10 Things You WON’T Hear Mentioned at the Republican Convention This Week
August 27, 2012


Ask Mitt Anything* (*except...)As you know, the GOP will be holding its Presidential Convention & Cross Burning Clambake all this week in Tampa Bay. Well, not ALL week, because for the second convention in a row, the first day of the RNC Convention will be canceled due to a hurricane lashing the pavilion. In 2008, religious morons “prayed for rain” to disrupt the DNC Convention in Denver. Instead, they saw temps in the low 80’s, and the clouds parting on the night of Obama’s big acceptance speech. God is clearly a Democrat. Meanwhile, the GOP brazenly chose to host their convention at the site of Bush’s SECOND greatest failure (or, if you prefer, “Greatest failure of his SECOND term”), New Orleans during the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (August 29, 2005). In response, God sent “Hurricane Gustav”, forcing the GOP to cancel Day-1 of their convention. Clearly, the GOP didn’t get the hint, because God decided in His infinite wisdom to disrupt the 2012 Convention as well with YET ANOTHER hurricane (“Isaac”) on the seventh anniversary of Katrina, once again headed for New Orleans. The Lord Almighty announced he’s “going to keep lobbing hurricanes at GOP Presidential Conventions until [they] admit Global Warming is real.” It’s true, I swear! God told me so himself (or maybe it was just Marcus Bachmann?)

And that’s Item #1 of things you WON’T hear being discussed at the Republican National Committee Convention this week: “Global Warming”. No, if history is any teacher, rather than ponder what effect turning our planet into a giant Easy-Bake Oven has on hurricanes, Asshats-in-cowboy-hats will be chanting, “Drill Baby, drill!” (or “Build the damn pipeline!”) despite the fact that oil production is higher now under President Obama than it EVER was under President Bush. (I have also pointed out that the KXL pipeline would result in HIGHER gas prices because giving up Refinery capacity to refine KXL oil for export means less gas for us, creating an artificial shortage that pushes prices UP.) But don’t confuse a Republican with “facts”. While Oil Billionaires in Tampa will be toasting the fact that hurricane in the Gulf means shutting down dozens of Refineries and Drilling Platforms across the Gulf Coast, pushing gas prices… and by extension… profits much higher (and the economy much lower), it will never occur to a single monsoon-soaked conventioneer that maybe what we should be looking for are ways to get OFF oil as a way to reduce prices, not suck the planet dry like the last Grape Nehi on Planet Diablo.

Number #2 on the list: While Governor Romney and several Convention Speakers will vow to “Repeal ObamaCare”, you will NOT hear ANYONE explain WHAT exactly they plan to replace ObamaCare with. On yesterday’s “Fox news Sunday”, host Chris Wallace interviewing Romney, asked him about “the consequences of repealing ObamaCare”. Romney ACTUALLY said that he would replace “ObamaCare” with “things”. You think I’m kidding?

Romney: (“the things I will replace ObamaCare with will also help hold down the cost of health care”)
[flv:http://www.mugsysrapsheet.com/4blog/video/romney-replace_aca_w_things-120826.flv http://www.mugsysrapsheet.com/4blog/video/romney-replace_aca_w_things-120826.jpg 352 198]

Number #3: “Personhood”, or more specifically: “The Personhood Amendment. Oh, you’ll hear tons of lofty talk about the GOP being “The Party of Life” from a bunch of rabid pro-war, pro-gun, pro-death penalty zealots, and how the vile Liberal Left wants every woman to rely on Planned Parenthood for their health care so they can be talked into getting an abortion (especially if they’re black), but in the toxic fog of Rep. Todd Akin, any mention of the ultimate goal of that “pro-life” agenda will be harder to hear than a mouse-fart in church. If the camera catches glimpse of a single “Ban The Pill” or “Pass the Personhood Amendment” sign, you can bet that person will be yanked faster than a 6-inch nose hair.

No one during the entire event will connect the dots between “Personhood” and how it could ban most forms of hormonal contraception. In fact, you might even hear some Speaker claim that “No one is talking about banning contraception!” What a ridiculous thought!

Which of course leads to Number #4: Todd Akin. Last Monday, people were aghast by the Right-Wing nuttery of Republican Congressman Todd Akin for saying that victims of “legitimate rape” (RW code for suggesting there are a number of women who falsely claim rape simply to obtain an abortion) “secrete a substance” that prevents them from becoming pregnant (ergo, if you got pregnant, you must have wanted it.) But lets keep in mind that this is a Party where one of it’s leading presidential candidates… Ron Paulsaid almost the exact same thing last February, and no one on the Right said “Boo”.

As ThinkProgress pointed out, Paul Ryan teamed up with Akin on a slew of “personhood”, “anti-abortion” and “anti-contraception” acts of legislation as recently as THIS YEAR, so naturally the GOP makes him their Vice-Presidential nominee. If anyone brings up Akin or Ryan’s connection to him, it will be reporters, not anyone from the dais.

Number #5 on the list of thing you’ll never hear mentioned at this convention: The rash of recent “gun violence”. From the “Batman” shooting in Colorado, the near-fatal shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, the attack on an Indian Seik Temple, or even the “suicide-by-cop” incident in front of The Empire State Building just last week. The GOP might as well change its name to The NRA for all the difference it would make. I’m sorry, but for a group of peacock-strutting macho Rednecks that loves guns & war, they sure talk tough, but I’ve never met a bigger bunch of frightened p@ssies in all my life. They live in constant terror of “Muslims”, “Illegal Immigrants”, “Black people”, “Black helicopters”… heck, the government in general. I couldn’t fathom living in their world. What a dark scary place they live in. It must be horrible living in such constant fear like that. So, if the word “gun” is mentioned at all during this Convention, it will be in the context of “Fast & Furious”… the botched “gun walking” program that never actually allowed a single gun to “walk”.

(UPDATE: On the morning of opening day of the Convention, a student at Perry Hall High School in Maryland was shot & wounded by another student opening fire in the school cafeteria.)

Number #6 on the list of things you’ll never hear at this convention: Mitt Romney’s tax returns or his tax shelters. While I wouldn’t be surprised if some minor league GOP “rising star” or disgruntled “Bachmann-type” in a waaaay off-primetime speaking slot ridicules the idea that anyone needs to see more than the one-years’ worth of tax returns that Mitt has already released, the very subject of Romney’s taxes will be verboten.

Number #7: The words “filibuster” or “obstruction”. It is imperative to the governor’s election chances that everyone forget that the last election wasn’t 2008, it was 2010. On yesterdays’ “ThisWeek” on ABC, Right-Wing putz George Will pointed to how little things have improved over the past year, and how that’s evidence “President Obama’s policies have failed”. Just once, I’d like someone to ask him if he thinks the GOP controlled Congress (yes, that includes the Dem-led Senate that has been held hostage via the filibuster) deserves ANY of the blame for the lack of improvement over the past two years? I mean, they DID come in promising “Jobs, jobs, jobs”, no? Or was I just imagining that? I’d almost bet cash/money that someone will (falsely) claim, “President Obama had a filibuster proof majority” his first two years (in truth, it was a grand total of only 24 working days) to support the idea he accomplished nothing (except pass the most sweeping health care reform law in 50 years.)

Number #8 on our list is “Voter ID” and the millions that are likely to be disenfranchised in order to “safeguard our elections” from a crime that’s rarer than death by lightning strike. The GOP is very excited about the passage of “Voter ID” laws that will require millions of legal Registered voters to unnecessarily jump through all sorts of ridiculous hoops just to exercise their Constitutional Right (“The Constitution”… you remember that Right-Wingers? It’s that thing you wrap yourselves in when it suits your purposes, and you push to “Amend” when it doesn’t?) They’ll ACTUALLY tell you, “It’s about making sure that only Citizens actually vote in our elections”, yet they accept a “Drivers License” (among other things) that doesn’t actually require proof of citizenship to get. In fact, NON-citizens can get a Drivers License, and do so all the time. Tell me again how “Voter ID” has anything to do with “making sure only citizens vote”? No, it’s just about making it more difficult for minorities and The Poor… groups that typically vote Democratic… to vote. I actually had one Right-Winger say to me, “Hey, if you can’t do something as simple as get an ID from the DMV, you shouldn’t be voting anyway!” Yes, it’s SO EASY for people WITHOUT A DRIVERS LICENSE OR A CAR to get to the DMV. It’s SO EASY for someone on Minimum Wage to take time off from work and wait in line all day at the DMV to get an ID they never needed before just to do something they’ve been doing for decades without incident. That taxi cab you might have to take to get to the DMV, or that time off you must take from work, that costs money and is tantamount to an illegal Poll Tax. If by some disaster Romney should “win” this November, you can BET “Voter ID” played a BIG part in making it happen.

Number #9: “The Dream Act”. Republicans are already on the outs with Millions of Hispanic voters for their “shoot first” at anyone that comes near their “1,100 mile long electrified fence” position on Border Security. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who signed Arizona’s “Papers Please” law that gave local police the ability to stop anyone they deemed “suspicious” on any trumped-up charge they could think-up to give them legal justification to harass brown people, didn’t win them any friends in the Hispanic community. After alienating just about every sane black person in the country with their “Birther” nonsense, the GOP can’t afford to alienate any more minorities. But they’ve already labled President Obama’s “Dream Act”something that was once a GOP idea… “Amnesty”. In an interview on “Meet the Press” yesterday, Jeb Bush (who will be speaking at the convention while his brother will not) criticized his own party for being so anti-immigration, stressing the need for legal immigration. Jeb also acknowledged that President Obama “inherited a very difficult situation”, and will be using his speech to promote the need for “education” to a bunch of Home-Schoolers that want to abolish the Department of Education. So you can relax folks, there’s now ZERO chance we’ll ever see another Bush in the White House.

And last but not least…

Number #10 on the list of Things no one will hear mentioned at the RNC Convention? Osama bin Laden or Kadaffy.

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6 Responses

  1. Grant in Texas - August 27, 2012

    To think we have run a successful nation for most of 225 years WITHOUT photo ID’s. In fact photography only became common with Kodak’s cheap Brownie box camera in the early 20th century. For the decades of voting BEFORE photography was invented, did voters have to bring an artist’s portrait? I can see George Washington taking a Gilbert Stuart portrait off the wall at Mt. Vernon and lugging it to his voting place.

    My first driver’s license in 1955 had NO picture on it. I don’t remember photos and plastic lamination until the 1960’s. Not being laminated, I carefully cut out the “9” in my 1939 birthdate in a near perfect rectangle with a razor blade then inverting it making it read 1936. I then bought a lamination kit at Walgreen’s and carefully sealed my license to keep the “6” from falling out. If you held my license up to a strong light you might see a bit of light around the “6” but then bars never had strong lights. So at age 18 I was “21” and could “legally” drink.

    Voter SUPPRESSION has me very worried. I fear many eligible voters will also be harassed and thus turned away from the voting booth by teabagger “poll watchers” organized by Houston based King Street Patriots who don’t think poor people have the right to vote!


    And these Republicans claim to be “strict” Constitutionalists? What a hypocritical joke….quite a contrast from when Bush/Cheney lauded “bringing democracy to Iraq” with 60% of Iraqis voting WITHOUT ID’s. Iraqi voters only had to dip their fingers in purple indelible ink to prevent voting more than once. Yet, Republicans are doing everything in their power to prevent groups that traditionally vote Democratic, to vote.

    As a teacher for many years in Texas I was aware some of my students were “dream” children. All have since attended college and have become legal, some by spending several thousand with immigration lawyers. I remember one kid at my high school confiding in me about being bullied and being called a “wetback”. He said he never swam the Rio Grande, that he came to the USA at age 2 riding in a leather first class seat on Continental Airlines. He has never been back to Mexico nor even speaks much Spanish. His family were wealthy Mexicans who had been heavily involved in politics. There was a political upheaval in their city with a new party in power making them fear a vendetta against them by political enemies. His parents and grandparents had to leave behind their small mansion and some property but were able to smuggle some money, jewelry into the USA. So this “dream child” was here for political, not economic reasons. Why was he any different than a Cuban who can come here so easily, just placing one foot on dry U.S. land? Might be that Cubans tend to be Republicans whereas a majority of Mexicans vote Democratic.

    I see where Houston’s Rev. Russell Levinson, Rector of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, opened the Republican Convention in Tampa with prayer. Of course tony St. Martin’s has the wealthiest congregants in the city including the Bush family. I am sure most will vote for Romney.

  2. Jason - August 28, 2012

    You left out a big one: George W. Bush.

  3. Mugsy - August 28, 2012


    Actually, I didn’t. I omitted it because I’m fairly certain Jeb will mention his brother in his speech (on edumakation.)

  4. Ger - August 28, 2012

    I saw someone say this, and it stuck with me. Ok, lets say they give blastocysts personhood. ok, fine. If the mother is incarcerated during pregnancy, they will have to let her out, because it’s falsely imprisoning the clump of cells.

  5. Sidney18511 - August 28, 2012

    How amazing is it that the very same teabaggers who are applauding the republican governors successful voter suppression laws are suddenly surprised to see the republicans doing the same thing to the Ron Paul supporters?
    Reminds me of a little saying……first they came for the black citizens voters rights, and I did not speak up because I wasn’t black, then they came for the poor citizens voters rights, and I didnt speak up because I wasn’t poor, then they came for the democrats voting rights and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a democrat………..and then they came for MY VOTING RIGHTS………and there was NO ONE LEFT TO SPEAK UP FOR ME!

  6. JCtx - August 29, 2012

    Thanx for the comment about the GOP being a big bunch of frightened p@ssies. I’ve thought exactly this ever since the 2000 election when the exit polls did not match up to the vote and the Republican’t response was that Republicans were afraid to tell the pollsters that they voted Republican.

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