Romney said WHAT about Insurance? This one will make you angry. (video)
January 11, 2012


The 'Let 'em die!' PartySometimes someone says something so bizarre… so disconnected from reality… that it makes you stop dead in your tracks and shout “WHAT???” Such was the case Tuesday as NBC’s Andrea Mitchell chased after GOP front-runner Mitt Romney the day of the New Hampshire Primary to ask him about his “I like to fire people” gaffe. Romney’s response was SO disconnected from reality, I nearly threw a brick through my TV:

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Mitchell: “…Do you think you can get around that?”

Romney: “I was talking about, as you know, insurance companies. We all have to get rid of our insurance companies. We don’t want Obama to tell us we can’t.

WHAT??? HE SAID WHAT??? I can’t tell if Romney is saying “ObamaCare” is going to “make everyone get rid of their private insurance” against their will, or that “Republicans WANT to get rid of the insurance companies” but can’t. The logical assumption would be the former, but his follow up… “We don’t want Obama to tell us we CAN’T” suggests it’s the latter… that (according to Romney) Republicans actually WANT to get rid of the insurance companies.

Holy crap is that 180′ from reality! These people really do live in their own little world. The fact is, Obama endorsed the idea of “The Public Option” (think “Medicare for All”) to compete with private insurance, and it was the GOP that screamed bloody murder and put a stop to it because they feared it would put the insurance companies out of business. The reaction from the Right to a Public Option? They had an absolute conniption. The Insurance Companies created citizen action groups that bussed in Tea Party morons to every Town Hall across the country to call President Obama a “Marxists, Socialist, Nazi, Kenyan” that was out to turn the American health care system into Soviet Russia with government-run “Death Panels” deciding whether or not to “pull the plug on Grandma”. With the aid of a few Blue Dog Democrats, the GOP was able to kill “The Public Option” and ensure that Private insurance is your ONLY option. And if you don’t want insurance, fine! Pay the tax/penalty! The MANDATE that Mitt is decrying was HIS idea. “ObamaCare” is modeled after craptastic “RomneyCare”. And now he’s so desperate to distance himself from it, he’s claiming “ObamaCare” is something completely different than what it is.

Republicans want to “get rid of the insurance companies”??? What planet do these people live on???

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