The List II: Newt Gingrich
December 8, 2011


Newt by the NumbersThis weeks “List” tackles former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. I’ve made no secret of my distaste for the former Speaker over the years. In fact, among all the GOP candidates, I don’t think I have a more visceral dislike of anyone more than “Professor” Newt Gingrich. Even BSC* Michele Bachmann and Rick “Don’t Google My Name” Santorum, who are simply pure ideologues, don’t irritate me the way Gingrich does. And that’s because Newt is a monster hypocrite that likes to lecture those he disagrees with or morally disapproves of, “correcting” them using “facts” pulled straight from his butt while calling YOU stupid for not believing him. Just last May, Gingrich’s campaign was deemed “over” almost before it even began when it was revealed that the former Speaker owed as much as a half-million dollars on a “$500,000 dollar revolving charge account at Tiffany’s”. Three weeks later, his entire staff up & quit en masse. Their reason? The staff cited Newt’s incessant huxtering of his books, videos and paid-speaking seminars rather than actually campaigning for president (“We didn’t sign up to be hucksters for products for sale”, they explained.) Caught on tape repeatedly flip-flopping as to whether or not we should use military force in Libya, Gingrich (laughably) claimed on “Fox ‘news’ Sunday” that “any ad that quotes me is a lie”, provoking Conservative icon George Will to brand Newt as “not a serious candidate”.

(* “Bat S#it Crazy”)

A brief review of Gingrich’s tenure as Speaker of the House in the 1990’s


With Hermann Cain now out of the race, it is almost unfathomable that Cain’s supporters… disillusioned over claims of infidelity… would flock to (of all people) Newt Gingrich… a man who asked wife #1 for a divorce WHILE she was in the hospital being treated for breast cancer so that he could marry his mistress. Then, cheated on wife #2 with a member of his staff (current wife #3, Callista), divorcing #2 after she was diagnosed with MS. I guess Cain should of married his mistresses. (Cain first accused Rick Perry of introducing the claims of his infidelity. Then he accused “Democrats” as being behind the accusations. Neither are true, but if Cain should suspect anyone, I’d argue he should be looking at Gingrich. As any cop will tell you, “Always look for motive & means”. Who benefited most from Cain’s implosion? And lest we forget, Gingrich was behind the “Monica Lewinski” witch-hunt to take down President Clinton in the 90’s, and Gingrich hails from Georgia… home state of Cain’s last accuser Ginger White. After blaming both Perry and “Democrats”, Cain would of had no credibility if he’d turned around and accused Gingrich, and Newt knows it. If Cain were innocent… and he’s not…, only two people are capable of such a devious plan: Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich.)

It is almost beyond belief that Newt Gingrich, someone who was fined $300,000 and forced to resign in disgrace by his own Party in 1998 for ethics violations (laundering $200,000 from GOPAC… a tax-exempt PAC he founded… to his own reelection campaign), would be the latest “Not Mitt” to usher “America!” (stated breathlessly while wiping a tear from your eye) out of the Obama-wilderness. Conservatives claiming to hate Romney for all his “flip-flopping”, and Cain for his infidelity, have turned to… Newt Gingrich???

And so, here is the next “List” for current front-runner Newt Gingrich (this list is growing fast, so expect it to be updated frequently.)

  1. Gingrich behind 1995 government shutdown. Led GOP recapture of House in 1994. Less than a year later, generated a manufactured budget crisis that lead to a government shutdown.
  2. Sound familiar? Worth a look. Reads like it was written last Summer, not 17 years ago.
  3. Newt Gingrich calls for abolishing the EPA.
  4. 10 Things Newt Gingrich Doesn’t Want You To Know About Him
  5. Thrice-married, serial adulterer Newt Gingrich announces his conversion to Catholicism.
  6. Gingrich: NAFTA Worked Because It Created Jobs In Mexico
  7. Newt Gingrich Secretly Funneled $350,000 To Anti-Gay Hate Groups Last Year
  8. Gingrich Insists Hate Group He Funded Is Not A Hate Group
  9. Gingrich Says We Should ‘Celebrate’ Corporate Tax Dodgers, Argues Employees Should Pay Instead
  10. As noted above: Caught In Libya Flip-Flop, Newt Gingrich Offers Incoherent And Contradictory Defense.
  11. Gingrich In 2004: ‘You Can’t Flip-Flop And Be Commander-In-Chief’
  12. Whoops, Newt Did It Again: Trying To Defend Libya Flip-Flop, Gingrich Reverses Himself On Air Power
  13. Gingrich’s Facebook Fail: Statement On Libya Flip-Flop Directly Contradicts February Statement On Fox
  14. Gingrich’s Twenty Years Of Global Warming Flip-Flops
  15. Flip-Flopper-In-Chief: After Calling For Action On Climate Change, Gingrich Now Won’t Take Action On A ‘Theory’
  16. Gingrich Tells Limbaugh That His Phrase ‘Right-Wing Social Engineering’ Was Not A Reference To Ryan Plan
  17. Gingrich Reiterates Support For Poll Tests, Suggests ‘Young Americans’ Be Tested Before Voting
  18. If anyone shouldn’t be advocating history tests, it’s Newt. See link below.
  19. History Professor Newt Gets It Wrong Again.
  20. John Lithgow Performs Gingrich's Epic Press Release (explaining the masse resignation of his staff). Hilarious verbatim dramatic recitation of Newt at his most pompous.
  21. Gingrich Calls For Audit Of Fed While Also Urging Repeal Of Legislation That Audits The Fed
  22. Gingrich Uses Iowa Campaign Stop To Plug His Books Six Separate Times
  23. Gingrich’s Great Global Warming Flip-Flop: From Cap-And-Trade To Drill-Baby-Drill
  24. "Moral Force" Gingrich Suggests Same-Sex Marriage Is Responsible For Economic Woes
  25. As Bank Profits Soar, Gingrich Claims Dodd-Frank Is ‘Killing The Banking Industry Now’
  26. Newt Gingrich: Uninsured Should Receive Health Care Through Charity, Not Government
  27. Gingrich unwittingly endorses Socialized Medicine
  28. Gingrich Argues God Must Exist Because People Aren't Rhinos
  29. Gingrich’s Awful Speech Part V: Newt Responds! (Says if elected, he’d defy Supreme Court decisions and intimidate lower-court judges that rule in ways he doesn’t like.)
  30. Gingrich’s 13 Second Flip-Flop: No ‘Advantage’ To U.S. Staying In Iraq, But Disapproves Of Obama’s Decision To Withdraw
  31. Gingrich: ‘I Actually Don’t Know If Global Warming Is Occurring’
  32. Gingrich Admits Deregulation Of Wall Street In The ’90s Was ‘Probably A Mistake’
  33. Gingrich Calls Obama’s Student Loan Plan A ‘Ponzi Scheme’
  34. Maddow: Newt Gingrich: Politics for profit (Rachel Maddow looks into Newt’s incessant huxtering.)
  35. Newt Gingrich Advocates Assassinating Iranian Scientists as Drum Beat for War Continues at GOP Debate
  36. Gingrich Backs Obamacare's Individual Mandate Requiring Health Insurance
  37. Not Just Freddie Mac: Newt Gingrich’s Long History Of Influence Peddling For His Corporate Clients
  38. Newt Gingrich Spams Doctors: Give Me $5000 And I'll Give You A 'Prestigious' Award
  39. Newt Gingrich Inadvertently Gives "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award To Porn Executive
  40. The Many Egregious Flip-flops of Newt Gingrich (Only an abbreviated list.)
  41. George Will Excoriates Gingrich’s Influence Peddling: ‘He’s The Classic Rental Politician’
  42. Gingrich Calls Child Labor Laws ‘Stupid’, Wants To Replace Janitors With Poor KidsSays: 'Bring Back Child Labor' (Video)
  43. One can’t help but be reminded of 2004 “Bush in 30 Seconds” campaign ad winner: “Child’s Pay”

  44. Rev.Sharpton responds to Gingrich claim poor kids have no work ethics
  45. Gingrich doubles-down on support for child labor
  46. Gingrich and Trump Announce Plan to Put Poor Kids to Work. They’re convinced the children of the poor have no role-models with strong work ethics.
  47. I started mowing lawns at 14. You know who the REAL slackers with no “work-ethics” are? The children on the uber-rich! Ever watch MTV? They party all night, drive expensive cars, buy expensive clothes and wear expensive jewelry, all on Daddy’s tab. Tell me, if Paris Hilton didn’t do reality TV, what would she be doing? What is she doing now?
  48. Contempt for poor children isn’t anything new for Gingrich. In 1994, Newt suggested Nancy Pelosi “watch the 1939 movie Boy’s Town,” arguing that the children of Welfare recipients be taken from their parents and put in orphanages.
  49. Gingrich: Secularism Is Responsible For ‘All The Problems We Have’
  50. Gingrich, who once called Obama “insensitive” to unemployed, tells OWS to “take a bath and get a job.” » Mugsy`s Rap Sheet
  51. UPDATE: That private park Newt says the #OWS protesters “didn’t pay for”? Apparently, neither have the “owners”.
  52. Gingrich’s Latest Social Security Scheme: Privatize The Program Then Bail Out Bad Investors
  53. Newt Gingrich completes flip-flop on individual mandate, positioning himself to attack Romneycare
  54. Gingrich backs privatized Social Security for young.
  55. Gingrich: Abolish 'Socialist' Congressional Budget Office. Conservatives HATE the non-partisan CBO because they keep reporting the GOP’s budgets won’t work. So get rid of them.
  56. Gingrich: Romney Supported Amnesty too! (VIDEO)
  57. Gingrich Backs Away From Individual Mandate: ‘I Never Focused On It Much’
  58. Gingrich Suggests Taking Out The Remaining ‘Axis Of Evil’ Members: ‘We’re One Out Of Three’ – Can you say “perpetual war”?
  59. Gingrich Family Values: Dismisses hypocrisy on marriage
  60. Newt Gingrich’s Latest Assault On The Constitution: Drug Test Americans Before They Get ‘Any Kind Of Federal Aid’
  61. It bears noting here that drug use among welfare recipients is actually LOWER than general population, and testing costs more than it saves. Just more GOP contempt for The Poor.
  62. Gingrich Praises Singapore’s ‘Very Draconian’ Laws That Mandate Executions For Drug Possession
  63. Gingrich Changes His Position: ‘Waterboarding Is, By Every Technical Rule, Not Torture’
  64. In 2005, Gingrich Called For ‘Transfer Of Finances,’ Individual Mandate To Achieve Universal Coverage
  65. Newtbamacare: How The Affordable Care Act Incorporates Many Of Gingrich’s Health Care Proposals
  66. After Endorsing Drug Legalization Referendum In 1995, Gingrich Now Says Referendums Are Un-American
  67. Former Fox News Pundit Gingrich Suggests Fox News Pundits Don’t Need To Know What They’re Talking About
  68. Serial Vacationer Newt Gingrich Falsely Claims People Use Food Stamps To Go To Hawaii
  69. Maddow: 'Newt Gingrich is a direct mail scam artist'
  70. Gingrich Admits He Was Paid (only) $300,000 By Freddie Mac to Court Republicans.
  71. But in fact, Newt was paid between $1.6-$1.8 million dollars working as a lobbyist for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac.
  72. (No. According to Gingrich, he wasn’t a “Lobbyist”, just an “historical consultant”.)
  73. Oops! Gingrich missed Missouri primary filing deadline and won’t be on that state’s ballot.
  74. No surprise when your campaign is “fly[ing] by the seat of our pants!”
  75. Tom Coburn Calls Newt Gingrich's Leadership 'Lacking'. – “I served under Newt Gingrich and would have difficulty supporting him.”
  76. Now in second place in Iowa and smelling blood in the water, Ron Paul releases a video blasting Gingrich for “serial hypocrisy”.
  77. (Says as much about Paul, blasting Newt’s criticism of Paul Ryan and support for fighting Global Warming.)

  78. Gingrich threatens to “file charges” against Nancy Pelosi if she reveals any dirt she has on him.
  79. Pelosi: “I served on the investigative committee that investigated him [in 1997]” and knows many details about his seedy past that he probably doesn’t want made public.
  80. Following controversy over the “Personhood Amendment” that wants a “Life at conception” Amendment that could outlaw many forms of birth control, Newt took the more Moderate position of “life begins at implantation”. But when the extreme anti-choice radical base of the GOP balked, Gingrich flip-flopped back to “life begins at conception”.
  81. Remember, Gingrich’s surge in the polls comes from Romney critics that say Mitt “has no core” values/beliefs.
  82. Gingrich: 5-Year-Olds Working Is an ‘Education in Life’
  83. Newt Gingrich: Palestinians Are An ‘Invented’ People. (At 12/10/11 GOP Debate, Newt calls all Palestinians… the entire race… “terrorists”.)
  84. By Newt’s definition, Egyptians, Syrians, Iranians, ISRAELI’S AND AMERICANS are all “invented” people.
  85. Stealth Candidate Gary Johnson Reminds Voters Gingrich Proposed the Death Penalty for Marijuana.
  86. In 1997, while still Speaker, Gingrich proposed the death penalty for possession of marijuana above a certain quantity. Bye-bye Libertarian vote.
  87. Appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation”, Gingrich repeated his suggestion that, as president, he would arrest lower-court activist judges” that ruled in ways he didn’t like.
  88. Arresting judges… not for any crime or refusal to do their job… but for simply ruling in a way King Newt doesn’t like. That’s Gingrich’s Amerika.
  89. Gingrich PAC Took $7.6 Million From One Donor, Used Money To Fly Across The Country For Public Events
  90. “Historian” Newt gets it wrong AGAIN: corrects Newt on “Dred Scott”.
  91. Famed “Dred Scott Decision did NOT “extend slavery to the entire country” as Professor Newt claimed.
  92. PolitiFact give Newt a “Pants on Fire” for claiming: “No federal official is allowed to say Merry Christmas”.
  93. MotherJones notes: “Ron Paul’s excuse for writing lots of racist and nutball crap in his newsletters is that he didn’t write the newsletters and doesn’t know who did. Now Newt Gingrich has decided this is such a peachy excuse that he’s going to use it too:
  94. …a memo from April 2006 on the website of Gingrich’s Center for Health Transformation […] filed under the “Newt Notes” column and written in the first person, Gingrich calls RomneyCare the “most exciting development of the past few weeks” and says he “agree[s] strongly” with the “principle” of the individual mandate.


    [Gingrich spokesman R.C.] Hammond said the Newt Notes essay wasn’t written by Mr. Gingrich himself.

    Newt continues to disavow that he ever supported an “individual mandate” for health care. Yet, forcing people to “take personal responsibility for themselves” is what the GOP was all about 10 years ago.
  95. In 2009, Gingrich accused the Community Organization “ACORN” of “massive voter fraud” for submitting voter registration applications with “fraudulent” signatures (discovered and pointed out by ACORN). This “outrage” led to the defunding and elimination of ACORN. In 2011, when Gingrich is denied a spot on the Virgina primary ballot because 1,500 of his 11,100 signatures were found to be fraudulent, Gingrich’s excuse was, “It was a mistake” and sues the law as being “unfair”.
  96. Gingrich has a long history of holding others to a different standard than himself.
  97. Gingrich has always defended divorcing his cancer-stricken first wife in 1980 on the grounds “She [Jackie] asked for the divorce”, but a little digging by CNN not only casts much doubt on Newt’s story, but the actual details of the divorce seem incredibly smarmy.
  98. Newt filed first. Jackie filed a petition fighting the divorce. A family friend says Newt told him of Jackie: “she’s not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of a president”. According to court filings by Jackie, Newt “failed and refused to voluntarily provide reasonable support” to Jackie and their two daughters, leaving them (according to the family friend) in a home with “no lights, no heat, no water, no food in the home”. What a sweetheart.
  99. Gingrich: “There’s insufficient evidence for climate change”, citing his expertise as ‘an amateur paleontologist’. – Oh good lord.
  100. Gingrich: I ‘Wouldn’t Make Exceptions’ For Abortions In Cases Of Rape Or Incest
  101. This Daily Show segment contains lots of great clips of Newt’s racism and misogyny going back decades. (see Part-1 here.)
  102. Gingrich doesn’t get why addressing blacks specifically about welfare, food stamps, and employing children as janitors is racist. – More Whites are on welfare and food stamps than blacks, yet Newt never brings up the need to “get off welfare and find a job” when addressing white audiences.
  103. Newt’s (2nd) Ex-Wife Says He Wanted To Have An ‘Open Marriage’ (video)
  104. God bless The Daily Show. TDS goes after serial adulterer and recent convert to Catholicism Newt Gingrich for suddenly being the standard-bearer of Family Values Republicans.
  105. Gingrich Falsely Claims He Was Completely Exonerated In Ethics Investigation.
  106. After Gingrich releases his 2010 tax return, we find he may have deliberately underpaid his employees (using bonuses and stock options instead) to avoid paying Medicare taxes.
  107. During the 1/23 debate, after both candidates released their tax returns, Romney Berates Gingrich for claiming to have made only ‘$35,000 a Year’ at Fannie.(actual amount, more than $1.6million.)
  108. Gingrich tells an audience that he would “welcome the opportunity” to deliver a speech before the NAACP in which he would “urge blacks to demand paychecks, not foodstamps”.
  109. African-American Fox pundit Juan Williams asked Newt if he could “understand why such a comment might be seen as offensive to blacks” Newt’s response: “No.” And goes on to attack President Obama’s economic policies. – Newt doesn’t get Why blacks specifically need to be talked to about foodstamps when in fact more White Americans are on foodstamps than blacks.
  110. Defending his response to Juan Williams, Gingrich later stated his belief that ‘Work’ is A ‘Strange, Distant Concept’ to long-time Fox pundit and former NPR radio host Juan Williams.
  111. But Gingrich’s (not-so) latent racism goes back well before his “foodstamps” comment, claiming Juan Williams doesn’t know what it’s like to work for a living, or his “hire poor black kids as janitors to provide them with a work ethic” comment. The Huffington Post uncovered the original hand-written draft of Newt’s 1993 public speech, where he originally cited:

                         For poor minorities, entrepreneurship in small business is the key to
                         future wealth. This is understood thoroughly by most of the
    [Blacks and] Asians, partially by Latinos, and to a tragically
                         small degree by much of the American black community.

    “The [Blacks and]” text was inserted in the margins clearly after the fact since he already included “the American black community” at the end. When typed up by a staffer, the offensive lines were deleted before the speech was delivered.

  112. In an open letter released by the Romney campaign, former 1996 GOP Presidential nominee Bob Dole blasts Newt Gingrich, pointing out that there is a reason no one that served with Newt has endorsed him:

    In my run for the presidency in 1996 the Democrats greeted me with a number of negative TV ads and in every one of them Newt was in the ad. He was very unpopular and I am not only certain that this did not help me, but that it also cost House seats that year. Newt would show up at the campaign headquarters with an empty ice-bucket in his hand — that was a symbol of some sort for him — and I never did know what he was doing or why he was doing it.

  113. Newt’s successor, convicted money launder Tom Delay, called Newt “Erratic” and “Undisciplined”
  114. Gingrich Wants Kids To Work As Janitors, But Refused To Work Himself. – As documented in a 1995 article, In college, Gingrich begged his step-parents for money because he “didn’t want to work” so he could “focus on his studies”. Instead, Newt’s first wife Jackie put him through college all the way through to his Ph.D.
  115. Gingrich Wants A Government That Respects ‘Our Religion’ Not ‘Every Other Religion’. – Think about this in the context of all of Newt’s pandering of the Jewish Community during the Florida primary.
  116. After a Federal Appeals Court upholds a lower court ruling that California’s anti-Gay-Marriage Prop-8 law is unconstitutional, Gingrich Tweets, that this is “another example of an out of control judiciary.” – I’m interested in hearing Newt explain just how the passage of a law directly exclusively at one select group of people isn’t unconstitutional.
  117. No surprises here: Gingrich campaign manager caught scrubbing mentions of “infidelity”, Newt’s “half-million dollar line of credit at Tiffany’s”, or his history of ethics violations, from his Wikipedia page.
  118. Another example of Newt’s monster ego: When Romney criticizes Gingrich’s “moonbase” idea, Newt says, “Romney Is The Kind Of Guy Who Would Have Fired Christopher Columbus”.
  119. Gingrich: Iran ‘Should Expect To Get Hit’ If I’m President.
  120. Gingrich says it is ‘Baloney’ that Obama’s Apology over Koran Burning Saved Lives. – Newt attacked President Obama for “apologizing to the terrorists while Americans are under attack”, but when Bush apologized for Koran’s being placed in a bedpan or used for target practice, or even for Abu Ghraib despite videos of Americans being beheaded, Gingrich was mum.
  121. via The Tonight Show
    Courtesy, “The Tonight Show”, 12/05/2011

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      Nice list. I’ve been keeping one as well (87 links to absurd Newtiness). Help yourself:

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