Media FINALLY concedes DNC pro-Clinton bias ten months after Sanders supporters pointed it out.
July 25, 2016


When the Democratic National Committee announced in Late August of last year that there would only be FOUR debates between the Democratic candidates (later increased to six under pressure from voters), scheduled for Friday & Saturday nights (including one opposite an NFL Playoff game) to ensure the smallest possible audience, there wasn’t a doubt in any Sanders’ supporters minds that this was deliberately done to protect Hillary Clinton and keep her opponents obscure while protecting her from looking bad in the days prior to the 2016 Primaries. And we said so. Loudly. But our protests fell on deaf ears. In the last few months of 2015, the blogosphere was replete with stories questioning the perceived coordination between the DNC and the Clinton Campaign and their obvious attempts to protect her. So how this is suddenly “news” to the Media following a WikiLeak of 19,252 stolen emails from the DNC but not released until the eve of the DNC Convention, is a mystery unto itself. Last September, the Huffington Post was already asking: “Why Is DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz Afraid of Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley Debating Hillary Clinton?“. The hashtag “#AllowDebate” exploded on Twitter late last year as Sanders supporters posted graphics like:

DWS rigging primary for Clinton

Someone I have learned to loath in recent months is a blogger named Brad Bannon of the famed “Brad Blog”. Brad is a lawyer whose claim to fame is reporting GOP election fraud and voter suppression… a major issue for me, and Brad’s reports were must-read reading for anyone following election fraud closely. However, on June 3rd, Bannon… a frequent guest of talk radio… made the point on “The Leslie Marshal Show” that “Even if Bernie Sanders received more [of the popular] votes than Clinton, Sanders STILL would not win the nomination because (quote) “The Super Delegates are all Hillary’s friends and will NEVER vote for him” (end quote.) He did NOT say this in defense of Sanders or even in critique of Clinton. He said it in DEFENSE of Clinton as a Hillary supporter following a lengthy trashing of Bernie Sanders, urging him to concede the race prior to the California primary while criticizing “unrealistic” Sanders supporters. This long time fighter against GOP election theft, just admitted live on the air that he fully supported theft of the Democratic nomination by the “Super Delegates” so long as HIS candidate emerged victorious. That makes Bannon a raging hypocrite in my book and anything he reports on “election fraud” from here on out to be disingenuous & suspect. Marshall… also a Clinton supporter… was genuinely surprised when I admonished her for not taking Bannon to task for advocating “election theft” live on the air with her, clueless how anything Bannon said could be (mis)interpreted as unfair to Bernie Sanders or an insult to his supporters.

The fact “the fix was in” for Hillary from the very beginning is news to NO ONE… not even the Media now breathlessly reporting this “damning revelation”. And Senator Sanders… the clear victim in this travesty… has remained as magnanimous as ever, continuing to endorse Clinton (as he should) and calling for her support to ensure the defeat of Donald Trump. If anyone had reason to be bitter and threaten to pull a “Ted Cruz” at the Convention (refusing to endorse the Party frontrunner and eschew unity), it would be Sanders following this news, but he has not… and will not. Because this race was NEVER about Bernie, his “ego”, or “personal ambition”. The Media STILL does not get that. It’s one more thing we Sanders supporters have known all along. There’s a reason Bernie remains the only candidate in this race rated MORE honest & trustworthy than “dishonest” by voters on BOTH sides of the aisle:

Poll: Honest and Trustworthy

69% say Hillary dishonestTrump rated more honest than Clinton

And yet, Bernie will remain true to his word and endorse Hillary on the first night of the Convention. Any hopes that the Super Delegates will apologize to Sanders for their role in torpedoing a good man and nominate him instead of Clinton are still zero. As Bannon bragged: “They are all Hillary’s friends” and no scandal or trust-deficit is going to convince them to do the right thing and nominate Sanders. (I tweeted during the RNC Convention that “After courting Sanders voters & 4 days of trashing Hillary, Trump would be SO screwed if DNC nominated Bernie.” #RNCinCLE)

I‘ve been looking for a clear example of the benefits of IRV (“Instant Runoff Voting”) for years, and I don’t think I could find a better example than this election season. If I could pass ONE law tomorrow, it would be to make IRV the law of the land. No other single change we could make to our democracy would have as much a positive impact on our nation as “Instant Runoff Voting”. (For those unfamiliar with IRV, watch this short video on YouTube. No more spoilers. No more “two-party system”. Mitigates much of the influence of Big Money in politics, and would actually help increase voter turnout as people once again begin to feel like their vote actually counts.

If we had IRV, Sanders supporters could vote for Bernie without fear of him being a spoiler that could potentially help Trump win. Why? Because with IRV, no one wins with less than 50% of the vote. If your first choice doesn’t win 50%, your vote goes to your second choice… and so on until there are only two candidates left in the race. So you could vote for who you REALLY wanted without fear of helping someone like Trump win with as little as 30% of the vote. You could vote for Bernie, Jill Stein, and even Gary Johnson before voting for Hillary and still defeat Trump. And Bernie wouldn’t feel the need to swallow his pride and endorse the benefactor of DNC election fraud just to prevent a Trump victory.

But that’s another story for another day.

The news that “the DNC took sides and aided Hillary over her rivals” is about as Earth-shattering as last weeks’ weather report. We said it. A number of mainstream news sources reported on it. CNN’s Wolff Blitzer pushed a visibly frustrated Debbie Wasserman Schults to explain why they would not agree to more Democratic debates last December. The Right-wing Washington Times reported on Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley accusing the DNC of “trying to preordain the outcome” LAST AUGUST.

Several weeks ago, I advocated for Hillary to “call for the resignation of DWS”. She didn’t. And it took this “shocking revelation” for Schultz to do so on her own. Meanwhile, Clinton campaign surrogates were out yesterday trying to shift attention to just WHO released this information and blaming THEM for exposing what the DNC did on their behalf (“sure they rigged the election and we were the direct beneficiary of their thwarting of democracy, but the REAL criminals here are the ones revealing their crime!”)

This was news to no one. The Media is “shocked! shocked!” by this “revelation”? “Your winnings, Madam Secretary.”

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