Quick vid: Teabagger morons bussed in to counter protest in Wisconsin
February 23, 2011


Last Sunday, ABC World News Tonight covered the Union Protests in Wisconsin, and followed it up with… what I’m certain they believed was… a “balanced” comparison of two people on either side of the protest. The first, a teabagger being bussed in from 110 miles away (by whom, ABC never says), the second, a teacher who is leading the protest against Governor Walker. I only included a clip of the teabagger because that’s what I want you to focus on:

[flv:http://mugsysrapsheet.com/4blog/video/Teabaggers_bussed_in_to_Counter_protest-110220.flv http://mugsysrapsheet.com/4blog/video/Teabaggers_bussed_in_to_Counter_protest-110220.jpg 500 280]


How many things wrong with this clip can you count? First I’d ask, “Why isn’t your wife there talking?” (assuming the person next to him is his wife. Woof.) Do you get the feeling maybe she just goes along with everything hubby says? ABC bills the story as a “Tale of Two Teachers”, but Lou isn’t a teacher. His wife is, and I don’t hear her talking.

Second, his argument is that this is about “money” when money has nothing to do with it. The union has said they are willing to concede ALL of Walker’s financial demands, so this has NOTHING to do with Unions demanding more money or better benefits. But that’s what these people have been told by their corporate masters. The term “useful idiot” comes to mind SO often when discussing Conservative ideologues (you may remember George W Bush was PNAC’s “useful idiot” to invade Iraq and push the Conservative agenda.)

Third, you’ve GOT to wonder if the question of “just WHO is organizing and financing this trip, and what do they get out of it?” ever crossed his mind. If I had to guess, I’d put hard cash on “No”.

And lastly, did you catch the name of the bus company?

Inside joke?
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I’m betting the guys who rented the bus are laughing their asses off at these people.

(PS: Ronald Reagan, before he was governor of California, was the head of a union… The Screen Actors Guild. Wonder what these teabaggers would have to say about that?)

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2 Responses

  1. goober - February 24, 2011

    I think you meant GW Shrub was PNAC’s useful idiot for liberating Iraqi oil (perhaps as well as CPAC’s UI).

  2. Mugsy - February 24, 2011

    Oops, you’re right. I made the correction. Thx.

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