The “Proud to be an American” Test
September 13, 2010


How any times have you heard some lunatic on national television say something that made you roll your eyes and mutter out loud to no one in particular, “Makes you proud to be an American”? We all have at one time or another. And I had several such moments listening to all the feigned Right-wing outrage over the (so-called) “Ground Zero Mosque”. Sunday on “Meet the Press”, I goggled (not “Googled”) when I heard “Mr. 9/11” Rudy Giuliani insinuate that Imam Rauf, the man behind the “Park 51” Community Center, a peace ambassador to the Middle East under George W Bush, was a “terrorist” for pointing out the obvious: that if they caved in to the fear-mongering and hate by moving to another location, the Muslim World would view that as a sign a majority of Americans hate Muslims and defend Islamic oppression. (In Rudy’s tiny mind, this was a threat of violence against Americans if Rauf doesn’t get his way.)

After hearing so many lunatics say so many outrageous things since Barack Obama became the Democratic Nominee in 2008, I devised a very simple test:

If you can’t follow up any comment or event with the words, “Makes you proud to be an American” and mean it, then it’s probably wrong. Simple.
Some examples:

Can you tell which are legitimate “feel good” stories and which are the “roll your eyes, pull the shades and sleep in for the next few days” stories? I thought you could. How many of those genuine “feel good stories” were “Progressive”… even “Liberal”… acts, and how many of the “eyes rolling to the back of your head stories” came from Conservatives?

This weeks list of reasons to keep Republicans from regaining power:

  1. The Iowa GOP is pushing to make it illegal for undocumented children of undocumented immigrants to attend public school. – This is one of the best examples I can think of that demonstrates Conservatives inability to foresee possible repercussions from their actions (see: Iraq). They think they will save money? Think about all those delinquent children roaming the streets all day, joining gangs and growing up with no education and no job skills that leads to a life of crime. The pittance they save today will cost them a fortune tomorrow, substituting lost employment tax revenue with an inevitable explosion in welfare and/or crime.
  2. Top Republicans silent on “Burn a Kor’an Day”. From GWB on down, though they have suggested it shouldn’t be done, not one single Republican leader condemned the vile and provocative event planned for the anniversary of September 11th. (update: Sarah Palin did eventually come out and “condemned” the planned book burning.)
  3. Summed up in one sentence: GOP Claims $50 Billion For Infrastructure Is Too Pricey, While Pushing $800 Billion Tax Cut For The Rich.
  4. You can always count on Republicans to put partisan politics ahead of the needs of their constituents: Lawmakers From States With Deteriorating Infrastructure Oppose Obama’s Infrastructure Investment. Bridges, roads and schools are crumbling around them, but Paris Hilton needs a tax cut first.
  5. More signs a GOP-led Congress will try to shutdown the government (even the V.A.) if they gain control, they way they did when Gingrich took control in 1994. (Gingrich repeated the possibility during his appearance on “Fox news Sunday” yesterday, suggesting Boehner “may” shutdown the government the same way he did in 1995, should Republicans regain control of the House, but thought it “unlikely” – translation: “a sure thing”.)
  6. Rep. Mike Crapo (R-ID) praises a health care clinic paid for with Stimulus funds he opposed. “[O]ne of the core pieces of the solution that we need in America today”, says Crapo.
  7. Deficit-hawk David “diaper” Vitter (R-LA) says, “I don’t think we have to quote/unquote Pay For” the Bush Tax Cut for the rich.
  8. Mike Pense (R-IN) says, that the GOP’s new website, America Speaking Out, proves “the Democrat [sic] majority isn’t listening, but House Republicans will.” Pense might want to check that website out, because the second most popular thread on it is a request to “deny tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs overseas”… a popular business practice supported (and defended) by the GOP. (Fox’s latest hire, John Stossel, ran a segment on ABC defending “outsourcing” last year.)
  9. Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) Promised a ‘God’s Covenant With Moses’ Signed ‘In Blood’ To Extend Bush Tax Cuts For The Wealthy. Because God said we should threaten with violence anyone that stands in the way of tax cuts for the rich. I read that somewhere in The Book of Bubba. Chapter two.
  10. The day “Stark County” Ohio became “Stark Raving Mad” County, Ohio. Meet Phil Davidson (R-OH). Davidson ran for and lost the race for the Stark County Republican Party Treasurer, following this blustery, wild-eyed speech, running back to his notes after every line while touting his Masters in Communication. Can you hear me now, Ohio?

November 2nd is just 50 days away.


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  1. Grant in Texas - September 13, 2010

    Since the cruise ship I have been on for the past week is owned by a Miami billionaire, discovered the ONLY US news channel on the ship’s internal system was Fox News. It was 24/7 Obama bashing with only REICH-wingnuts debating other wingnuts (saw Alan Colmes once as a “liberal” voice to make it “fair and balanced”). Glen Beck had a “Crash Course: Beck 101” all last week that was most vile and mendacious. I had to laugh when they had a call-in “poll” asking WHO was most responsible for escalating the story about the crazy Quran burning preacher out of Gainesville, FL. The results blamed “the media” for fanning the flames by 55%, Obama blamed by 38%, and the crazy preacher himself, only 7% at fault.

  2. KayInMaine - September 13, 2010

    Great post Mugsy! I, for one, am tired of the right wing nutjobs of America telling me I’m unpatriotic or not American for not supporting George Bush and right wing ideals while these same yahoos refuse to support President Obama! Their hypocrisy, violence/viciousness against us, and their unfettered hate leads me to believe they’re no better than al-Qaida at this point.

    Jacob Isom is a hero though! I’m an Atheist, but I like to think Jacob is really the pissed off Jesus who swooped in yesterday to save the day from the hatemongers of our society!

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