“The List” is returning: Mugsy’s Master List of Reasons to NOT Vote for Each GOP Candidate, all December long.
November 28, 2011


Maybe this time you'll believe me.Back in October of 2010, I posted “The List”: A list of 101 Reasons Why the GOP Should Not Be Allowed to Regain Control. “The List” was very popular, and (I’d like to think) played a part in preventing over a half-dozen of the most radical teanut ideologues from winning their respective races (Angle, Miller, Fiorina, O’Donnell, McMahon, Whitman, Paladino, etc), but yet (as you well know), didn’t stop the GOP from retaking the House. Most of this was (of course) due to the fact my lowly little no-ads non-profit weekly blog (sadly) doesn’t reach 10million Democratic voters a month, but I also found that many (many) people just could not believe a list of 101 links to stories of appalling Republican behavior and radical agenda statements in JUST SIX-WEEKS was not a “padded list”. I assure you… and I think we all know by now… it wasn’t (go back and look. It may surprise you). But motivated teanuts flocked to the polls in 2010 and put THE most ideological, partisan Republicans in charge of the House (and gains in the Senate), such as Rand “Segregated lunch counters” Paul and Allen “American Men are Being Neutered” West. The GOP Controlled House… in a matter of months… pushed the economy to the brink of disaster by holding out on the raising of the Debt Ceiling until the very last minute… something done only once before in the nations history… prompting “Standard & Poors” to downgrade the nations credit rating for the first time in history… laying the blame squarely at the feet of the GOP Congress. When the GOP… which campaigned on “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!”… retook the House last January, unemployment was at 9.0 percent. Eleven months later, unemployment is at 9.0 percent.

They’ve made no secret about their desire to privatize Medicare & Social Security, gut the EPA and bring back “preexisting conditions”, and just yesterday on “Fox news Sunday”, an incredulous Chris Wallace seemed stunned to hear Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-AZ) say he would oppose renewing the payroll tax cut for working families if millionaires & billionaires didn’t get a tax cut too:

…even going on to say that “tax cuts for the poor & Middle Class are not stimulative”. Clearly, there can be no more question just who Republicans serve, who their chief concern is, and who they are looking out for (and it’s not you).

While 2010’s “The List” was “just six weeks” worth of links to stories of Republicans running for Congress, this time, all year long, I’ve been bookmarking links to outrageous comments and insane policy positions put forth by all eight GOP presidential candidates. The List II is so massive, I’m going to have to break it down: one List per candidate. This also means greatly stepping up my posting duties before the Iowa Caucus in January, covering two GOP candidates a week (combining them when possible) starting next Monday (December 5th). (Note: Don’t assume I “like” or “dislike” a particular candidate based upon the number of links I have for them. Those in the spotlight generated more attention, were asked more questions and given more opportunity to say/do something stupid on national TV than candidates like… say… Rick Santorum. Trust me, they’re ALL appalling. – Mugsy)

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