Romney destroys own argument on the economy (video).
February 6, 2012


Even the GOP assumes Obama will win re-electionThe Super Bowl just ended and the blog post I started writing this evening was already starting to read too much like a post I wrote last March right after the GOP retook the House. I couldn’t help but point out how Speaker Boehner has been going around with his prop laminated “job-creation” pamphlet claiming “The President refuses to pass any of their 30 job creation bills”. And Mitt Romney is traveling around the country telling anyone who will listen how President Obama has “made things worse”. Yet, as we get closer to the election, if things continue to improve, the GOP will try and take credit, mark my words. They will credit the 2011 GOP takeover of the House and gains in the Senate for the turn-around in the economy… even though they are going around making a point of how President Obama has NOT enacted “any” of their ideas and “refused to work with them”. Will the public fall for it? Not if I have anything to say about it. But I’ve already covered that topic, so instead I’ve decided to keep this weeks’ entry short. Here is my latest YouTube video. Clipped together from a recent episode of “The Rachel Maddow Show”, it’s a devastating comment by Romney that could put the nail in the coffin of his chances of ever becoming president:


Even better videos to come in the following year. I promise.

BTW: Fun fact, the last time a candidate from the opposing Party tried to unseat an incumbent President with an improving economy despite hitting 10.0% unemployment in his first year, was Walter Mondale in 1984. Mondale won just one state… his home state of Minnesota… and D.C.. And Reagan went on to become the patron Saint of his Party. Think about it.

(ADDENDUM: Almost on cue: Gov. Bob McDonnell on CNN says Economy is Recovering Because of What Republican Governors Are Doing, Not the President.)

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  1. Grant in Texas - February 6, 2012

    Loved how POSITIVE was the Super Bowl commercial made by REPUBLICAN Clint Eastwood for Chrysler and the City of Detroit.
    And to think Willard “Debbie Downer” Romney wanted
    to let Detroit’s auto makers to just “GO BANKRUPT”! Was he hoping for
    Bain’s “vultures” to swoop in and make money off the closed factories’
    dying flesh???Economies, rarely make precipitous changes but instead TREND.  What can’t Republicans understand about this interactive graph:

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