It’s Quite Clear Now the GOP is Trying to Link the Phrase “9/11” to Obama
February 17, 2013


Embassy attacks since 2002Just as they have every week since last September, Fox “news” Sunday pulled out the defibrillator to revive the feux claim that the assault on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya last September 11th was some massive intelligence failure that resulted in the deaths of four Americans despite advanced warnings, with the Obama White House engaged in “a massive coverup” to conceal that fact (despite all the hearings, the release of over 10,000 documents, and ongoing investigations ordered by the White House themselves.) But I couldn’t help but notice something subtle yet sinister yesterday across two different programs: the absence of the phrase “last year” or “2012” when talking about the Benghazi attack, referring to it numerous times only as “September 11th”. Sen. John McCain did the same appearing on “Meet the Press” yesterday, getting into an eye-rolling argument with host David Gregory, asking if he “care[d] whether four Americans died” on “9/11”. It is quite clear to me now that there is an orchestrated transparent & cynical effort on the Right to link the phrase “9/11” to President Obama. Shoot me now.

Where was the outrage, the claims of “coverup” and the demand for hearings to find out “what did the president know and when did he know it” eleven years ago when a Republican president ignored a half dozen CIA warnings of an imminent attack by alQaeda, climaxing with the infamous “August 6th PDB” entitled “bin Laden determined to strike in U.S.”… a title chosen out of frustration by the CIA after five (seven?) previous warnings went ignored? McCain even dared question President Obama’s (imagined lack of) response on the night of the attacks. Remind me again what President Bush’s response was upon learning that Americans were being “attacked by terrorists on 9/11”?

Add to that the number of “Americans” that died chasing down phantom “Weapons of Mass Destruction” ten years ago next month that Senator McCain very publicly assured the world was there despite serious questions. While McCain accused Gregory of not caring whether “four” Americans died “on 9/11”, Gregory should have responded by asking if the Senator “cared” that “four THOUSAND Americans died chasing down WMD’s” that he assured everyone was there? Where’s THAT investigation? (To quote Senator McCain as he berated Chuck Hagel over his concern over Bush’s “Surge™”: “Were you wrong, Senator???”)

Bonus: McCain, 13 years ago last Saturday, laying the groundwork for war with Iraq over WMD’s in the first GOP debate of 2000:
[flv: 320 240]

Following the REAL “9/11” in 2001, Senator McCain and his bussom-buddy Joe Lieberman were a bit more deferential to the White House concerning the “intelligence failure” that led to the deaths of nearly 3,000 Americans on U.S. soil, calling for only “an independent investigation” similar to the “Warren Commission” that investigated Pearl Harbor:

Explaining why a joint investigation involving both the executive and legislative branches was necessary, McCain said, “Neither the administration nor Congress is capable of conducting a thorough, nonpartisan, independent inquiry into what happened on September 11.” – Senator McCain, December 20, 2001

Do you remember what the conclusion of that investigation was? When the White House was non-committal on supporting an investigation into 9/11, they explained, “Right now, the president is focused on fighting the war on terrorism.” Did Senator McCain take to the airwaves to accuse the Bush Administration of a “massive cover-up” to hide “the most massive intelligence failure in American history”? That would be no. (After a bit of digging through news archives, I could find NO accounts of Senator McCain decrying the Bush White House for refusing to cooperate with an investigation into the events leading up to “9/11″… the REAL “9/11”. McCain lambasted another black woman that was being considered for Secretary of State… also named Rice… Ambassador Susan Rice for her role (ie: none) in the Benghazi debacle just a few weeks ago, but Bush’s National Security Adviser on 9/11… Condi Rice defended ignoring that infamous PDB on the grounds that the document wasn’t news, that the notion “bin Laden determined to strike in U.S.” was merely “historical” in nature. And McCain’s reaction to that little feux pas? He voted to confirm her for Secretary of State.

We’ve seen this attempt to “redefine” losing topics for the GOP before: calling waterboarding “enhanced interrogation techniques” or GOP pollster Frank Luntz rebranding the “Estate Tax” the “Death Tax”. But this latest transparent attempt by Republicans to link the phrase “9/11″… which has hung over the GOP’s head like the Sword of Damocles for eleven years… to President Obama and the deaths of four Americans last year, is not only pathetic but revolting.

Note: I added a new “page” to the blog last week: “Cancer is not a cause, it’s a symptom”. This is a subject I’ve been mulling for years but never felt was appropriate until the death of my cat “Lefty” last month provoked me to action. I know a politics blog is an odd place for such a subject (which is why I never tackled it earlier), but it is definitely worth your time reading and I HIGHLY encourage readers to pass the link along. It might just save a life. – Mugsy.

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