Remembering the (REAL) world after 9/11 (with photos).
September 9, 2010


Special 9/11 Edition

A tiny group of “Christian” Extremists in Florida plan on going through with their “Burn a Koran Day” to protest a tiny group of Islamic Extremists that attacked America on 9/11. There are (reportedly) fewer than 50 members of the Florida church planning this event, yet the Muslim World is already painting the entire American population as a bunch of anti-Islamic religious terrorists. There were only 19 hijackers on 9/11, plus the people behind it like bin Laden and KSM, yet there are a large number of Americans that blame ALL Muslims for 9/11 and think ALL Muslims hate America. This was demonstrated most recently over the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque”… which in actuality is just a Muslim YMCA… a “Community Center” with a swimming pool, basketball court and cooking classes… under development by a moderate Muslim member of the Sufi sect of Islam… a group HATED by al Qaeda for being too moderate & secular. If one thing were to get under al Qaeda’s skin, if would be the sight of a “tolerant America” SUPPORTING a moderate Muslim mosque close to Ground Zero. It would contradict everything they’ve claimed about America being “at war with Islam”. Instead, Conservative American idiots are bound & determined to prove OBL right and put American troops in increased danger (ALREADY, protesters are throwing rocks at American convoys as troops pass through town.)

But instead, protesters against the Community Center blame ALL Muslims for the acts of a few extremists, claiming that “Muslims danced and cheered on 9/11”.

The Right-wing loves to talk about “9/12″… the day that, for them, America “woke up” to the “reality” of what a “dangerous world we live in”. To Republicans, 9/11 was a lesson of just how much “the Muslim World hates us, hates freedom, and won’t rest until we’re all dead”. In any other climate, this irrational hyperbole would be seen for what it is: paranoia with little basis in reality. I’d just like to use this tragic anniversary to remember (in photos) what the world was REALLY like after 9/11:

Egypt after 9/11

Palestinians in East Jerusalem
Palestinians in East Jerusalem

Palestinian schoolchild
Palestinian schoolchild

Candellight vigil in Tehran, Iran the evening of 9/11/2001 – (1 of 6)

Candellight vigil in Iran (2 of 6)

Candellight vigil in Iran (3 of 6)

Candellight vigil in Iran (4 of 6)

Candellight vigil in Iran (5 of 6)

Candlelight vigil in Iran (6 of 6)

Mugsy’s Rap Sheet: Recording History for Those Who Seek to Rewrite it.

The acts of a few extremists in this country threaten to paint ALL Americans as anti-Islamic fascists the same way the acts of a few Islamic extremists in the Middle East convinced a lot of Americans that ALL Muslims hate America. And the rest of us are stuck in the middle. Be aware that even if 100 million Americans came out and protested the Kor’an burning, they’d still hate us because they don’t live in a world with “1st Amendment Rights”. They won’t understand why the American government doesn’t just shut these people down and throw them all in jail (or worse) because that’s what would happen in THEIR country. So if it takes place, it will be seen as an endorsement by the American government for allowing it to happen.

In 2006, Muslim’s across the Middle East rioted over “cartoons” in the Danish Press that depicted “Allah” as a terrorist. And they killed American soldiers over rumors of a Kor’an being placed in a toilet during Abu Ghraib. Knowing these past events, violence resulting from this “Bible Burning” is CERTAIN. An “incitement to violence”. A legal gray-area that… given the circumstances… should be considered a criminal act.

(Note to the Media: The ONLY way the rest of the world can verify this event even happened is if you broadcast photos or videos of it actually taking place. I agree with Secretary of State Clinton here that the Media could do the world a favor by simply ignoring this event and allowing it to take place in obscurity.)


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  1. fastfeat - September 9, 2010

    Keith Olbermann had on his show tonight two leaders of Memphis-area houses of worship– one Christian, one Muslim– who are temporarily sharing one building while the Muslim group builds their mosque next door to the church.

    The thing that was stressed by the three was that there is a lack of understanding in much of the world that doesn’t enjoy our levels of freedom that our President can’t just stop the planned burning by a bunch of crackers. And, unfortunately, we (as US citizens) get tarnished by the same brush as haters of Islam. I don’t blame people half a world away for having this lack of understanding of our political system. The onus is on US, as world citizens, to make sure that actions of a few do not get misinterpreted as beliefs of us all.

    I sure hope Jones’ “God” is able to get through that thick head of his in the next day or two…

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  3. bubblebuttmcbubblton - March 20, 2014

    9/11 is not real it never happened

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