooter was distressed over the breakup with his girlfriend. But that argument doesn’t seem particularly likely when you consider how carefully planned out his actions were. The shooter wore ammunition belts, carried several guns with high-capacity clips (19 rounds each), and may have been wearing body armor. This event was deliberate and involved planning. Then there is the “second shooter” mystery of people being fired at at the opposite end of campus perhaps two hours after the first siege had ended. Was there more than one shooter? Are we looking at another Columbine/Hitler’s-Birthday deliberately themed event?


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