The List II: Rick Perry
December 15, 2011


The Rick RollDumb. No other word better sums up Texas Governor and “George W Bush wannabe” Gov. Rick “Good Hair” Perry. Not just ANY kind of dumb, but that special kind of Palin-dumb found only amongst rural Evangelical governors from oil-producing states. This is a man that threatened Texas might secede from the union if Congress passed “ObamaCare”. And the reason he believed Texas could even do such a thing was a faint childhood memory of an obscure clause in the Texas Constitution from when it agreed to join the Union in 1845. A “factoid” most Texas school-children learned in third-grade Texas History class. But as any (pre-Bush) Texas school child could tell you, that clause doesn’t give Texas the right to “secede”, only the right to “divide itself up into as many as five separate states” at any time if it so chooses. When this little technicality was pointed out to the Texas Governor, rather than admit his error, he concocted a convoluted Palin-like excuse that “he knew it all along, but was arguing that Congress would rather “kick Texas out of the union before giving it six more Senators” (pardon the lack of a link. It’s such as obscure quote I’m going off memory). Riiiight! As if the GOP wouldn’t LOVE six more senators from Texas. If you buy that excuse, you probably also think we won the Battle for the Alamo. (And as I’ve heard others say: “Nothing like a candidate for President of the United States who’s not hung up on that whole ‘United’ part.”) Having lived in Texas almost my entire life, I have more familiarity with the Texas governor than most. Perry was George W. Bush’s Lieutenant Governor before Bush became president, and has been governor ever since thanks to high Evangelical voter turnout and Perry’s history of avoiding debates (and we can all see why now). The worst kind of conspicuous Evangelical, Perry exemplifies the very kind of person Mathew-6:5 denounces.

Perry’s claim to fame that catapulted him onto the National stage was “The Texas “Miracle”… a wildly misleading claim that Texas was responsible for creating “37”… “45”… “nearly 50 percent of all jobs created in the United States since Obama became president.” (notice how the number kept rising everytime someone new was asked?) It was, of course, total horseshit. It was quickly pointed out that the bulk of Perry’s jobs were “at or BELOW Minimum Wage, in the oil industry, and bolstered by a massive increase in government hiring paid for with STIMULUS DOLLARS from the Federal government. The population of Texas also exploded by more than 2 million people in those two years, only 10% of whom actually found jobs, but account for 200,000 of the jobs in Texas’ “phenomenal job growth”. With the “jobs” advantage all but gone, a string of miserable debate performances, an unpopular and highly criticized attack upon “Social Security, calling it “a massive Ponzi Scheme”, and coming out as supporting both a health care mandate in his home state (HPV vaccines for young girls) and compassion for the children of illegal immigrants (BOO!!!), this “anti-Mitt Savior” Conservatives once begged to get into the race thinking this Evangelical record-setting-executioner and multiple-term governor with great jobs record, that looked unbeatable on paper, quickly fell into the single-digit basement, where he has been stuck ever since.

Last October, Perry finally released his much awaited “Jobs Plan”. Everyone was eager to see how the governor with the best job-creation record in the country was going to revive the economy and put Americans back to work. What we got instead was a 39 page “Creating domestic jobs” Plan where the ONLY industry mentioned was The Energy Sector… 90% of which focused on increased oil & natural gas production… which should have come as no surprise to anyone since Energy is almost entirely responsible for the bulk of Perry’s “Texas “Miracle”. So if you work in the High Tech industry, are a civil servant, or even a simple farmer, Perry’s “Jobs Plan” has no plan for you. A “Birther” and a “Tenther”, Perry’s only move left is to wink at the camera during the next debate and say, “You betcha!”

So, without further ado, Perry’s “List”:

  1. 10 reasons why the Texas economy has nothing to do with Perry (Houston Chronicle:)
  2. REPORT: Perry's Texas Ranks Dead Last In Total Job Creation, Accounting For Labor Force Growth
  3. After Claiming Government ‘Doesn’t Create Any Jobs,’ Perry Brags: ‘I Helped Create A Million Jobs’
  4. List: Perry is Bush + Tea Party
  5. Top 10 Things Texas Gov. Rick Perry Doesn’t Want You To Know About Him
  6. Despite Perry’s Tough Budget Talk, Texas’ Debt Growing Faster Than The Nation’s
  7. Rick Perry Doubled Texas’ Debt, Then Balanced Budget Through Accounting Gimmicks
  8. Perry's Budget Cuts Force Texas Town To Lay Off Entire Police Force
  9. As Perry Bashed Recovery Act, Texas Relied Most Heavily On Recovery Act Funds To Fill Budget Hole
  10. Ten Reasons Why Rick Perry Shouldn’t Take Credit For Texas’ Economy
  11. Texas Public Employee Rick Perry: ‘Government Doesn’t Create Any Jobs’
  12. Perry: Texans Don’t Like Me Because ‘A Prophet Is…Not Loved In Their Hometown’
  13. Rick Perry Wants To Leave Government ‘In God’s Hands,’ Says ‘God, You’re Gonna Have To Fix This’
  14. Rick Perry's Prayer Rally Loaded With Radical Right Wing Preachers
  15. PROFILE: The Outlandish Beliefs Of Rick Perry’s Prayer Rally Endorsers
  16. Perry Prayer Rally Dwarfed By Texans Who Flock To Nearby Convention Center, Desperate For Free School Supplies
  17. Rick Perry: ‘I Don’t Have Any Idea’ How Old The Earth Is; Evolution’s A ‘Theory’ That’s ‘Got Some Gaps In It’
  18. Rick Perry Is Trying To Make Climate Denial A Faith-Based Issue ("evolution is a hoax")
  19. Perry Wants Constitutional Amendment Allowing Children to Pray at School
  20. Uh, Governor Perry, children ARE allowed to pray at school. There’s NO law “prohibiting it”. School SPONSORED prayer is illegal. Moron.
  21. Anti-Government Spending Crusader Rick Perry Accepted More Than $80,000 In Farm Subsidies
  22. Perry’s Jobs Miracle: From 2009 To 2010, Texas Had Largest Growth In State, Local Government Jobs
  23. Rick Perry opposes direct election of United States senators
  24. Rick Perry: ‘I Don’t Think The Federal Government Has A Role’ In Education
  25. Former Bush Aides Slam Perry’s Bernanke Comments: ‘Inappropriate And Unpresidential,’ Too ‘Cowboy’
  26. Perry Reveals Plan For Total U.S. Anarchy: ‘Put A Moratorium On All Regulations’
  27. Perry Proposes Economically Impossible State Takeover Of Social Security
  28. The Ten Weirdest Ideas In Rick Perry’s ‘Fed Up’
  29. Perry's Book: Corrected title.

  30. Perry Claims Federal Stimulus ‘Didn’t Create Any Jobs,’ Ignoring The 50,000 It Created In Texas
  31. Rick Perry Sought State Profits from Selling 'Dead Peasants Insurance' on Teachers
  32. BREAKING: Perry Says He Hasn’t ‘Backed Off Anything’ In His Book, Still Thinks Social Security Is Unconstitutional
  33. Perry Says Social Security Is No Longer A ‘Retirement Program’ But Simply A ‘Tax’
  34. Rick Perry stands by his book, says Social Security is a Ponzi scheme
  35. Citing his book, Rick Perry tells Iowans that 'there's not going to be a Social Security and Medicare program' in the future
  36. Perry Ditches Idea That Social Security Is Unconstitutional, Adopts Privatization Plan The Public Already Rejected
  37. Rick Perry Asked Why More Kids Are Getting Pregnant in Texas
  38. Rick Perry’s Execution Record Includes The Deaths Of Juveniles And The Mentally Disabled
  39. Hunger Rate Spikes In Rick Perry’s Texas, Even As National Rate Holds Steady
  40. Gov. Rick Perry Dragged His Feet On Cleaning Up TX Youth Facilities Where Children Were Raped
  41. Rick Perry says he regrets saying it's 'heartless' to oppose education for children of immigrants
  42. Perry Repeatedly Cut Child Abuse Prevention Funding As Texas Battled Rising Levels Of Abuse
  43. Rick Perry blocking Texas media on Twitter
  44. Top 5 Examples of Perry’s Anti-Gay Agenda
  45. Over The Last Decade, Half Of Rick Perry’s $102 Million In Fundraising Came From Just 204 ‘Mega-Donors’
  46. Perry welcomed Chinese firm despite security concern
  47. PolitiFact report card on Gov. Rick Perry
  48. Rick Perry Wants To Frack Iowa
  49. Rick Perry Can’t Defend His Claim That Social Security Is Unconstitutional Because He’s ‘Got A Big Mouthful’
  50. Perry Flip-Flops On Immigration Policy: We Must ‘Clearly Stay Away’ From A Pathway To Citizenship
  51. Perry Calls For Even Bigger Corporate Tax Repatriation Giveaway Than Corporations Have Asked For
  52. Bruce Bartlett: Rick Perry is an idiot
  53. One Week Into Campaign, Perry's Book does not reflect Perry's views
  54. Corporate Cronyism: Perry Rewarded Hundreds Of Top Contributors With Government Jobs, Contracts
  55. Rick Perry Compares Civil Rights Movement To GOP Fight For Lower Corporate Taxes ("freedon")
  56. Perry gutted Womens healthcare. Medicare picks up $20million slack.
  57. Rick Perry: Extending Private Health Insurance To Everyone Is ‘A Huge Problem’
  58. Rick Perry automatically deletes all staffer emails after seven days (state law violation?)
  59. Perry Proposed A Bi-National Health Insurance Plan With Mexico In 2001
  60. Perry Courts Radical Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Continues Rightward Move On Immigration
  61. Perry Admits Higher Taxes On Millionaires And Billionaires ‘Isn’t Going To Affect Anything'
  62. Before Wildfires, Perry Cut Volunteer Fire Department Funding by 75% in 2011
  63. Perry: It's the feds' fault so many Texans are uninsured
  64. Rick Perry’s ‘Washington Kickoff’ Fundraiser Hosted By Longtime (HPV) Merck Lobbyist
  65. Perry Wants To Build Afghanistan’s Infrastructure, Opposes Obama Plan To Build America’s
  66. Perry’s Muddled Stance On Afghanistan: Bring The Troops Home…But Not Now…And Maybe Leave 40,000
  67. Perry Used Taxpayer Money To Subsidize Family Vacations, Presidential Campaign Events
  68. Rick Perry's College Transcript: A Lot Of Cs And Ds
  69. Rick Perry Rewrites His Own History Again, Claims He Never Considered Secession
  70. Anita Perry Defends Her Husband’s Job Creation Record: ‘People Are Hungry For’ Minimum Wage Jobs
  71. Rick Perry’s Revisionist Take On The Original Tea Party
  72. Rick Perry’s Budget Cuts Will Leave 49,000 Teachers Without A Job And 43,000 College Students Without Financial Aid
  73. Cain Calls Perry ‘Insensitive’ To Black People For Not Changing Racist Name Of Family’s Hunting Camp
  74. Perry subsidized subprime lenders
  75. Top 10 Giveaways To Big Oil In Rick Perry’s ‘Jobs’ Plans
  76. Ignoring World Wars And 9/11, Perry Says ‘The World Has Never Been As Dangerous As It Is Today’ Because Of Obama
  77. Rick Perry Voted Against Apartheid-era South Africa Sanctions
  78. Perry On Whether His Tax Plan Gives Millions In Tax Breaks To The Rich: ‘I Don’t Care About That’
  79. Rick Perry Shows Why He Got a D in Economics (flat tax windfall for rich)
  80. Perry Touts Reductions To Safety Net Health Programs, But Says He’s ‘Not Ready’ To Cut Defense
  81. Perry Campaign Owes $230,000 More for jets leased at BELOW legal rate.
  82. Full video of Perry's bizarre "Cornerstone" speech (Syrup cuddler)
  83. Perry’s Tax Plan Would Cost More Than $500 Billion A Year While Increasing Taxes On Most Of The Middle-Class
  84. A Closer look at the Perry tax plan
  85. Perry: Ending The Iraq War Is ‘Irresponsible,’ ‘Putting Our Kids’ Lives In Jeopardy’
  86. Chris Wallace to Rick Perry: Your Jobs Plan Is 'Terrible'
  87. ANALYSIS: Warren Buffett Would Pay As Little As 0.2 Percent Tax Rate Under Rick Perry’s Tax Plan
  88. Perry Says Aid To Israel ‘Would Start At Zero’ In His Administration: ‘Make Your Case’ For U.S. Assistance
  89. Perry to Federal Workers: 'Share My Vision' or Get Punished
  90. Rick Perry Issues Nasty Statement Condemning Obama’s Push To Protect LGBT Human Rights
  91. Perry Admits His Tax Plan Slams Low-Income People And Lets The Wealthy Pay Nothing
  92. After Meeting With Trump, Perry says ‘I Don’t Know’ If Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Real
  93. After Calling It ‘A Good Issue To Keep Alive,’ Perry Says Birther Conspiracy Is ‘One Of The Biggest Distractions’
  94. Rick Perry Tries to Walk Back His Remarks on Secession
  95. Gov. Perry Talks Secession for Texas at Tea Party: "Texas Can Leave Union If It Wants To"
  96. Perry places Date Of American Revolution in "16th Century".
  97. Perry Speechless When Asked If He Agrees With Occupy Wall Street (moron)
  98. Rick Perry: ‘I Don’t Have Memorized’ The Names Of All 9 Supreme Court Justices
  99. Rick Perry Forgets the US Voting Age, Election Date
  100. Rick Perry Fails Govt 101: Claims Executive Orders Can Repeal Laws Passed By Congress
  101. After watching a pro-life movie produced by Rightwing Activist group “Citizens United” just after this Christmas, pro-life Perry declared that he “no longer supports exceptions for victims of rape or incest.”
  102. Perry: U.S. Should Buy More Canadian Oil So ‘We Don’t Have To Buy From A Foreign Source’
  103. The man is dumb as a stump. Seems Perry only considers “brown people” to be “foreign”.
  104. Perry Vows To Openly Defy Any Supreme Court Decision Striking Down Any Anti-‘Personhood’ Law.
  105. From the same people that openly weep when talking about the Constitution. Theocrats like Perry only enforce those laws that support their beliefs.
  106. Perry: “I Would Re-Deploy Troops [back] To Iraq” To Prevent Iran Moving In “At The Speed of Light”.
  107. Just in case you were thinking his support for the racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio was another Perry-gaffe: Perry Selects Sheriff Joe Arpaio As AZ Campaign Chair.
  108. Oops, Rick Did It Again: Perry Forgets The Three Federal Agencies He Wants To Abolish. – Names three, but not the SAME three as last time.
  109. Perry calls Turkey… U.S. ally and largest democracy in mid-East… “run by Islamic Terrorists” and should be kicked out of NATO. – Would this be BEFORE or AFTER they pull their troops aiding us in Afghanistan?
  110. – When given the opportunity to recant calling our allies “terrorists” the next day, Perry instead doubles-down & repeats his insult.
    (Evangelical Perry drops out of the race and endorses serial adulterer and ethically challenged Newt Gingrich in advance of polls showing an expected last place finish in South Carolina.)

Yes, those of you keeping count, Perry does indeed have the most links so far. The man is just THAT disconnected from reality.

Other “Lists” still available for review:

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    Just a brief note from the Author:

    Some have noted to me “no mention of the N-Head Ranch” in my list.

    While his responses are questionable, evidence shows that neither Perry nor his parents actually “named” their ranch (on leased property). “When” the name was covered up and “for how long afterward” Perry & Friends continued to use that name, is still a matter of debate. So I have not included it.

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