I just finished watching the series finally of ABC’s “Lost”, and was seriously disappointed… disappointed to the point where I must break from the usual topic of politics to rant about it (and provide a place for all of you to share your own thoughts.) After watching every episode of the entire six-year series, the ending was clearly made-up somewhere in the middle of the season six. Didn’t make a lick of sense. I should note that I was NOT one of those obsessed fans. I simply enjoyed the show and trying to solve the puzzle. But this ending was like reading a 1,000 page Sherlock Holmes novel only to find out on the last page that the butler’s third cousin… whom was not once mentioned in the book… did it. (Note, nothing but spoilers from here on, in case you haven’t watched it yet.)

So it was all one big “dream sequence” for Jack’s benefit???

First off, the ending didn’t make a lick of sense. You CAN’T tell me THAT is the ending they had in mind when Season-1 began. What was the significance of “The HANSO Corporation“? What was the point of all the “time travel”? Why did “turning the wheel” transport you to the Gobi Desert, and move the island through time? What was the significance of Hurley’s numbers? Why didn’t “Jacob’s brother” have a name? Why a “smoke monster” that clearly GREW as each season progressed? What was the DHARMA Initiative and what was with all the stations scattered about the island? Why “polar bears”? Why could no child born to The Others survive, and what happened to The Others anyway? How (and why) did Walt contact his father on the computer after he was kidnapped? The ONLY computer on the island was the Apple-][ in Desmond’s hatch. Why did Faraday’s “test missile” fired from Whitmore’s ship take an additional 45 minutes to reach the island (more “time travel” issues) and why could you only escape the island if you followed the *exact* heading of 315′? Why did Faraday’s mother and Desmond know what was going on while no one else did? What was the point of any of that?

I could probably go on for two more paragraphs, but I think you get the point.

Back during Season one, a lot of people were speculating on blogs dedicated to the show that “everyone on the plane had been killed and they were all in heaven/hell/limbo.” That particular bit of speculation became SO pervasive, the writers of the show actually released a statement assuring fan that “No, the passengers are not dead.” Flash forward six years and guess what? They’re all dead. Wow. Didn’t see THAT coming, huh?

I had my own theory of what was happening that explained everything SO well I boastfully posted it on one fan-blog calling it my “grand unifying theory of everything.”

In my theory, the passengers never even boarded the plane. They were all actually in a Virtual Reality simulation somewhere in the recesses of The HANSO Corporation in South Korea (why SK? Because the scientists were all from there, and the DHARMA logo was based upon the SK flag, meaning there is a definite link to be made). (watch this fake commercial from Season-1 and tell me I wasn’t on the right track. Or, to you defenders, try to tell me how that ad fits in with this ending.)

The “black smoke” and the “clackity-clack monster” were TWO different “creatures”. The “black smoke”, which was a tiny wisp the first time Jack saw it on the beach, was in fact a computer virus that had infected the mainframe that all the “passengers” were plugged into, and they couldn’t be disconnected without it killing them. As time progressed, the virus grew, as did the smoke. Barely a puff in the first episode, by the end it was a freaking freight train. Even in scenes supposedly taking place in “the past”… yet physically later in the story, the smoke monster was bigger than it was early in the story. The “clackity-clack monster” was the “anti-virus software that was going through and “destroying” anything that did not belong in its hunt for the virus. That which “didn’t belong” were kicked out of the system (ie: “killed”). Since “experimenting on children” is considered a no-no, all children were immediately removed from the system… which is why The Others could not have children, and all the child “passengers” were “kidnapped” long before the simulation was infected to the point of no-return.

The “polar bear” in the first episode was but an early indication something was wrong with the computer program, inserting things into the Virtual Reality world that had no business being there.

In season three, after Walt, Michael’s son, was taken by The Others, Michael was fooling with the computer in the hatch when he got a surprise message from his son (“Dad, is that you?”) In reality, after being extracted from the system, Walt must have hacked into the network from the outside to try and find his dad.

Faraday’s “test missile” took extra time to arrive because the programmers on the outside had to “inject” that program into the system, resulting in a lag that was perceived as “time travel” issues. Why did Sawyer and a few others “time travel” to 1977? Because that is the year the Apple-][… the computer in the hatch… was built. I suspect the scientists on the outside were trying to “reboot” the simulated computer inside the VR simulation and try to use it against the virus because it was so old (pre-PC) it was immune.

The significance of Hurley’s numbers was likely a “security code” of some type that the scientists on the outside were trying to protect/secure before the virus stole them to whatever hackers infected the system in the first place (maybe HANSO in America hacked DHARMA in South Korea… or vice versa???) Whitmore’s team could have been scientists from the lab that were inserted into the program to try and fix it from the inside… note that Whitmore was out to destroy the “smoke monster”.

The “nuclear bomb” (an internal “System Reset”) that prevented the plane from crashing somehow fractured the computer’s storyline, forcing it to “make up” a totally original reality from scratch knowing nothing about the “survivors” true lives. That is why Jack suddenly had a son and was married to Juliet, Sawyer is a cop that worked with Miles, and everybody keeps running into each other because of the difficulty of creating original characters from scratch.

In MY ending, the virus is defeated and everyone is rescued from the simulation.

So I ask you, who just came up with a more compelling and satisfying ending to “Lost”? The people that decided “it was all just one big elaborate dream for Jack’s benefit” or my “Virtual Reality” explanation? There hasn’t been an ending this absurd since that episode of Dallas where Pam awoke to find Bobby still alive and in the shower, and the last several years of the show were just one big dream.

(I will return to my usual political ranting later this week. Plenty to talk about, but I got sidetracked watching the show tonight. – Mugsy)


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