The List II: Mitt Romney
December 5, 2011


The Mitt List(Attention: With Ron Paul’s pseudo-concession of the race to Romney [May 14th], I have moved this List to its own page linked on the Toolbar above. For the latest updates, please view that version instead. – Mugsy)

Welcome to our first installment of “The List II”: An archive of links to comments, stated policies/agendas, misconduct, hypocrisy or just basic insincerity, made by each of the eight now seven (sans Cain) “official” GOP presidential candidates. This weeks List-o-Links are for former Massachusetts governor Willard “Mitt” Romney. Despite consistently polling in the “Top Three”, Republican primary voters so dislike the “flip-flopping” former Massachusetts governor that they have elevated just about every other GOP candidate in the race to the status of “Front-Runner” (however briefly) only to see each one crash & burn in a month’s time, desperate to support “Anyone But Romney”™… even courting Evangelical Texas treestump Rick Perry into the race. Alternate front-runners include Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and now Newt Gingrich. GOP voters even desperately courted New Jersey governor Chris Christy (despite being an [arguably] Pro-Choice, pro-immigration, Republican that believes in “Global Warming”, and called “Sharia Law” fearmongering: “crap” after appointing a Muslim judge.) THAT is how much Republicans hate Willard “Mitt” Romney.

Romney was a popular choice among Republicans in the anti-Bush atmosphere of 2008. Having been a Republican governor in “the most Liberal state in the country”, Conservatives (with all the political savvy of a 12-year old) foolishly believed that Democrats would support another Republican after President Bush if that Republican were a formerly Pro-Choice moderate, popular in that bastion of Liberal politics: Massachusetts. Whose chief accomplishment was health care reform (all reasons why they HATE him today). No surprise, coming from the same crowd that honestly believed Democratic women would flock to Sarah Palin simply because she’s a woman. Romney’s record as a Moderate, which made him a popular choice four years ago, he now finds he must run away from to be considered viable by today’s hard Right GOP primary voters. And the result is a well-earned reputation as a “flip-flopper”:

Devastating anti-Romney ad from the DNC.

So, without further ado, here is “The List” for Mitt Romney (all lists will be updated throughout the month as more information becomes available.)

  1. Flashback: Romney says health insurance mandate ‘a terrific idea’ and predicts ‘we’ll end up with a nation that’s taken a mandate approach’
  2. Forgetting America Is At War, Romney Accuses Obama Of ‘Peacetime Spending Binge’…Then Walks It Back
  3. Romney Founded Business That Utilized Offshore Tax Havens, Costing Taxpayers Billions In Lost Revenue
  4. “Bain Capital”, co-founded by Romney, made much of its Billions establishing offshore tax havens for their clients.
  5. After Calling The Auto Industry Bailout ‘Tragic,’ Mitt Romney Now Claims He ‘Had The Idea First’
  6. Animal lovers don’t read this: Romney recalls when he strapped dog cage to roof of car on 1983 family vacation.
  7. Complains of having to “hose off the roof” after the dog loses control of his bowels. I pray the windows were open.
  8. Romney Gives Obama A Failing Grade, But Massachusetts Ranked 47th In Job Growth While He Was Governor
  9. Additional info: Mitt Romney’s ‘Jobs Record’ Is A Sham
  10. Mitt Romney’s Campaign Website Omits Health Care Reform Accomplishment From Bio
  11. Romney Proposed Jail For Abortion Providers, Now Says No One Ever Talked About Criminal Sanctions
  12. Club for Growth says Romney has ‘developed an unshakeable reputation as a flip-flopper’
  13. Romney Attack Ad Blasts Obama For Phrase Romney Also Used
  14. Mitt Romney: Federal Disaster Relief For Tornado And Flood Victims Is ‘Immoral,’ ‘Makes No Sense At All’
  15. Romney, who is worth over $250million dollars, tells Florida voters that he understands them because he’s “unemployed too!”
  16. For the record, Mitt Romney Is Not "Unemployed".
  17. Romney, Whose Net Worth Is $250 Million, Whines That He Makes Less Than Federal Employees
  18. How Romney made his fortune (Bain Capital) – The Boston Globe
  19. Buying companies, firing all the workers and liquidating them for their assets.
  20. Colbert Rips Romney for His "Business Experience" Destroying Jobs
  21. After Calling TARP A ‘Slush Fund,’ Romney Campaigns At Bank That Took TARP Funds
  22. FACT CHECK: Romney Campaign Did NOT Raise $10 Million In One Day as claimed.
  23. Romney Acknowledges Debt Ceiling ‘Emergency,’ But Would Require Radical Balanced Budget Amendment Before Raising It
  24. In Video And Campaign Speech, Romney Touts Manufacturing Plant That Received More Than $200,000 In Stimulus Funds
  25. Romney would have rejected Debt deal and defaulted.
  26. Romney PAC Gets $1 Million From Company That Disappeared After Donating
  27. Romney got S&P to raise MA’s rating by promising tax hikes
  28. Romney Defends Raising Retirement Age To Protect Corporate Tax Breaks.
  29. Tells crowd: ‘Corporations Are People, My Friend’
  30. Romney Takes More Lobbyist Campaign Cash Than The Rest Of GOP Field Combined
  31. FLASHBACK: In 2005, Romney Lauded Cap-And-Trade As "Good For Business"
  32. Romney’s Overreach: Would Illegally Allow States To Opt Out Of Health Law Through Executive Action
  33. Mitt Romney Touts Privatizing Unemployment Benefits Along With Reduction in Spending on Anti-Poverty Programs
  34. With Government Job Losses Slowing The Recovery, Romney Promises To Lay Off Even More
  35. Republicans DEMAND reduction in size of government, then point to government job losses as “proof” the economy isn’t recovering.
  36. Mitt Romney Attacks Obama For Going To Martha’s Vineyard The Same Day He Will Be There
  37. Confronted At Town Hall, Romney Falsely Claims Raising Payroll Tax Cap Wouldn’t Strengthen Social Security
  38. Romney To Quadruple Size Of $12 Million California Home
  39. After Blasting U.S. Trials For Terror Suspects, Romney Now Wants One For The ‘Lockerbie Bomber’
  40. Romney Attacks Obama For Releasing Jobs Plan Too Late, Then Announces He’ll Unveil His Plan Same Day
  41. Romney: I’d Like To Repeal Wall Street Reform
  42. Fact-Check: Romney’s USA Today Op-ed Vs. Reality
  43. Great point-by-point refutation of claims made in Romney op/ed.
  44. Romney’s Medicare Plan: It Will Be Similar, But Different From Paul Ryan’s Privatization Scheme
  45. Romney Chart Falsely Blames Obama For Job Losses In 2007, 2008
  46. Romney, Perry, Bachmann Campaign Website Issue Pages Don’t Mention Iraq Or Afghanistan
  47. Mitt Romney Blasts Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac’s ‘Failures’ While Profiting From Them
  48. Earned as much as $50,000 last year in interest income from a Mutual Fund that includes Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.
  49. Romney’s Raised Millions From Wall Street Bankers, More Than Twice As Much As President Obama
  50. Mitt Romney Describes Individual Mandate As ‘A Conservative Idea,’ Credits Gingrich For Supporting It
  51. Romney: I Would ‘Absolutely’ Support State Constitutional Amendment To Define Life As Beginning At Conception (making The Pill illegal?)
  52. Romney Can’t Bring Himself To Condemn Jeering Of Gay Soldier
  53. Romney calls Wall Street Protests: ‘It’s Dangerous, This Class Warfare’
  54. Do we REALLY need another RW paranoid militaristic fear-monger in the WH? (Romney)
  55. White House Consulted Romneycare Advisers To Shape Obamacare
  56. 2006: Mitt Romney Heaped Praise on Romneycare ‘Parent’ Ted Kennedy
  57. Romney’s ‘Middle Class Tax Cut’ Would Provide No Benefits To Most Of The Middle Class
  58. Romney Offers More Details On Medicare Plan: ‘We’re Going To Give People Vouchers’
  59. Romney only fired Lawn company using undocumented immigrants because he was seeking office.
  60. Iowa Woman Schools Romney on Anti-Abortion Amendment and Birth Control
  61. After Romney pledged to Huckabee that’d support a “Life at Conception” Amendment to Constitution, girl finds she must explain to Romney how The Pill works.
    24 hours later…
  62. Romney flip-flops on his flip-flop on Personhood Amendment.
  63. One day After Refusing To Take A Position On Ohio’s Anti-Labor Law, Romney Is Now ’110 Percent’ Behind It
  64. FLASHBACK: In His Book, Romney Attacked Obama’s Foreign Policy For Appeasing Qaddafi
  65. The Romney Rule: 14 Percent Tax Rate For Multi-Millionaires
  66. Video: Romney says his health care reform plan would be good for the nation.
  67. Why Mitt Romney’s Medicaid Cuts Are Even More Draconian Than Paul Ryan’s
  68. Mitt Romney Promises to Raise Retirement Age, Privatize Medicare and Slash Government Jobs at Koch Brothers Event
  69. Romney uses CBO report to claim cutting ObamaCare ‘Saves’ Money. Report says otherwise.
  70. Romney Absurdly Claims ‘I’m Proposing No Tax Cuts For The Rich’
  71. Romney Campaign Memo: The Koch Brothers Are The ‘Financial Engine Of The Tea Party’
  72. Romney Camp Responds To ThinkProgress Report Linking Him To Massive Ponzi Scheme
  73. Complicated, but Romney was investor in company run by son Tagg that partnered with “Stanford Financial Group”, a massive $8.5B Ponzi scheme.
  74. Romney: U.S. ‘Should Not Play The Role Of Leader’ In Mid-East Peace, ‘Follow’ Israel Instead
  75. FLASHBACK: Romney Supported President Bush’s Government Program To Refinance Mortgages
  76. After Obama proposes a gov’t program to refinance underwater mortgages, Romney criticizes the idea. But supported it when Bush proposed it in 2007.
  77. Romney Attacks ‘Environmentally Friendly’ Jobs, Ignoring the 64,000 Green Jobs Created in His State
  78. Mitt Romney floats private vouchers for veterans’ health care
  79. Shocker of the day: Romney flip-flops on privatizing veterans care
  80. ROMNEY FLASHBACK: Homosexuality Is ‘Perverse’ And ‘Reprehensible’
  81. Romney Staffers Destroyed Emails, replaced harddrives upon leaving MA governorship.
  82. Admits it was purely to thwart political opponents.
  83. Mitt Romney suggests Amnesty for Immigrants (video)
    In 2007 Meet the Press interview, Romney outlined view on illegal immigration. Says the 12 million illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship.
  84. Romney’s First TV Ad takes Obama out of context, suggesting clip of Obama quoting McCain was own words.
  85. Refused to apologize. Tells reporters, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”


    “What’s good for the goose…”, huh? Okay then.


  86. Romney Claims George W. Bush Flip-Flopped On Abortion Too.
  87. Remember that brief period when Bush was Pro-Choice? Me neither. Bush himself says he’s been “Pro-Life” ever since Mummy put her miscarried fetus in a jar and showed it to him.
  88. In Stammering Interview, Romney Refuses To Say Whether He Will Deport Undocumented Immigrants.
  89. Romney Calls the EPA ‘Out of Control’ For Wanting to Make Sure Our Drinking Water is Safe [from fracking].
  90. Romney comes out against foreclosure relief in Nevada.
  91. Says “Let investors buy up underwater mortgages” and then rent the home back to the former owners. Help the wealthy prey on the misfortune of others, just like he did at Bain Capital.
  92. Romney Comes Out In Favor Of Payroll Tax Holiday Extension, After Dismissing It As Just A ‘Band-Aid’.
  93. In case you were wondering when it would finally happen: Mitt Romney fully embraces Paul Ryan’s (Kill) Medicare plan.
  94. Romney Tells Gay Vet That He May Repeal Same-Sex Marriage Rights In New Hampshire.
  95. Romney got permission to destroy 150 boxes of records
  96. (See #69 above for some background.)
  97. Romney often touts “Leaving Bain Capital to manage the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.” But three years earlier in 1999, the IOC (Int’l Olympic Committee) launched an internal investigation re: allegations that members of the SLC Organizing Committee bribed members of the IOC in order to win selection as the home on the 2002 Games.
  98. The IOC felt compelled to changed the rules on “accepting gifts from petitioners” as a result of the investigation.
  99. Romney Admits: My Plan Is ‘Not A Huge Tax Cut’ For The Middle Class
  100. In 2010, Romney Said He Wouldn’t Repeal The Individual Health Mandate In Obamacare
  101. Under Romney, Bain Capital Made Millions From South Carolina Business That Shut Down, Laid Off 150 Workers
  102. Romney Still Bringing in Millions From Bain Capital 13 Years After Leaving Firm
  103. Romney, who once told NH voters he too was “unemployed”, is still receiving $13.4 million dollars a year from Bain Capital.
  104. Romney Wants His Billionaire Wall Street Donors To Be Able To Give Him Unlimited Sums Of Money
  105. Romney vows to veto the “Dream Act” if elected. – “Dream Act” defined here.
  106. (In same sentence) Romney: ‘I Don’t Discriminate… I Oppose Same Sex Marriage’. – Clearly Mitt doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “discriminate”.
  107. Romney Ad Touting Bain Record, Cites Steel Mill That Benefited From Government Largess. – Ad brags of creating jobs at “Steel Dynamics”. Company survived only by receiving $37million in tax credits and grants from the county, after which Bain Capital sold off its stake for $104mil.
  108. Romney’s Tax Cut For Millionaires Would Be Nearly Twice The Size Of George Bush’s. – Eliminates the Estate Tax for the richest 0.14% of Americans while raising taxes on the Middle Class.
  109. Bain Capital Made Billions While Bankrupting Nearly One-Quarter Of The Companies It Invested In.
  110. Mitt Romney Embraces Privatizing Medicare and Social Security and Raising Eligibility Ages
  111. Romney agrees to release only his most recent (2010) tax return and an estimate for his 2011 return. – Only wants us to see his returns for the years he knew he’d be running and could tweak them for the most positive spin. And STILL we find he only paid a tax rate of just 13.8%.
  112. How did Romney achieve such a low tax rate? His 2010 Return reveals the use of numerous tax havens in places like Luxembourg, Ireland, the Cayman Islands… even a Swiss bank account. Romney actually tithed more to the Mormon church ($4million) than he paid in income taxes last year ($3million).
  113. In 2006, The Romney’s donated $10,000 to a ‘pray away the gay’ quack therapy group called “The Tyler Charitable Foundation”… a group that later donated $25,000 to stop same-sex marriages in Massachusetts.
  114. Romney praises Kris Kobach, author of AZ’s and Alabama’s offensive “Papers Please” anti-immigrant laws. – Romney said in a press release of Kobach’s endorsement of him, “With Kris on the team, I look forward to working with him.”
  115. Romney flip-flops again on Climate Change. Now says: ‘We Don’t Know What’s Causing Climate Change’.
  116. Romney Touts Support Of Pastor Who Sees A Correlation Between Marriage Equality And 9/11
  117. In an interview with Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, Romney destroys his own core argument for why he needs to be president. – Tells Ingraham that he can’t make a case that “Obama has made things worse”, but that’s his strategy anyway:
  118. Romney: ‘I’m Not Concerned With The Very Poor’ (they have safety nets.) – The problem with this statement that Mitt clearly doesn’t get is that it’s not enough just to have ‘safety nets’ to keep you alive, but that it never occurs to him that the poor don’t wish to STAY poor forever and would like to know what his plan is to lift them out of poverty.
  119. Jon Stewart Knocks Mitt Romney For His Private Sector Job Credentials at Bain. – It’s a sad commentary on the state of our News when comedians must point out the obvious problems with the candidates’ positions. In this clip, Stewart explains how Romney made his millions by borrowing against a company he’d later cannibalize and bankrupt… a practice he accuses President Obama of.
  120. No surprises here: While Romney has blasted President Obama’s decision requiring Religious Organizations cover contraception in their non-church-related employees’ health coverage, while governor of MA, Romney upheld and enforced a similar law that passed the same year he ran & won the MA governorship.
  121. The Right went apoplectic over Clint Eastwood’s patriotic “halftime in America” Super Bowl Ad because it makes President Obama’s decision to bailout Chrysler & GM look good, vs Mitt Romney’s 2008 NYT Op/Ed entitled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”.
  122. Romney advocating for the bankruptcy of Detroit’s Big Three makes more sense when you remember he also criticized helping homeowners avoid foreclosure, advocating instead to let the rich buy up all those homes and rent them back to the peons that previously owned them. “[D]on’t try and stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom,” Romney told a Nevada audience.
  123. Romney’s Bain behind airline plan to slash jobs and pensions. – American Airlines takes Bain’s advice to slash 13,000 jobs. That’s what Bain does. It’s what they’ve always done… even when Mitt ran it.
  124. Mitt Romney Tells CPAC He’ll Cut Social Security Benefits, Begin Privatizing Medicare.
  125. In New Op-Ed, Romney Reiterates ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt’.
  126. Romney Thinks Mandatory Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients Is ‘An Excellent Idea’. – This despite the fact that states that have already tried this found drug abuse is WAY lower among welfare recipients, and testing them costs WAY more than it saves because broke people don’t buy drugs.
  127. In GOP Land, if you receive government assistance, you’re guilty until proven innocent via a check of your bodily fluids.
  128. Romney doesn’t know what public lands are for if not to be exploited for their resources.
  129. Romney Fails His Own ‘Moral Responsibility’ Test, Can’t Balance His Campaign’s Budget. – Mitt is spending his campaign cash twice as fast as it’s coming in. This is WHILE he’s running ads that say “we have a moral responsibility not to spend more than we take in.”
  130. After Rick Santorum released a robocall (audio) urging Michigan Democrats to vote for him in their Primary “to send a loud message” to Romney for opposing the Auto Bailout (that Santorum himself also opposed), Romney called it a “terrible dirty trick” and an “attempt to kidnap the primary process.” Only problem: Romney himself has bragged about how he took “every opportunity” to vote in Democratic Primaries to help ensure Republicans face “the weakest possible opponent.”
  131. During a TV interview in Ohio, Romney was asked if he supported the “Blunt/Rubio Amendment that would allow any employer (not just churches) deny contraception coverage to their employees based simply upon the employers own personal “moral” objection. Romney said “No” (mostly because Santorum said “Yes”). The Right went nuts and LITERALLY within the hour, Romney reversed himself, saying “OF COURSE he supports Blunt/Rubio! He was simply confused, thinking the Interviewer was talking about some other “local” officials named “Blunt/Rubio” pushing for a “state” ban. So Romney would oppose STATES allowing employers to deny contraception coverage, but when it comes to a National Constitutional Amendment allowing all 50 states to do the same thing, well, he’s all for that! (So much for “states rights” as well.)
  132. Romney’s Latest Clean Energy Attack: ‘You Can’t Drive A Car With A Windmill On It’. – You can’t drive a car with an oil refinery on it either. What’s your point, Mitt?
  133. So much for Second Chances: Romney Declines To Criticize Limbaugh — Again.
  134. Romney Claims His ‘Bold’ Tax Plan ‘Can’t Be Scored’. – When asked for details on just HOW Romney’s “20% across-the-board tax cut” would affect the economy, Romney says his plan “can’t be scored [by the CBO]” because he hasn’t worked out all the details yet. It’s not a “plan” then yet, is it? It’s just an “idea”.
  135. Former head of the Israeli Secret Service says Romney’s reckless saber-rattling against Iran is “making things worse”. – Iran doesn’t know if Romney has a chance or not, all they know is the Republican front-runner for president is making declarative statements that Iran “already HAS a nuclear weapon” and threatening the use of force… which could have the unintentional effect of SPEEDING UP Iran’s nuclear program to build a bomb before November. Just what we need. Another irresponsible hotshot cowboy in the White House threatening to plunge us into another unnecessary preemptive war, only this time with a country three times the size of Iraq.
  136. Romney Admits GOP Education Policy is Intended to Kill Unions
  137. Romney Justifies Denying Health Care To People With Preexisting Conditions: ‘We Can’t Play The Game Like That’
  138. I find it difficult to believe anyone running for public office could be THIS out of touch: Romney Tells ‘Humorous’ Story About Factory Closing.
  139. Romney recalls an “awkward” moment during his fathers run for governor of Michigan after moving 1,000s of jobs to Wisconsin. Ha ha!
  140. Romney’s Top Five Assaults To Women’s Health
  141. 1) Promised “to get rid of” PlannedParenthood.
    2) Supports “Blunt/Rubio Amendment” that would allow ANY employer to deny contraception coverage for ANY reason.
    3) Said forcing religiously owned non-religious businesses to comply with the ACA is part of a “secular” agenda.
    4) Never condemned Limbaugh’s attack on Sandra Fluke.
    5) A former “Pro-Choice” governor because of a family member that died of a “back-alley abortion”, Romney now calls Roe v Wade “one of the darkest moments in Supreme Court history.” Add to that Romney now saying he would sign the “Personhood Amendment” that would outlaw The Pill.
  142. Candidate Etch-a-Sketch? Mitt Romney Addresses ‘Women Problem’: Just Wait Until You See My ‘Real Position’.
  143. Romney’s Pro-Guns Speech To NRA Includes Only One Mention Of Guns. – Romney actually had a a FAR more hostile view towards gun ownership while governor than Obama has had while president.
  144. Romney On Cap And Trade In 2003: ‘I Am Making Good On My Pledge’ To Clean Up Carbon Pollution ‘Harming Our Climate’.
  145. While the Romney Campaign was feigning outrage over Democratic pundit Hillary Rosen saying Romney’s wife Ann… who was a stay-at-home-mom… “never worked a day in her life”, Mitt Romney himself told an audience that stay-at-home mom’s “on welfare” need to “get a job and learn the dignity of work.
  146. Shaking The Etch-A-Sketch: After Promising To Veto It, Romney Says He Wants A DREAM Act
  147. Mitt Romney adviser: Planned Parenthood is a goner. (Following Romney statement: “Planned Parenthood? We’ll get rid of that.”
  148. Romney Blames Obama For Factory That Was Shuttered Under Bush. Says if economy were “really” improving, they’d have reopened by now. So let’s return to the policies that closed it in the first place?
  149. Romney Foreign Policy Adviser Attacks Obama’s ‘Czechoslovakia’ Policy. – Hint, Czechoslovakia hasn’t existed in 20 years. Must have been talking to John McCain.
  150. Romney’s Advice To Students on paying for college: “Borrow Money From Your Parents”.
  151. At a campaign stop, a supporter says she believes the president should be tried for “Treason” (which was met with wild applause). Romney’s response? He’d be “happy” to look into it.
  152. After extreme Right-Wing radio host Brian Fischer took credit for forcing Romney to fire his openly gay National Security Adviser, Fischer then criticized Romney for cratering to his demands so quickly/easily, saying, “How is he going to stand up to North Korea if he can be pushed around by a yokel like me?”
  153. Mitt Romney attacked gay schoolmate with scissors – As a teen in his all-male private high school, the young Romney was so incensed that a fellow student would bleach his hair blond and wear in (at that time) an effeminate manner (draped over one eye), he rallied his friends to tackle and hold down the student while Romney clipped the screaming/crying students’ hair with a pair of scissors. Romney does not deny the event took place, but claims “no memory of the incident”. Romney’s friends however DO recall the incident and independently confirmed it took place.
  154. Romney Will Increase Military Spending By $2.1 Trillion With No Plan To Pay For It – Tax cuts for the Rich, while promising to slash the Deficit and expand the military. Where will the money come from? Look in the mirror.
  155. Romney Campaign Massively Downgrades The Number Of Jobs It Claims He Created From 100,000 To ‘Thousands’ – Wait for it… 48 hours later: Romney Flips Back To Claim That Bain Capital Created 100,000 Jobs.

(Please report any broken links in the Comments section, as well as any links you feel deserve inclusion in this list that I overlooked.)

Other “Lists” still available for review:

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