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Gun Nuts Across Houston Protest Laws No One Has Proposed (yet support ones that were)

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Monday, February 25, 2013

Mental Health Test for Gun OwnershipMy local news here in Houston Saturday night opened with an eye-rolling report on “hundreds” of “pro-Second Amendment Rights” protesters showing up for “Day of Resistance” rallies to protest “anti-gun control rallies” in opposition to “new gun legislation” they believed was forth-coming from the White House in violation of their second Amendment rights. I don’t normally report on “local” news stories, but these protests are anything but “local” now, springing up across the South. In Houston, gun nuts whining about the government is about as rare as gun-racks in pickup trucks, and as much fun to watch as a child wandering into traffic. But the most remarkable thing… and I know I’m not telling you anything new here… is the ocean of difference between the “perceived” threat that has them up in arms (no pun intended) and “reality“. But yesterday’s newscast was special in that the protesters actually appeared to KNOW what the reality is, yet showed up anyway. (Unfortunately, I can find no way to copy nor embed the video, so please visit the site to view it. It’s worth it.)

Crowd gathers for pro-gun rally in Houston

Why are Right-wing protesters always whiter than the driven snow?

Hosted by the “League City Tea Party” (natch), protestors came out to defend “their right to bear arms”… a right that NO ONE is threatening to take away. Mom & Dad never explained to these mental-midgets that just because they got a Ten-Speed for Christmas instead of a Harley doesn’t mean they are “the worst parents on the face of the Earth”. Likewise, just because you can’t have a military-grade AR15 with 100-Round drum doesn’t mean the government is “denying your right to bear arms”.

Protesters explain why they are there: It’s because of what they THINK Washington is going to do
and whether it worked before… two things EASILY verifiable with a simple Google search.
Protester says he THINKS crime didn't go down the last time they tried this

First protester: “I think the last time they tried this, gun crime did not go down.”

Second protester: “I really think that he’s trying to take our weapons away.”

You “think” the last time the government passed an assault weapons ban, crime didn’t go down? Well how about if you actually checked to see if that’s the case before you get yourself worked up into a lather to attend a protest to argue against something you admit you don’t know the answer to? Does he not own an “Internet Machine”? A two-second Google search is all it takes to find out that in fact crime involving Assault Weapons declined by “between 17% and 72%” (depending on the state, according to a 2004 University of Pennsylvania study – PDF). The study rightly points out that very little “crime” actually involves Assault Weapons (you don’t use an AW to rob a liquor store), so it’s not surprising over-all crime declined very little, but AW’s do in fact account for the lions-share of “innocent bystanders” outside of the intended target and mass-murder victims. And that is the point. The Assault Weapons ban isn’t intended to curb “robberies” or reduce the number of “car-jackings”, it’s to reduce the number of “innocents” being killed by homicidal maniacs that do things like “spray-fire” inside movie theaters and 1st grade classrooms.

But the remarkable thing is THEY ACTUALLY KNOW THIS: After asking the nutters what they (cough) “think” Washington is going to do, the reporter then gets specific to ask about ACTUAL proposed legislation:

Reporter: “League City residents say more gun laws are okay so long as they don’t infringe on the Second Amendment.

Third protester: “It’s got it’s pros and cons. Everything will have it’s ups and downs,” said Josh Weed. “I agree with the stricter regulations and everything, psych screenings and everything like that. That’s great.

Fourth protester: “I think it will help to a certain extent as far as doing mental checks and stuff like that, I think that would be good,” said Kathleen Weed.

So in general they are SO outraged that they show up by the “hundreds” to protest laws no one has proposed, but when you get specific and ask them about actual proposed legislation, they’re all for it. And these are Deep-South Texas Teabaggers from a town where earlier this week:

[The] League City [City Council]… approved a resolution [7-to-1] not to comply with any new gun laws from the federal government.

Now I have to ask these Luddites on the City Council just what Federal laws they’re going to ignore? No one is threatening “confiscation” of their personal property. The most likely gun legislation is “universal background checks” and banning the sale & manufacture of various assault weapons and high capacity magazines/clips. So what will they do differently? Do they plan on NOT performing background checks to prevent convicted felons and the mentally ill from buying guns in their town? Or perhaps they plan on allowing gun manufacturers to come to their town to make/sell assault weapons and high-capacity magazines for sale ONLY inside the “League City” city limits? I’m really really curious just which federal laws they’ve just agreed to ignore. Remember, these are the same people they lay claim to “The Party of Lincoln”… a president that fought the Civil War on the grounds that the rights of the Federal government supersedes the rights of state & local governments.

Look! A black guy! Clear the stage!
Why are there always more black guys on stage at Right-Wing rallies than in the audience?


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It’s Quite Clear Now the GOP is Trying to Link the Phrase “9/11” to Obama

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Sunday, February 17, 2013

Embassy attacks since 2002Just as they have every week since last September, Fox “news” Sunday pulled out the defibrillator to revive the feux claim that the assault on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya last September 11th was some massive intelligence failure that resulted in the deaths of four Americans despite advanced warnings, with the Obama White House engaged in “a massive coverup” to conceal that fact (despite all the hearings, the release of over 10,000 documents, and ongoing investigations ordered by the White House themselves.) But I couldn’t help but notice something subtle yet sinister yesterday across two different programs: the absence of the phrase “last year” or “2012” when talking about the Benghazi attack, referring to it numerous times only as “September 11th”. Sen. John McCain did the same appearing on “Meet the Press” yesterday, getting into an eye-rolling argument with host David Gregory, asking if he “care[d] whether four Americans died” on “9/11”. It is quite clear to me now that there is an orchestrated transparent & cynical effort on the Right to link the phrase “9/11” to President Obama. Shoot me now.

Where was the outrage, the claims of “coverup” and the demand for hearings to find out “what did the president know and when did he know it” eleven years ago when a Republican president ignored a half dozen CIA warnings of an imminent attack by alQaeda, climaxing with the infamous “August 6th PDB” entitled “bin Laden determined to strike in U.S.”… a title chosen out of frustration by the CIA after five (seven?) previous warnings went ignored? McCain even dared question President Obama’s (imagined lack of) response on the night of the attacks. Remind me again what President Bush’s response was upon learning that Americans were being “attacked by terrorists on 9/11”?

Add to that the number of “Americans” that died chasing down phantom “Weapons of Mass Destruction” ten years ago next month that Senator McCain very publicly assured the world was there despite serious questions. While McCain accused Gregory of not caring whether “four” Americans died “on 9/11”, Gregory should have responded by asking if the Senator “cared” that “four THOUSAND Americans died chasing down WMD’s” that he assured everyone was there? Where’s THAT investigation? (To quote Senator McCain as he berated Chuck Hagel over his concern over Bush’s “Surge™”: “Were you wrong, Senator???”)

Bonus: McCain, 13 years ago last Saturday, laying the groundwork for war with Iraq over WMD’s in the first GOP debate of 2000:

Following the REAL “9/11” in 2001, Senator McCain and his bussom-buddy Joe Lieberman were a bit more deferential to the White House concerning the “intelligence failure” that led to the deaths of nearly 3,000 Americans on U.S. soil, calling for only “an independent investigation” similar to the “Warren Commission” that investigated Pearl Harbor:

Explaining why a joint investigation involving both the executive and legislative branches was necessary, McCain said, “Neither the administration nor Congress is capable of conducting a thorough, nonpartisan, independent inquiry into what happened on September 11.” – Senator McCain, December 20, 2001

Do you remember what the conclusion of that investigation was? When the White House was non-committal on supporting an investigation into 9/11, they explained, “Right now, the president is focused on fighting the war on terrorism.” Did Senator McCain take to the airwaves to accuse the Bush Administration of a “massive cover-up” to hide “the most massive intelligence failure in American history”? That would be no. (After a bit of digging through news archives, I could find NO accounts of Senator McCain decrying the Bush White House for refusing to cooperate with an investigation into the events leading up to “9/11″… the REAL “9/11”. McCain lambasted another black woman that was being considered for Secretary of State… also named Rice… Ambassador Susan Rice for her role (ie: none) in the Benghazi debacle just a few weeks ago, but Bush’s National Security Adviser on 9/11… Condi Rice defended ignoring that infamous PDB on the grounds that the document wasn’t news, that the notion “bin Laden determined to strike in U.S.” was merely “historical” in nature. And McCain’s reaction to that little feux pas? He voted to confirm her for Secretary of State.

We’ve seen this attempt to “redefine” losing topics for the GOP before: calling waterboarding “enhanced interrogation techniques” or GOP pollster Frank Luntz rebranding the “Estate Tax” the “Death Tax”. But this latest transparent attempt by Republicans to link the phrase “9/11″… which has hung over the GOP’s head like the Sword of Damocles for eleven years… to President Obama and the deaths of four Americans last year, is not only pathetic but revolting.

Note: I added a new “page” to the blog last week: “Cancer is not a cause, it’s a symptom”. This is a subject I’ve been mulling for years but never felt was appropriate until the death of my cat “Lefty” last month provoked me to action. I know a politics blog is an odd place for such a subject (which is why I never tackled it earlier), but it is definitely worth your time reading and I HIGHLY encourage readers to pass the link along. It might just save a life. – Mugsy.

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Can You still Call It a “Response” If You Wrote It in Advance?

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We've heard this bull before.I‘ll try to be brief. I just finished listening to President Obama’s first State of the Union speech of his second term. Great as always, he seemed to hit on every topic, from ending America’s longest war (sounding at times like he was about to call for its conclusion by the end of this year, only to again disappointingly cite “the end of 2014” as the target date), tackling Climate Change as a smart business move, to reigning in gun violence, and even spending several minutes on “voting reform”… an issue close to my heart that I wholly expected to fall by the wayside once the election was over. But the President brought it up in his victory speech last November and now again in the SotU, so I’m feeling hopeful that we could (at the very least) see a “voting reform” bill come before Congress sometime this year. Also of note, the President talked about the high cost of education and calling for funding for “universal preschool” to give all children a headstart. He talked about a balanced approach to reducing our deficit through both spending cuts and asking the wealthiest to pay a little bit more in taxes. Then came “The Republican Response” presented this year by Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who clearly was reading a pre-written “response” that criticized President Obama over and over again for things he never said (“he keeps blaming the previous administration” and “we can’t reduce our deficit by increased taxes alone”), knocking over strawman after strawman. At other times, saying he “disagreed” with the President only to make the exact same argument President Obama had just made ten minutes earlier (Rubio calling for increased education funding for young children.) One quickly got the feeling Senator Rubio didn’t even bother to listen to the President’s speech. I mean, how do you pre-write a speech, and then after having just heard the President call for the same things as you, not tailor your own speech as appropriate, then go on to criticize the President for not suggesting the very thing he just advocated for? Either you are being deliberately deceitful (hoping your listeners didn’t bother listening to the President’s speech either), or you didn’t even bother to listen to the speech you are about to criticize (or, third-choice, you’re a whopping moron.)

Each year, the GOP’s “response” has been given by someone that was considered at the time to be an “up & comer”, only to flame out in the months to come. Remember 2010’s “Governor Ultrasound” Bob McDonnell? 2011 was Paul Ryan’s big year, and 2012 was Indiana Governor (and former Bush economic adviser) Mitch Daniels. Does anyone forsee any of them being major players in tomorrows’ GOP? We can only hope for the same for Mr. Rubio.

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Got something to say? Mugsy’s Rap Sheet is always looking for article submissions to focus on the stories we may miss each week. To volunteer your own Op/Ed for inclusion here, send us an email with an example of your writing skills & choice of topic, and maybe we’ll put you online!

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We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Outrage for… More Outrage.

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Monday, February 11, 2013

Thanks for the warning.There was no shortage of things to talk about this week, with the a record-setting blizzard hitting the North-East, GOP feux-outrage over the use of “drones” as part of a secret National Defense policy where the government asserted it can kill anyone overseas deemed a threat to National Security… even United States citizens. And, of course, Tuesday night will be the President’s State of the Union Address, where he is expected to lay out his priorities for his second term. But something even more traumatic… for me personally… came up last Friday that I feel I just have to talk about first. “Lefty’s Autopsy”. You might remember me mentioning two weeks ago how my beloved cat “Lefty” passed away after being diagnosed with cancer but then being told I had to wait ten days for the next available appointment for a bone marrow biposy before they could perform life-saving surgery on him. But by then, he was too weak and died on the operating room table. 2-1/2 traumatic months and $3,400 dollars later, all I have to show for my ordeal is a tiny urn on my kitchen table. I told the doctor upon his death that I wanted… nay needed… them to perform an autopsy because I HAD to know what happened to him. I finally got those results back Friday, and what I learned turned my sadness into outrage.

First, the topics I’m glossing over this week:

But back to Lefty’s autopsy. It all began last October. Not having much cash to spare and three cats to feed, I purchased “Purina Cat Chow” for the first time… knowing Lefty was unlikely to like it… because I had a $2 coupon that was about to expire. And sure enough, he didn’t, eating only small amounts. At the same time, I was growing increasingly concerned about his two sisters who are grossly overweight. Hearing them eat all night long as I tried to sleep, I started collecting their food before going to bed at night and putting it back out the next morning. After a couple of days of this, Lefty began throwing up in the middle of the night. The first night I didn’t think anything of it, the second night I became concerned, and after the third night in a row of him vomiting, I threw away the “Cat Chow” and called my vet to make an appointment, which wouldn’t be for another two days. Despite throwing away the “Cat Chow” and leaving other food out for him all night, he continued to barf for the next two days. I finally got him to the vet who diagnosed him as having “pancreatitis”, prescribed some bland wet cat food and gave him an injection of antibiotics that would last him ten days. I brought Lefty home the next morning (following a barf-free night) and hand-fed Lefty for the next ten days when he suddenly started throwing up again.

Not willing to trust the first vet again, I called a specialist that agreed to see him the next morning. Another night with poor Lefty throwing up (I was now flushing his throat out with water after vomiting to prevent acid erosion damage… something I should have been doing all along), I rushed him to the specialist the next morning. By now, he was already in very bad shape after having not eaten very much in nearly two weeks (only “Cat Milk” and the bland wet food I was now baby-feeding him). He went from a healthy 16-lbs to just 11-lbs in two weeks. By that time you could see/feel his spine along his back. They gave him IV fluids and aggressive care that included non-anabolic steroids for the next 36 hours before they released him. When I picked him up the next day, I was told Lefty did NOT have “pancreatitis” and the first vet had come to that conclusion based on a test for dogs. The specialist noticed that his spleen felt enlarged and scheduled him for a Sonogram the following Monday. I picked him up Friday evening and Lefty was once again stable with no vomiting.

On Monday, I brought him back for his Sonogram. It showed his spleen was indeed enlarged, so they performed a “needle biopsy” to check for cancer. The biopsy found the presence of “mast cells” indicating he had cancer… which seemed unimaginable as developing in barely two weeks, but I was told the cancer had probably always been there, dormant, coincidentally revealing itself only just now. The only treatment was to remove his spleen at a cost of “around $1,500”, being told it wouldn’t save his life, only alleviate his discomfort till he succumbed to the cancer in about a year. I couldn’t afford such an expensive surgery for something that wasn’t a cure, buying him just one more year of life.

I brought Lefty home, saddened by the thought that my pet… who was perfectly healthy just four weeks ago, was now predicted to be dead of cancer in just two months. I jumped online and started Googling “needle biopsies and cancer” to discover “needle biopsies” have a whopping 25% error rate, lending support to my suspicion he could not possibly have developed cancer so quickly.

The following weekend, Lefty started vomiting again. The Specialist was incredibly expensive (two visits totaled $2,300), and not trusting their diagnosis of cancer, I took him to a third vet. I expressed my concern and they reviewed his chart only to “agree” with the previous vet that cancer seemed all but certain and he needed surgery to remove his spleen… which, as I already mentioned, was a lot of money for something that wasn’t a cure. They prescribed some anti-nausea medication and a pill for gastrointestinal upset. I also continued the steroids the Specialist had prescribed even after the prescription ended because it was the only thing keeping his strength up (ironically, I take the exact same pill every day, so I gave him some of mine until the vet renewed his prescription.) Lefty did quite well and went another ten days without throwing up. By now I was crushing all his pills together in a pill grinder and filling empty medicine-capsules because forcing three pills twice a day down his throat was pure torture (for us both). Lefty had become quite adept at faking swallowing his pills only to spit them out the moment my back was turned. So forcing three pills became “twelve” as I redeposited the same pills over & over until he finally swallowed them. By now, Lefty was actually eating on his own again, which was good because trying to force specially prescribed bland wet food down his throat was a lesson in futility.

When Lefty started vomiting again about ten days later, a family friend (also a vet) told us of a veterinary surgeon that could remove his spleen for only $700. She referred us to a local veterinary oncologist (pet cancer doctor) that I (incorrectly) presumed was the same doctor that would do the surgery. She wasn’t. All she did was examine Lefty, look at his chart, agreed with the first vet’s diagnosis of cancer based upon the needle-biopsy and charged us $450.

I went home and started calling every local vet to see if I could find someone that could remove a spleen for less than $700. Instead, I was quoted everything from $3,500 to $4,800. Another family friend suggested “Texas A&M Veterinary School”, having once taken his own cat there years ago and only being charged the cost of anesthesia. So I called, but they wanted $2,300 and could not see him for at least a week, which was way too long. Suddenly, $700 didn’t sound so bad. I had to stop Lefty from vomiting, even if it only bought him one year, as least it would be a good one with no suffering. I called and scheduled Lefty for surgery in 36 hours.

A day & a half later, I brought Lefty in for surgery and the vet expressed concern over his apparent anemia, saying he would have to run some tests first. I left him there only to receive a call a few hours later saying his blood count was now so low (having fallen from a marginal 19 to just 10 in barely a week) that it suggested the cancer had spread to his bones meaning his cancerous spleen might be the only thing keeping him alive (producing red blood cells) and removing it could kill him. The only way to know was a bone-marrow biopsy. Here I was thinking I’d finally be bringing home a pet no longer in discomfort, and now he would have to wait still longer for yet another test. I once again called every local vet only to be told that “only two places left do animal bone marrow biopsies: one is in California and Texas A&M.” So I called TAMU to schedule an appointment and was told the soonest appointment I could get with a veterinary oncologist is in ten days! “Nothing sooner?”, I begged? “No, that’s the first appointment we have available.” How on Earth was I going to keep this poor animal healthy for another ten days?

I worked like a dog to keep him healthy, giving him his pills, keeping him hydrated by squirting water in his mouth because by now he had stopped drinking on his own, and making sure he had food at the ready any time he straying into the kitchen looking to eat (he still had an apatite, which was a very good sign, but he was only eating a few bites, which was bad.) I went back to squirting wet cat food in his mouth. The fact he fought me so vigorously was amazing considering how emaciated he had become. I nursed him day & night to keep him reasonably healthy till his scheduled biopsy (eventually the vomiting became more frequent, reaching twice a day towards the end.)

On Day-8, I called TAMU to confirm the appointment I had made the week before because I didn’t want to make the 90 mile journey only to be told there was a problem. The nurse on the phone asked me for the reason I was bringing him in. “Bone-marrow biopsy. The surgeon won’t remove his spleen until he has one to see if his cancer has spread.”

“When did you make the appointment?” (“Uh oh!” I thought.)

“Eight days ago”, I told her.

“Is there a reason you are waiting so long?” I explained that that was the earliest appointment I could get.

“You always could have brought him into the Emergency Room”, she replied, and my heart just sank. Here I was desperately trying to keep this poor animal alive and free of discomfort (never any sign of pain) for the past eight days and now I was being told there was never any need to wait??? I told her that I therefore would be rushing Lefty up there the next morning a day early. I was told to call once I was on my way so they could prepare for him, which I did.

My father and I made the 90 mile drive the next morning and after an hour wait, a nurse finally came out to talk to us and take Lefty in back for some tests. I never saw Lefty again. Another hour later we were told that Lefty needed surgery immediately to remove his spleen whether the cancer had spread to his bones or not, with a “20% chance” of not surviving the surgery. My $700 surgeon back home said he was booked, meaning TAMU would have to perform the surgery for $2,300. Out of options, we agreed and left Lefty there for the night where he was put on an IV due to dehydration to prep him for surgery (I gave Lefty as much water as he’d allow, but clearly it was not enough.)

The next day I received a call “before 11am” as promised to let me know how the surgery went. At 10:30, the doctor called, started using words in the past tense that I knew meant the worst had happened, and told me Lefty was in cardiac arrest, was being given CPR, and even if they revived him, he would probably be on a respirator at a cost of $10,000, asking me what they should do. Knowing Lefty’s quality of life was now over, I tearfully gave them permission to stop their resuscitation efforts and greenlighted an autopsy for an additional $50 because I HAD to know what killed him. With two more cats at home, I couldn’t risk this happening to them. I was told (not at that time) that it would take two weeks for the results.

Two weeks was last Thursday and no call. Friday I called and they agreed to email me the results. I was stunned (but not surprised) by the findings.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I was right and Lefty didn’t have cancer. Reading the report with my jaw agape, the words “Cause of death: unknown” stood out like a dagger in my heart. Plowing through lots of medical jargon (which I’ve gotten quite good at interpreting following years of battling my own health issues years ago), buried towards the end, almost in passing, I read that an ulcer was found in his stomach. The poor animal suffered for two weeks and died of a completely curable stomach ulcer (which would explain why he responded so well to the antibiotics the first vet put him on despite the misdiagnosis of pancreatitis.) Lots of internal damage from the chronic vomiting, and the presence of precancerous “mast cells” in his spleen and liver were reported. His bone marrow was fine, and the words “cancer” or “carcinoma” appear nowhere in the two-page report, but the word “presumed” appears several times.

I never trusted the diagnosis of “cancer” based on a single test with a “25% error rate”. It just made no sense. My own determination of what happened? Lefty was allergic to something in the “Cat Chow” resulting in vomiting. By day three, it created an ulcer that kept him vomiting even after I threw the food out. Repeated vomiting damaged his spleen (just behind the stomach) resulting in it being flooded with precancerous “mast cells” (naturally present in the system) which were detected by the needle biopsy. No one ever did a “tissue biopsy” to confirm the diagnosis. They all just looked at the first test result, nodded their heads in agreement and charged me hundreds of bucks. Once they had made up their mind it was cancer, Lefty’s fate was sealed. All that misery they put my poor pet through, and all I have to show for it is a bank account that is now several thousand dollars lighter and this:

An urn & some saved fur in a baggie

The Moral of this story: No one cares about your health (or the health of those you love) more than you do. If something doesn’t sound right, you’re probably right.

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10th Anniversary of Colin Powell’s Infamous UN Presentation, Dissected

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Monday, February 4, 2013

Bush Administration AccountabilityTomorrow/Tuesday will be the 10th Anniversary of then Secretary of State Colin Powell’s infamous PowerPoint presentation before the UN detailing Saddam Hussein’s alledged preparations for war, by showing a series of slides (45 in all) consisting of satellite photos, drawings, and audio & video “evidence” that Iraq was pursuing an illegal weapons program prohibited under “Resolution 1441″… Saddam’s terms of surrender following the 1992 Gulf War. Not a single claim based on the images presented on that day turned out to be true, yet the United States (and 37 other countries) went to war based on those false claims. And to this day, no one has been held accountable for the consequences. I chose 15 of the most damning slides from the Powell Presentation, and with a bit of Googling, I was able to find out just what became of each. While reviewing these slides, keep in mind that the United States went to war, and nearly 4,500 American troops, 300+ coalition troops, not to mention and untold number of Iraqi civilians died based on the claims made in this presentation.

For some inexplicable reason, it seem to need mentioning for all the insipid Right-wing morons out there reading this that… Yes, Saddam was a bad man. Yes, he was evil & disgusting and rightfully earned his place in hell. This “debunking” is neither an excuse nor a defense of Saddam Hussein. But the world is FULL of evil dictators. More Iraqi’s died in the eight years of the Iraq War than Saddam Hussein had killed in his entire tenure as the brutal dictator of Iraq. The nation of Iraq was left in near ruins while thousands of Americans gave their lives and tens of thousands more returned with crippling injuries from fighting a war based on lies, all while a handful of very wealthy Defense Contractors… including one that directly financially benefited our Vice President… all became very very rich in the process.

(15 key slides from Powell’s presentation with updates. Click the pause button on lower left if slides change too fast for you.)

(GlobalSecurity has the entire 45 slide presentation, plus videos, here.)

Over the past decade, I also collected numerous videos detailing just how comically false so many of the claims made that day turned out to be (most are quite old, so forgive the quality):

(Two days before Pres. Bush stated in an interview that “we found… the mobile labs” he claimed were in Iraq, the DIA had already reported them as “the biggest sand toilets in the world.”)

Four months AFTER the invasion of Iraq, the Bush White House admitted that claims of Iraq having a nuclear program were bogus:

Three years later, an investigation by the Republican-controlled Senate finds there never was a Saddam/alQaeda link either:

In total, just under 4,500 U.S. troops and over 110,000 confirmed Iraqi civilians were killed (with some estimates topping 1million) in a war based on this (mis)information. To this day, not a single Bush Administration official has been held accountable for their role in drumming up this imaginary case for war (not to mention the crimes that followed. See: “Abu Ghraib”, etc.)

Sources: Info on UAV’s & Anthrax, Capabilities of Iraq’s Drones, Amiriyah, various debunking of several slides, Czech’s as source of training drones, Al-Zarqawi, “The U.N. Deception”, Al-Taji, “Weapons ‘capacity’ of Iraq challenged”, debunking of “Anthrax Jet” video, Al Musayyib “day-after” photo.

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