Obama vs ObamaLet’s make one thing perfectly clear: I’m a supporter of President Obama. And if he is the DNC nominee in 2012, I will be voting for him… a tad reluctantly, I will admit. But he will have my vote. With that being said, few (real) Democrats have frustrated me the way President Obama has. During the health care debate, the “Public Option” that he himself once advocated, he didn’t even bother to defend. It wasn’t even given a seat at the table…literally. Any discussion of a “Public Option” was deemed a non-starter unworthy of even a scintilla of consideration.

We saw the President’s haste to sellout Progressives yet again at the end of last year during the “Lame Duck” session of Congress, when he cut a deal with Republicans eight weeks into the 12 week session, behind the backs of Democrats, agreeing to extend the deficit-busting Bush Tax Cuts for the Top-2% for an additional two years in exchange for extending unemployment benefits… something they were likely to do anyway because the majority of voters supported it… for those already receiving benefits (those “99ers” were out of luck). Democratic Senators said they were already close to a deal with Republicans when President Obama cut their legs out from under them.

Then last month we expanded our military mission into Libya… something that Secretary of Defense Gates said any person “should have their head examined” for even considering. And now Gates is leaving before Obama’s fourth year has even begun. Coincidence? And Obama’s choice to replace him? The current head of the CIA. Whether you like Panetta or not is irrelevant. People who are used to running covert spy agencies should not be put in charge of militaries. We were told our involvement in Libya would last only “a matter of days, not weeks”. That was 6-1/2 weeks ago, and we are still a major player in that conflict, with CIA officers on the ground aiding in logistics, and, of course, those “Predator drones” we started providing last week. John McCain and his flying monkeys Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman all visited the region and have been all over the airwaves calling for “more” involvement by America into the Libyan conflict… while Syria burns on the horizon. And the chances we will deepen our involvement in Libya goes up with each passing day.

Two weeks ago, President Obama delivered a great speech about the economy, chastising Republicans for their short-sighted and even cruel budget cuts, seeking to balance the budget on the backs of those who can least afford it. Listening to speeches like this, I used to think, “THAT’S the guy I voted for!”. Now when I hear a speech like that, my first thought is “yeah, but will you follow through?” Remember the promise to end our involvement in Iraq? That’s suddenly become an open question too. And how about revitalizing the economy with that “Green Jobs Program”? (sign my Petition.) Ask the South-Eastern U.S. this week about our inaction on Global Warming.

No question President Obama has made some incredible social strides, including ending DADT and (I actually have to stop and think of more examples here… and I shouldn’t), well, there was the Lily Ledbetter Act of course, which he signed into law just days into office. Then what? He… uh… promoted the creation of the first “Consumer Protection Agency”, which he then caved into Republican demands not to allow the person whose idea it was, Elizabeth Warren, to head it… once again allowing Republicans to cripple a good idea (eg: HCR w/o The Public Option).

Republican wunderkind and author of their leading “Path to Poverty Prosperity”, Rep. Paul Ryan, was given ten minutes of almost uninterrupted airtime on ABC’s “ThisWeek” yesterday to promote his devastating budget plan. I heard him defend “the rich” at least three times during the segment… arguing that they both “pay more in taxes” (yes, just not a higher percentage) AND that THEY don’t need to contribute more… while not defending the poor even once. When it comes to cutting Medicare and forcing seniors to shell out more money to cover the rising cost of health care, seniors need to be willing to sacrifice in order “to save Medicare”. And all those people screaming at Republican Town Halls over the idea of cutting Medicare to give more tax cuts to the rich and for more subsidies to the oil companies? Well, “they’re just wrong”, according to Brit Hume of Fox “news” Sunday yesterday. And President Obama’s plan? It too calls for steep budget cuts at a time when we LEAST can afford sucking money OUT of the economy.

Following Paul Ryan’s wet kiss, the “ThisWeek” roundtable spent five of their first seven minutes asking, “Why hasn’t the Birther issue gone away yet?” Seriously? You don’t think maybe it has something to do with shows like yours dedicating 70% of your Roundtable airtime discussing it? George Will called the Birthers “cracked”, yet STILL these shows waste valuable airtime indulging them. Donald “squirrel-hair” Trump was congratulating himself last week after President Obama “finally” produced his “long form birth certificate”. So, in effect, Trump is proud… proud he’ll tell you… for wasting everyone’s time forcing the President to produce something that has always existed. And what did we get for our money, Donald? Is this how you’d run the country if you became president? Wasting precious time, money & resources pursuing pointless flights of fancy with no gain other than to feed your own ego?

Here’s a question for Trump and all the After-birthers: By asking for the “long form” birth certificate, you are implying that they’re easy to get. Why haven’t you produced even ONE Hawaiian citizen with a copy of THEIR “long form” birth certificate to show us how easy it is to produce? If non-digitized original “long form” Hawaiian birth certificates are so available, you should be able to produce DOZENS of Hawaiians waving their “long form” birth certificates in the air chanting: “Here’s mine! Where’s yours?” I don’t think we’ve seen a single person produce a “long form” birth certificate to show that it is indeed possible to produce one upon request. Why haven’t we seen that?

So President Obama went through the trouble of sending his lawyer to Hawaii and obtaining an exemption for them to release a copy of his “LFBC”. So they printed out a copy of the digitized version they have on file and the response from the Birthers was, “It’s not an original! It looks like a copy!” That’s because IT IS you “Morans”. Once again, President Obama caves in to the loony Right and things improve only slightly.

Are we noticing a trend yet?

Breaking News: Reports are coming out this Sunday night Osama bin Laden is dead and the U.S. is in possession of the body. But don’t expect the war in Afghanistan to end any time soon as a result.

Just SIX MONTHS after 9/11:

March 13, 2002


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